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Chapter 1893: Battle Again

A period of 10 days wasn’t long, and it pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Ling Han had kept a low profile these few days, and this was because he had been perfecting his Spirit Refinement Technique.

He had only succeeded in performing the First Refinement, and he was still extremely far away from perfecting it.

An alchemical pill could only be Spirit-Refined a maximum of nine times. Generally speaking, however, being able to Spirit-Refine an alchemical pill three to four times was already extraordinary. Thus, the quality of each Spirit Refinement was incredibly important.

If two alchemists of different skill levels both Spirit-Refined an alchemical pill to the Third Refinement, it was completely possible that the end result would be starkly different.

Right now, Ling Han was working hard to reach the pinnacle of the First Refinement. Even though Alchemist Zi Cheng had said that an alchemist’s level would also affect the level of their Spirit Refinement, Ling Han didn’t mind spending more time on it, since he couldn’t advance to become a Two-Star Alchemist any time soon.

From one star to two stars, the difficulty of refining alchemical pills would increase by at least 100-fold. After all, One-Star alchemical pills were for Severing Mundane Tier cultivators, while Two-Star alchemical pills were for Dividing Soul Tier elites. That being the case, would they be on the same level?

In Alchemist Zi Cheng’s extremely optimistic predictions, it would take Ling Han at least 1,000,000 years to become a Two-Star Alchemist.

Moreover, this was taking into account the Time Cultivation Chambers.

However, Alchemist Zi Cheng was unaware that Ling Han possessed a Reincarnation Tree. This was something that could greatly aid one’s comprehension. Even so, it would still take Ling Han at least several thousand years to become a Two-Star Alchemist.

In the past, Ling Han had once a.n.a.lyzed the process of refining pills as a Two-Star Alchemist. However, he had been forced to stop one-ten-thousandth of the way into his a.n.a.lysis.

The Regulations of heaven and earth that were involved in this process were far too complicated. Even though a Severing Mundane Tier cultivator could refine Two-Star alchemical pills, this would require a limitless amount of time. Moreover, after spending so much time, they could only refine a single type of Two-Star alchemical pill.

Fortunately, one would obtain a limitless lifespan after advancing to the Severing Mundane Tier. Otherwise, it would be extremely likely that a Two-Star Alchemist could only refine a pitifully small number of alchemical pills before their death.

Ling Han wasn’t greedy, and he didn’t try to learn how to cultivate more One-Star alchemical pills. Instead, he focused all of his effort on Spirit Refinement.

Spirit Refinement was a process of better understanding the fundamental const.i.tution of Celestial medicines and alchemical pills. It also pertained to the Dao of Heaven and Earth.

In reality, one could attain Dao through any means.

In the Ancient Realm, there were people who had achieved Dao through alchemy. This was naturally possible in the Celestial Realm as well. For example, Alchemist Zi Cheng had only been at the Severing Mundane Tier when he had become a One-Star Alchemist. After that, he hadn’t placed any effort on cultivation. Instead, he had focused all of his effort on alchemy.

However, as he continued to improve in alchemy, his cultivation naturally advanced as well, bringing him to the peak stage of the fourth severance, and then to the Dividing Soul Tier. Afterward, he had then opened an Immortal Palace, and advanced to the Immortal Palace Tier.

There existed a myriad of Dao in heaven and earth, yet they all eventually led to the same destination.

Thus, Ling Han was able to maintain his composure. Alchemy was also a part of cultivation.

10 days later, the Empress also came out of seclusion.

It wasn’t that she had reached the peak stage of the fourth severance. Rather, today was a significant day for Ling Han, her dear husband, so she naturally couldn’t be absent.

Morning came, and Ling Han headed off with his two wives. Meanwhile, Bewitching Maiden Rou also tagged along without any invitation—she shamelessly pretended to be Ling Han’s good friend. If Ling Han successfully became a Holy Son of Alchemy City, wouldn’t he be able to casually gift others Celestial pills in the future?

As smart as this bewitching woman was, she naturally understood that she had to develop a good relations.h.i.+p with Ling Han.

In fact, Ling Han was extremely unwilling to become too close to her. Firstly, this bewitching woman was far too charming and attractive. Secondly, the Empress always suggested that he should accept her Nine Revolutions Charm Physique. This caused him to feel extremely opposed to the idea.

However, the bewitching woman wore a dazzling smile, and it was hard for him to strike a smiling person. He couldn’t shoo her away no matter what.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden carried s.h.i.+ Lei and s.h.i.+ Yu in her arms. They were both lively little devils, and they were extremely good at causing trouble. They looked Bewitching Maiden Rou up and down, and they made all kinds of mature remarks and comments. This rendered Ling Han completely speechless. Where had these two brats learned these things from?

The two brats were unafraid of heaven and earth, and they were only afraid of the Empress. It was as if the Empress’ stunning beauty and dignity could affect even them.

The ceremony was going to be hosted in the fourth level, so those who could attend were all powerful and influential people. At the very least, they had the background of a three-star force.

Ling Han looked around, and he immediately saw several familiar faces. For example, Fu Gaoyun, Fu Tonghai, Situ Tang, and Xiang Yan.

One had to realize that the Fu Clan was located extremely far away from here. Even with wars.h.i.+ps, it would still take them at least half a year to arrive here. Even so, they had still come to attend the ceremony. From this, it was evident just how powerful and influential the Alchemy City was.

Attending this ceremony wouldn’t necessarily put them in the good books of Alchemy City. However, if they didn’t attend, what would they do if they entered the bad books of Alchemy City?

In the Eastern Celestial Realm, almost all of the alchemists viewed Alchemy City as a holy land and totem for alchemy. With a single command, Alchemy City could easily gather and mobilize all of the alchemists.

Thus, Alchemy City was a four-star force that could somewhat rival five-star forces.

When Fu Gaoyun and the others saw Ling Han, their jaws all fell in shock. This was especially the case for Fu Xiaoyun, whose eyes also widened in deep astonishment. Among them, only Situ Xiaozhen remained calm and composed. She simply muttered, “If his a*s wasn’t penetrated, how could he have crawled to such a height?”

Even though they had heard that the new Holy Son was also called Ling Han, they certainly hadn’t linked the two Ling Hans together.

Going from a hunted person to a Holy Son of Alchemy City? Who would believe this?

Upon seeing Ling Han’s familiar face, they instantly felt as if they were in a dream. This felt far too unreal and extraordinary.

Not only the members of the Fu Clan, but the members of the Lunar Sect, the Han Clan, the Qianzhao Clan, and the other clans were also stunned when they saw Ling Han. However, a commander from the Roc Palace had already beaten them into submission back then. Now that Ling Han was about to become a Holy Son of a four-star force, they more so didn’t dare to think about seeking revenge.

Right now, a single thought was running through all of their minds: Ling Han was far too good at bringing them surprises.

In the beginning, he had caught everyone’s attention with his freakish cultivation ability. At that time, he had actually killed the successors of two different Celestial King Tier forces. Now, he had actually become a rising star of Alchemy City. How could there be such a freak in this world?

Ling Han simply flashed a smile at Fu Gaoyun. He then strode to the center of the plaza.

The Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden followed closely behind him. Beside them, Bewitching Maiden Rou also shamelessly tagged along. Being able to gain renown in this kind of ceremony was extremely beneficial for her. In the future, those who wanted to target her or the Purity Sect would have to consider the reaction of Alchemy City. They would have to weigh up whether they could offend this juggernaut.

Anyhow, Alchemy City was already the most powerful force below Celestial King Tier forces. Thus, as long as the Purity Sect wasn’t targeted by a Celestial King Tier force, they would be as safe as could be.

Bewitching Maiden Rou wasn’t simply good at seducing others. Since she had become a Holy Daughter, she was naturally intelligent and able in more ways than one.

The Empress noticed this, and a slight smile tugged at the corners of her lips. This seductive woman would eventually become her husband’s. After all, she couldn’t allow such a talented woman to be won over by someone else.

She could act smug all she wanted now.

In a rare sight, all three Four-Star Alchemists of Alchemy City appeared at once. They were sitting on an elevated stage, and they were all at the Ascending Origin Tier. Moreover, they were all radiating with an astonis.h.i.+ng aura. One couldn’t underestimate them simply because they were alchemists.

Alchemist Zi Cheng stood up, and said, “It’s almost time. We can begin the ceremony now.” He was going to host this ceremony.

Firstly, he was the current chairperson of Alchemy City. Secondly, Ling Han was his disciple. Thus, if he didn’t support Ling Han, who would?

“Not so fast!” someone suddenly shouted. A young man flew over, and his face was filled with fighting spirit as he pointed at Ling Han, and shouted, “I want to battle against him again!”

This person was none other than Zhao Qingfeng.


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