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Read Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 296 – Gathered Together at the Small Town

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Chapter 296: Gathered Together at the Small Town Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

However, just as Ling Han returned to the inn, he met a few old friends.

Qi Yong Ye, Baili Teng Yun, Li Dong Yue, and the later generation of the Eight Great Clans of the Imperial City like Zhao Huan, Qian Wu Yong, Huang Wei Ze, and so on and so forth; these people were basically the future cornerstone of the Rain Country in another thirty years.

They all heard Ling Han became an Earth Grade alchemist, and after making some inquiries, they found out that Ling Han lived here and came over for a visit.

An Earth Grade alchemist, too kick*ss, a first for the Rain Country!

Even if Rain Emperor came personally, he would only be on equal footing as Ling Han; even those slightly weaker emperors would have to boot-lick Ling Han.

Since that was so and these youngsters knew that Ling Han was here, they didn’t dare not to pay a visit and extend their greetings. Furthermore, to form a relations.h.i.+p with a super alchemist like this would truly be beneficial.

“Master Ling!” Qi Yong Ye and the others smiled, not daring to call Ling Han by name.

Ling Han didn’t care; his own friends naturally didn’t need to be treated as strangers, but Qi Yong Ye and Baili Teng Yun didn’t pa.s.s his test. They were only acquaintances, so Ling Han didn’t care whatever they called him.

However, Ling Han wouldn’t be petty, either, as he took out the fruits and vegetables and the meat he grew inside the Black Tower to receive them. There were several low tier beasts inside, but for receiving acquaintances, normal meat was enough.

In a short moment, everyone ate plate after plate, and the scene went out of control as the other people inside the inn thought they were about to fight, almost running off to call the people of Star Brilliance Palace Hall.

After a sumptuous meal, as martial artists, everyone couldn’t help but be curious.

“Can Ye, you actually reached the ninth layer of the Gus.h.i.+ng spring Tier!” Zhao Huan looked at Can Ye somewhat surprised. Before this, he was always firmly on top of the other in cultivation; now he just broke through to the seventh layer of the Gus.h.i.+ng Spring Tier, but Can Ye skyrocketed to the ninth layer of the Gus.h.i.+ng Spring Tier, so how could that not have greatly surprised him.




Qian Wu Yong and the others cried out one after another. The arduousness of the path of martial arts was taken one step and one footprint at a time. Certainly, the lower the tier, the more likely it was possible for skyrocketing to happen, but as cultivation was higher, the advancement became slower, like climbing a tall mountain; at first one could sprint, but reaching halfway up, one would be gasping for breath, needing to rest after a few steps.

Can Ye’s advancement speed completely surpa.s.sed their expectations.

Can Ye kept silent, cold as usual, lightly rubbing the blade handle. In his eyes, no person was more important than the saber.

Everyone was just momentarily shocked, but immediately came to a realization.

Don’t forget, Can Ye now followed an Earth Grade alchemist!

With an Earth Grade alchemist chucking medicinal pills, could cultivation advancement not be fast? In reality, Can Ye also possessed the qualifications to charge to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but he and Ling Han were the same—having increased their cultivation with medicinal pills, they had to first stabilize their tiers.

Blindly pursuing a higher tier was only pulling up a seedling in mistaken hope of helping it grow; the repercussions would soon appear, like the situation of stars of battle prowess unable to keep up with one’s tier—how was that different from being a disabled person?

“Can Ye, fight me!” Zhao Huan challenged him. Before, he could always firmly suppress Can Ye, but now the other party’s tier surpa.s.sed his instead. He wanted to fight even more to prove that he was truly the strongest talent in the Imperial City.

…Can Ye, Yan Tian Zhao, and Feng Yan, those freaks were out of consideration.

Can Ye didn’t take the fight, but shook his head and said, “You cannot match me, one strike and you’d be cut down by me!”

Zhao Huan couldn’t help but get angry. However, with Ling Han at the scene, he couldn’t lose his temper. He simply snorted and said, “Two days later would be the martial arts tea party, I hope that when the time comes, you won’t be stingy and refuse to take on a fight.”

Can Ye stayed silent for a short while, then pointed at Ling Han and said, “I am not the one you should surpa.s.s, he is.”

Everyone was instantly speechless.

Who didn’t know Ling Han’s freakishness, defeating Yan Tian Zhao with one strike and crippling Feng Yan with one palm? He was simply a monster! Besides, this monster was also a Big Boss of alchemy, so who dared to challenge him? No matter if one won or lost, neither would be good.

“Master Ling, will you also attend the martial arts tea party three days later?” Qi Yong Ye asked.

Ling Han pondered, and said, “Might as well take a look.”

“If Master Ling attends, then we can only step aside.” Qiang Wu Yong laughed, boot-licking Ling Han a tiny bit.

“However, Master Ling, hurry up and raise your Tier. We won’t have any face always being suppressed by you, a person in the first layer of the Gus.h.i.+ng Spring Tier.” Huang Wei Ze joked as well. This was also because Ling Han was young, or else if it were Fu Yuan Sheng, he wouldn’t dare say something like this.

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh. His spring’s eye was already merged earlier—no matter if he were at the third layer or the ninth layer of the Gus.h.i.+ng Spring, it all looked like the first layer of the Gus.h.i.+ng Spring. He said, “Don’t you all worry, I won’t fight the day after tomorrow.”

With such a good chance, he planned to sell the gingseng and ganoderma from the Black Tower to the people of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North. This way, he could weaken the financial resources of those competing for the Blue Scale Beast Fruit and bring himself some fortune, naturally killing two birds with one stone.

“Master Ling, you said it!” Everyone’s eyes lit up.

The strongest in the Nine Nations of the Desolate North!

Who didn’t want to have such glory? But if Ling Han took part, then other people wouldn’t have a single bit of hope… unless they crossed into the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but how many Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors under thirty years of age could there be?

Only Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao, the two freaks.

Ling Han smiled. “I said it, so you guys don’t have to worry at all, I only plan on selling some things.”

“What medicinal pills does Master Ling plan on selling?” Everyone was curious; this youngster advanced into the Earth Grade, so the medicinal pills he took out were bound to be amazing.

“You guys will know the day after tomorrow.” Ling Han kept it secret.

Everyone was curious, but didn’t dare to question Ling Han closely, leaving them with an itch in their hearts. Anyways, enduring was not a big deal since the answer would be revealed the day after tomorrow.

Eating till very late at night, everyone left separately, but two people stayed at the inn, so it would only be a few steps to return to their own rooms.

One day, two days… time pa.s.sed by quickly, and it was already the day of the martial arts tea party.

The venue was set at a square on the eastside of the small town. A ma.s.sive sunshade-like structure was temporarily set up, enough to seat thousands of people. All members of the younger generation from the Nine Nations of the Desolate North with cultivation at least in the Element Gathering Tier, they averaged several hundred per country—the seats were more than enough to contain them.

The martial arts tea party started at noon and ended in the evening.

Ling Han, Liu Yu Tong, and the others came to the public square and sat down arbitrarily. They were a somewhat larger party with more people, and just happened to occupy one table. Hu Niu couldn’t sit still and immediately took out snacks from the spatial ring that were prepared beforehand, eating very delightedly.

Very soon, more and more people came, such that the Star Defense Force was also mobilized to maintain order; after all, youngsters were impetuous, and it was never good if someone died in a fight.

Cheng Fei Jun appeared, and said in a loud and clear voice, “Thank you friends for attending, everyone.”

Most of the people instantly stand up. This was a high level Black Grade alchemist, he would be considered a Big Boss of alchemy in any of their countries—how could they not be respectful?


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