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Read All My Beasts Are Legendary Chapter 103 – Exposed Strength

All My Beasts Are Legendary is a web novel produced by Da Yu Is Fat Again, 大鱼又胖了.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 103: Exposed Strength

“Gu Luo, don’t compete with him!”

In the distance, the youth who had just returned from the toilet exclaimed.

All the gazes in the surroundings descended onto him.

Everyone was stunned.

No one knew what the h.e.l.l was he doing.

“w.a.n.g Bing, what’s wrong with you?”

The form teacher of Yunzhong City’s Beast Taming Cla.s.s frowned and looked at w.a.n.g Bing.

There was a hint of displeasure on his brow.

Gu Luo and Ye Xuan were about to start sparring.

Why couldn’t they wait until after the compet.i.tion?

A battle would only last for a few minutes, even if it took a little longer.

When w.a.n.g Bing saw everyone looking at him, his heart trembled.

What’s more, he had suffered from diarrhea.

The sweat poured from his face immediately.

He flushed with, like a primary school student who had been called up to the podium by a teacher for the first time, and his mind was in a mess.

w.a.n.g Bing felt completely at sea.

Ye Xuan’s scene casually killing the Bronze Beast Tamer in front of the restaurant in Yunhai City flashed through his mind.

Which let him know that even Gu Luo was mighty, he would undoubtedly lose if he wanted to fight against Ye Xuan.

At this moment, he had completely forgotten that it was just an exchange match between Yunhai City and Yunzhong City, not a battle of life and death.

But the scene that Ye Xuan was killed people in the street and smiled as if he didn’t care anymore really shook him.

As a result, when he saw Ye Xuan, his heart could help but tighten.

w.a.n.g Bing raised his head and looked at the arena.

However, he saw Ye Xuan also looking towards him.

His face was slightly pale.

He had a sudden inspiration and shouted, “Mr Gu, Mr Zhao called me just now. He said that he had something urgent and asked us to go back immediately.”

“Mr Zhao, called you?”

Mr Gu frowned.

However, when he saw the anxious look on w.a.n.g Bing’s face, even sweat dribbled down his chin, he didn’t think further and believed that something urgent had come up.

So he could only look at Wu Fuyun regretfully. “Mr Wu, I’m really sorry. I’m afraid we can’t fight this battle anymore. We have to go back immediately.”

Wu Fuyun was stunned.

He had not expected that.

But there was nothing he could do about it.

After all, he couldn’t stop them from leaving.

Hence, he could only shake his head regretfully and say, “It’s fine. Now that you guys have something urgent to deal with, I won’t keep you.”

At the same time, in the arena, Gu Luo also looked at Ye Xuan with a sorry smile and said, “It is such a pity that I miss the chance to fight you this time. However, I’m preparing to apply for Jiangzhou Jumu University. How about we find an opportunity to continue the battle I move to Jiangzhou City in the future?”

He was truly regretful.

Ye Xuan was in apprentice level, but he was actually able to contract two Beast Tamer. He would definitely achieve much greater success than he did in the future.

He couldn’t defeat Ye Xuan in his weak state. Once she matured, how could it be so easy for him to defeat her?


Ye Xuan nodded.

What could he say in such a situation?

He could only nod like that.

He had come here to end his high school days with this exchange match.

But he did not expect such an accident happened midway, which made him feel slightly regretful.

He was already an intermediate-level Dark Iron beast tamer.

He contracted a total of four beast tamers.

Even two beast tamers, one was in the three-star Dark Iron peak level l, and the other was in the five-star Dark Iron peak level.

He felt a little regretful that he could not display his strength in front of his cla.s.smates and Yunzhong City students.

He was not posturing.

After all, he was a member of Yunhai City.

He was also a member of this cla.s.s.

It was his duty to help the entire cla.s.s achieve a pa.s.sable result in this exchange match.

At that moment, Mr Gu from Yunzhong City’s Beast Taming Cla.s.s believed w.a.n.g Bing’s words. He immediately led his cla.s.s and left the battle hall in a hurry.

Seeing this, Wu Fuyun and the others could only follow.

Ye Xuan on the arena naturally wouldn’t stay here any longer.

He shook his head and jumped off the stage.

“Ye Xuan, I didn’t expect you to return at this time. Fortunately, you didn’t fight Gu Luo just now.”

“That’s right. That Gu Luo is solid. Yang Yiming went to Zhongzhou City in advance, and none of us is his opponent. Ye Xuan, although you’re talented, you’ve only just awakened your Beast Tamer Aptness. I am really confused why Dr. We asked you to go up.”

“Can’t agree more! But I guess Dr Wu told you to go up because he wanted you to gain some battle experience. After all, such an opponent is tough to find.”

Seeing Ye Xuan jump off the stage, the cla.s.smate’s Ye Xuan got a little familiar with immediately walked up and spoke at once.

Ye Xuan glanced at the surrounding students.

He realized that these students were all in the same grade as him.

The Grade One and Grade Two students were not here.

He also did not say much to these less familiar students.

He only greeted a few of them before preparing to leave.

Before he came out, Ye Guotao and Su Yunmeng were preparing a feast for him.

He was naturally unwilling to waste time here.

However, she remembered that she had come in a hurry and left in a hurry.

It was really quite a weak ending.

“w.a.n.g Bing, what’s going on with you? I called Dr Zhao just now, but he didn’t say anything about calling you!”

In the sky a few miles away from Yunhai City’s Beast Taming Cla.s.s, Mr Gu, who summoned a variant Black-feathered Demonic Eagle, looked at the w.a.n.g Bing that was standing on the back of the Demonic Eagle with a dozen students with his extremely gloomy face.

“Dr Gu, please look at this.”

w.a.n.g Bing’s face turned slightly pale.

At this moment, he finally reacted.

He knew that this was just an exchange match.

Even if Gu Luo and Ye Xuan lost the battle, it was no big deal.

Could Ye Xuan kill Gu Luo in the arena?

However, to defend himself, he could only take out his phone and open the Ye Xuan video that had just started circulating on the Internet.

“This is?”

A moment later, Gu Luo and the others looked at each other in surprise after watching the video.

“Mr Gu, we previously heard that Ye Xuan just awakened his Beast Tamer Aptness not long ago. Could it be just a rumour?”

Gu Luo, who was in the crowded, could help but ask.

In the video, Ye Xuan and that Bronze Rank Beast Tamer fought. The strength they displayed shocked him.

Moreover, Ye Xuan seemed to have predicted all the actions of the Bronze Rank Beastmaster.

This was not something a novice Beast Tamer could possess.

What’s more, the indifferent expression Ye Xuan had revealed when he killed that Beast Tamer showed it was certainly not the first time for him to kill a person.

Gu Luo shook his head.

With such strength and means, it was clear that he was no match for the guy.

When he recalled the words he had told Ye Xuan that he would spar with him next time he came to Jiangzhou City, he could help but blush.

“By the way. According to what we’ve heard, Ye Xuan is a genius who can contract two beast tamers in apprentice level.”

Suddenly, Gu Luo seemed to have thought of something. His pupils constricted as he said, “But in this video, other than that little elf that displayed some strength in this battle.”

“Ye Xuan’s other apprentice-level beast tamer, the Dual-winged Tricolor Amber Tyrannosaurus, had not even been seen through the battle.”

“However, in this battle, other than that little elf, he still has two other beast tamers.”

He had two more beast tamers?

Two completely new beast tamers?

A Dark Iron Beast Tamer… with four Beast Tamers?

Everyone was stunned, and then they were horrified.

Did such a demonic genius really emerge in Yunhai City?

“Forget it.”

Mr Gu shook his head on the sly.

It might be a good thing that Gu Luo didn’t fight Ye Xuan.

Not only would he lose.

It was also because if he fought against Ye Xuan, he might really be struck down.

But since this battle hadn’t taken place, Gu Luo still had some hope in his heart.

“Ye Xuan, I’ll send you back.”

Outside the Beast Taming Cla.s.s, Nong Lejia said to Ye Xuan.

He was also cursing in his heart.

What is going on?

If he knew such a result early, he would definitely not go to fetch Ye Xuan.

“No thanks, Brother Nong. I know you’re busy.”

Ye Xuan shook her head and refused. “I’ll let Lil wan bring me back this time.”


Nong Lejia did not insist.

He had too many things to do today. If he were really going to send Ye Xuan, he would indeed be overwhelmed with works.

“Senior Ye Xuan!”

When Ye Xuan was about to leave, a school bus came from afar and stopped at the courtyard entrance. A group of students alighted from the bus, and when one of the youths saw Ye Xuan, his eyes immediately lit up as he quickly ran over.

“… w.a.n.g Chen.”

Ye Xuan hesitated for a moment before calling out the person’s name.

The young man who ran towards him was the one who saved w.a.n.g Chen from the Bronze Beast Tamer that morning.

However, he was not particularly familiar with w.a.n.g Chen.

Therefore, he only exchanged a few words with w.a.n.g Chen before bidding farewell and flying away with Lil wan.

“w.a.n.g Chen, when did you become so close to Ye Xuan?”

After Ye Xuan left, w.a.n.g Chen’s cla.s.smates looked at him strangely.

“Not exactly close.”

w.a.n.g Chen shook his head.

Then, he seemed to have thought of something. He looked at Nong Lejia and said, “a.s.sistant Minister Nong, was Senior Ye Xuan here to partic.i.p.ate in the Grade Three Beast Tamer Exchange?”


Nong, Lejia nodded.

“Ye Xuan must have won, right?”

Hearing Nong Lejia’s response, w.a.n.g Chen asked curiously.

However, from the look in his eyes, it seemed like he was already certain.

Nong Lejia looked at w.a.n.g Chen in surprise. He didn’t know why w.a.n.g Chen believed Ye Xuan so much.

However, he shook his head. “No. When Ye Xuan came, the people from Yunzhong City left in a hurry because of something emergent and didn’t fight him.”

“I see.”

w.a.n.g Chen looked regretful.

“w.a.n.g Chen, what are you getting at now? How can you be so certain that Ye Xuan will definitely win if he attends?”

On the side, the Year One and Year Two students who got off the carriage together with w.a.n.g Chen and the students who escorted Ye Xuan out of the battle hall together with the farmer’s family all looked at w.a.n.g Chen curiously.

“Don’t you all know?”

w.a.n.g Chen said as he looked at everyone. It seemed that he had grasped some secret, his face carried some pride, and he said, “Never judge a man who has made great progress by past tense. Ye Xuan’s current strength is no longer the same as before.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Everyone was in disbelief.

“What’s the matter? You don’t believe me?”

Seeing everyone’s expressions, w.a.n.g Chen took out his cell phone.

He turned on his cell phone and showed a video in front of everyone.

“If you don’t believe me, look at this.”


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