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Read All My Beasts Are Legendary Chapter 186 – Rising In Stars

All My Beasts Are Legendary is a web novel completed by Da Yu Is Fat Again, 大鱼又胖了.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 186: Rising in Stars

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Qi Liangcai and Wei Shan, sitting on the back of their beasts, were cleaning the Three-legged h.e.l.lfire Crow’s dry blood on the building’s outer wall.

They suddenly heard a voice coming from downstairs.

Struck dumb, they looked down.

Then they saw a young man standing straight, looking up at them with a smile. He should be a few years older than them.

“You are looking for Ye Xuan?”

Qi Liangcai asked in surprise.


Zhang Jiantong answered with a nod.

Jiangzhou University was too big.

He asked around for Ye Xuan’s address before going into Jiangzhou University.

He knew Ye Xuan was living in a place called Wind and Cloud Mansion on the campus.

However, he still got lost.

“Well, I will show you the way. I am going to see him anyway!”

Qi Liangcai told the Three-legged h.e.l.lfire Crow to land on the ground immediately.

He had fixed the Three-legged h.e.l.lfire Crow’s wing broken the day before by then.

Although it would take the crow some time to recover completely, at least it had stopped bleeding.

Besides, it was no big deal for the crow to fly while carrying him.

It would not make its injuries worse.

“Well, I think I’d better just follow you.”

Seeing Qi Liangcai sitting on the back of the Three-legged h.e.l.lfire Crow, whose injuries had not completely recovered, Zhang Jiantong hurried to call out his own beast.

“As you like.”

Qi Liangcai did not insist. “Wei Shan, I’m leaving for a moment to bring Ye Xuan here. You continue with the cleaning, okay?”

Looking back, he shouted at Wei Shan. Then he led Zhang Jiantong to fly to Ye Xuan’s Wind and Cloud Mansion.

“May I ask why you are looking for Ye Xuan?”

Qi Liangcai asked Zhang Jiantong tentatively on the way.

“Well, just an errand I’m running. I was asked to give Ye Xuan something.”

Zhang Jiantong said.


Qi Liangcai nodded at Zhang Jiantong without asking for more detail.

“What about you? You seem to be very familiar with Ye Xuan. Are you two friends?”

Zhang Jiantong also asked Qi Liangcai about his relation with Ye Xuan.

“Well, yeah, sort of.”

Qi Liangcai said calmly. “I am the best among Jiangzhou University’s freshmen of this year, and Ye Xuan is the second best. So, we get along well.”

Is that so?

Zhang Jiantong was struck dumb.

However, after darting a glance at the beast Qi Liangcai was sitting on, he thought maybe this guy was not lying to him.

This Three-legged h.e.l.lfire Crow was not an average beast.

The conversation made the trip shorter. They arrived at Ye Xuan’s Wind and Cloud Mansion very quickly.

“Ye Xuan, there is someone who wants to see you. He said he had been asked to give you something.”

Qi Liangcai shouted outside Ye Xuan’s mansion as soon as he arrived.

There is something for me?

Ye Xuan shifted his consciousness in the villa.

He called out the Tidal Treasure Snail’s real-time map right away.


Ye Xuan found in surprise it was Zhang Jiantong who had come with Qi Liangcai.

Ye Xuan’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw Zhang Jiantong. He walked out of the mansion immediately.

“Zhang, why didn’t you call me in advance to inform me of your visit?”

Ye Xuan asked as soon as he saw Zhang Jiantong, who had been in front of his mansion, after walking out.

“Mr. w.a.n.g said you must be expecting this on the campus and would not go anywhere, so I came here directly.”

Zhang Jiantong smiled, handing the Beast Ring w.a.n.g Tianshan had given him to Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan’s eyes lit up as soon as he laid his eyes on the Beast Ring.

He checked what was in there after taking it. The evolutionary resources Lil Wan needed for her evolution were all in there. Not a single one was missing.

“Thank you so much, Zhang! Come in and have some tea with me.”

Ye Xuan thanked Zhang Jiantong after lifting his head. He invited the latter to go inside the mansion.

“My pleasure.”

Zhang Jiantong smiled.

However, he did not go into Ye Xuan’s mansion. Instead, he said, “Well, I have a few more tasks to complete. This is not the only errand I need to run. I’m afraid I have to go.”

Ye Xuan was dreadfully talented.

He would like to get acquainted with Ye Xuan if it was possible.

But unfortunately, he had too many tasks this time, so he did not have the time to stay.

“Well, I understand. Hopefully, I will see you soon.”

It was a pity for Ye Xuan, but he knew Zhang Jiantong was busy indeed.

Therefore, he bid farewell to Zhang Jiantong and saw the latter flying out of Jiangzhou University on the back of his beast.

“Ye Xuan, who is he? He doesn’t look like an average man.”

Qi Liangcai asked Ye Xuan when Zhang Jiantong had left, “And who is that Mr. w.a.n.g that he mentioned?”

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you a word. I signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

Ye Xuan shook his head.

“What the h.e.l.l! A non-disclosure agreement? Where have you been these days?”

Qi Liangcai opened his eyes wide in an instant.

Ye Xuan looked at him with a vague smile.

“Darn it. Okay. I never asked the question then if you are not allowed to say anything.”

Qi Liangcai was not very happy.

But then he looked at Ye Xuan again. He asked, “Ye Xuan, I guess you know why I am here. I don’t have to say it myself, do I?”

“Why are you here?”

Ye Xuan asked, struck dumb.

“To take you to work with us, of course. I have come here in person. You will go with me, won’t you?”

Gazing at Ye Xuan, Qi Liangcai said, “I don’t have much time left. The day after tomorrow is the day for the fight between Ye Tiange and me.”

“Darn it. I’m injured now. So is my Three-legged h.e.l.lfire Crow. I have to take more rest to make my injuries recover faster. Otherwise, it would be humiliating if I lose to Ye Tiange.”

He looked into Ye Xuan’s eyes. “So, bro, I’m all counting on you now. Go and clean with me.”

“Bro, you are so badly injured. Are you still going to fight against Ye Tiange? Besides, do you think Ye Tiange would have the nerve to come back here after what happened yesterday?”


Qi Liangcai humphed at Ye Xuan’s reply. “Ye Tiange has got a lot of guts. I’ve been informed that he came back from the Ancient G.o.d Planet not long after we had come back.”

“Apparently, he believes we can’t do anything to him because we don’t have any evidence.”

“And obviously, he came back from the Ancient G.o.d Planet because he is going to fight against me at Jiangzhou University the day after tomorrow.”

“Well, let’s wait and see. I will show him what a genius is like in the fight in two days.”

Ye Xuan frowned at Qi Liangcai.

He was surprised that Qi Liangcai still wanted to fight against Ye Tiange despite his injuries.

Ye Xuan certainly would not stop him if he had not been injured.

However, by then, he was so badly injured, and so was his beast.

Ye Xuan really did not want him to fight against Ye Tiange. He was worried about Qi Liangcai.

However, he knew Qi Liangcai very well.

He knew Qi Liangcai was so stubborn that no one could talk him out of what he had decided.

Therefore, he did not persuade Qi Liangcai to give up, though he had a good idea to stop Qi Liangcai anyway.

“Bro, I didn’t lie to you. I am busy indeed. It’s not just an excuse. I am afraid I can’t help you clean. Maybe you can ask Lv Jing for help?”

Ye Xuan said while thinking.

“You are busy? What are you busy with?”

Qi Liangcai said to Ye Xuan, looking at him.

“Rising in stars.”

Ye Xuan flipped the palm of his hand to take out the Beast Ring he had just got from Zhang Jiantong.

He found a shining stone of five colors in the ring.

“Look at this, bro.”

Ye Xuan said after taking out the stone, “This is a Stone of the Small World. I am going to use it to help one of my beasts rise in stars.”

One of his beasts is going to rise in stars?

Qi Liangcai was astonished.

However, he took a closer look at the gleaming gem in Ye Xuan’s hand and found it contained a lot of energy.

“Dude… Fine.”

Qi Liangcai was rendered helpless.

He was surprised that Ye Xuan was so lucky.

Ye Xuan had got an evolutionary recipe for his beast to rising in stars.

Therefore, Qi Liangcai had to bid farewell to him.

He was going back to clean with Wei Shan.

After all, Ye Xuan was very lucky to get such an opportunity.

He could not ask Ye Xuan to clean with him when the latter was eager to help his beast rise in stars.

“Ms. Lin, I would like to ask you a favor.”

Something occurred to Ye Xuan when Qi Liangcai had left. He did not go ahead with Lil Wan’s evolution immediately.

Instead, he sent a message to Lin Shiru first.

“What is it?”

Lin Shiru wrote him back in a second.

“Could you stun Qi Liangcai the day after tomorrow before Ye Tiange comes here?”

Ye Xuan said right away.

This was exactly the good idea he had.

He knew Qi Liangcai too well. He knew as long as Ye Tiange came to Jiangzhou University, Qi Liangcai would absolutely fight against him.

However, that would be too risky.

Therefore, it would be better to make Qi Liangcai lose consciousness so that he could not fight.

Instead, he would be the one who fought against and kill Ye Tiange that day. And he would wake Qi Liangcai up after everything had been done.

“You want me to stun Qi Liangcai?”

Lin Shiru was struck dumb by Ye Xuan’s message.

But then she instantly knew what Ye Xuan was planning on.

“Well, I can do you this favor. Qi Liangcai shouldn’t fight in such conditions anyway. I can help you do that. But you’ll need to explain everything to him yourself. And don’t tell him that I helped.”

Ye Xuan waited for a short while.

He got a long message from Lin Shiru when he thought she probably would refuse to help him.

“No problem!”

Ye Xuan guaranteed immediately.

He was suddenly looking forward to the fight in two days after sending this message out.

He wondered when he woke Qi Liangcai up after Lin Shiru had stunned the latter and killed Ye Tiange.

How he would react when he was told the truth.

He would not strangle me, would he?

After all, I am doing this for him.

Ye Xuan tried to calm down and concentrate.

He focused on the evolutionary resources in his hand that he had just got.

A Divine Stone of the Elves.

A Stone of the Small World

And a Stone of Life.


Ye Xuan glanced over the three resources and then threw all of them into the World of Beast of Lil Wan.

He shifted his consciousness in an instant. A mysterious fluctuation came from his Beast Editor.

It flowed into Lil Wan’s Beast Lair.

It moved past the three treasures that Ye Xuan had just thrown into the Beast Lair.

Then Lil Wan was also shrouded in it.

It turned those three treasures, a Divine Stone of the Elves, a Stone of the Small World, and a Stone of Life, into flowing lights and brought them into Lil Wan’s body.

“Are we starting now?”

Lil Wan beamed when she had sensed them in the World of the Elves.

She looked very excited.

As if she was expecting something to happen.


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