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Read Alluring His Wife: The Evil King’s Fifth Consort Chapter 248

Alluring His Wife: The Evil King’s Fifth Consort is a web novel created by Yun Wei Mo Ran, 云墨微染.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 248 – 248 – Wei Guanshu is exposed

I want to let the entire Mo City see you make a fool of yourself. Although she doesn’t know what is in those small pots, but seeing how nervous Wei Guanshu and I are, he knows that it is definitely not some good stuff. It might even be a poison used to frame her.

Wei Guanshu gave Liu’er a meaningful glance, and Liu’er stepped forward to stop him.

“Could it be possible that the Young Madam is hiding something?” The Princess Xi Ya sneered.

Wei Yuanwei took the opportunity to say, “Elder sister, there is no need to be so stingy. Even if you are a guest of the Duke Palace, the w.a.n.gfei treats you as a sister. Could it be that your elder sister’s words about repaying the Duke Palace for taking you in are fake?”

Wasn’t Wei Guanshu a woman from the Duke Palaces? Then, she would expose her in front of everyone.

The n.o.ble ladies whispered to each other, “So she hasn’t been raised by the prince yet.”

“What is that shameless fellow doing in the palace? If it were me, I would have already run my head into the south wall. “

“No wonder the w.a.n.gfei is so displeased with her. No one would allow a stranger to flatter their master with all sorts of flattery.”

Wei Guanshu’s face turned green, as though the skin on her face had been ripped off, and she started to feel uncomfortable.

When she was in a daze, Princess Xi Ya gave Lan Xi a meaningful glance. Lan Xi suddenly pushed Liu’er away, and just as he was about to walk forward, Liu’er was not willing to let her, and suddenly grabbed onto her arm.

With a ‘clang’ sound, the porcelain vat shattered to the ground, revealing a b.l.o.o.d.y and smelly object.

Wei Guanshu’s heart fell into the abyss as well. The cold air around his body continued to rise. In the future, eating this disgusting thing would no longer be a secret.

A woman exclaimed, “Aiya, isn’t that the placenta? Why would the young lady eat such a disgusting thing, and raw one at that?”

Wei Yuanwei stepped forward with concern on his face as he supported the crumbling Wei Guanshu, “Is big sister seriously ill?”

Wei Guanshu subconsciously wanted to push Wei Yuanwei away, so Wei Yuanwei said gently: “Good older sister, is everyone watching?”

Didn’t Wei Guanshu want to pretend to be virtuous and graceful? Today, she wanted to borrow the Princess Xi Ya’s hand to tear Wei Guanshu’s mask apart.

As expected, Wei Guanshu’s hand on Wei Yuanwei’s body became weak and powerless.

On the guest stand, a lady dressed in silk and silk laughed: “It’s no wonder that Side Consort Wei did not recognise this item. This is a placenta, it’s something that women use when they produce women, although it’s an ominous thing, it has the ability to make up for Yin, it is more popular among brothel women. Some of the officials’ concubines would resist disgusting using placenta s, and the placenta’s eating raw would have the best effect.”

The moment the lady’s voice fell, everyone immediately imagined Wei Guanshu eating the b.l.o.o.d.y placenta, their stomachs churning once again.

He never thought that Wei Guanshu, who looked like Yun Zhi and Jade Flower, would actually eat such a disgusting and b.l.o.o.d.y thing. In order to hold onto Yun Xie’s heart, she really did hold nothing back.

“Sister, if you really like the prince, you only need to let me know. Why do you have to use such despicable methods to make yourself feel wronged?” Wei Yuanwei’s face was filled with a gentle smile, as if he was a girl without scheming, and her eyes were so clean that they seemed to be able to penetrate a person’s heart.

Wei Guanshu suddenly realized that even though it looked like Princess Xi Ya had torn her graceful outer robes, the real culprit behind the scenes was the smiling lady in front of him.

Even if she was extremely angry, she could only forcibly endure it. The most pressing matter at hand was to lure the trouble to the east, or deal with the placenta so that it wouldn’t alarm Yun Xie.

Wei Guanshu walked in front of Liu’er and gave him a slap. She said tearfully: “Liu’er wasted my trust in you, I never thought that you would actually harbor such thoughts. Your n.o.ble ident.i.ty, isn’t it what a lowly slave like you wants?”

Liu’er immediately knelt on the ground: “Young Madam, it is Liu’er who has been blinded by lard, I hope Young Madam will forgive me.”

Was Wei Guanshu going to make her own servant take the blame? It looked like she had run out of tricks.

Wei Yuanwei said in astonishment: “Liu’er never thought that you would actually hide such a thought, tsk tsk tsk. “Why don’t you take a good look at yourself in the mirror? If even a prince like your master doesn’t fancy you, how could he possibly like you?”

While Wei Yuanwei was ridiculing Liu’er, her already green and red face became even darker.

The young madam treats the maidservants very generously, the placenta s are at least a hundred silver, the six jars are a hundred silver, and the young madam has lost the protection of her family and is still so rich, it seems that the young madam has brought a lot of money from the Duke of Wenchang, my poor aunt, the whole family has been sent to the Ancient Ning Tower, I wonder when we will return? The woman who spoke was Liu Qianhu’s wife, Lady Liu.

The Liu Family’s aunt was the wife of Duke of Wenchang’s b.a.s.t.a.r.d son. After the Duke of Wenchang Residence was exposed by Wei Guanshu, the entire family was sent to the Ancient Ning Tower thousands of miles away. How could she not have enmity towards Wei Guanshu?

The veins on Wei Guanshu’s forehead throbbed. She originally thought that he would use the chance of the Duke holding a banquet to get to know more rich and powerful women. He didn’t expect that he would be seen by these people.

Since placenta were so expensive, she would make Wei Guanshu feel pained for a while.

A trace of calculation flashed across Wei Yuanwei’s eyes. She smiled and held Wei Guanshu’s hands: “Since these dirty things are not from Big Sister, then Big Sister must thoroughly investigate this matter. Ah Qing will bring a few people to search Big Sister’s courtyard, to see if that d.a.m.ned girl Liu’er has hidden any poisonous substance.”

“Here.” Ah Qing brought her few wives along.

Those famous women of good fortune also followed Ah Qing to Wei Guanshu’s small courtyard.

I’ve heard that this thing is very evil. If your elder sister gets cursed by a s.l.u.t, no one can afford the consequences. The prince has always valued friendship, and the two of you have been friends for many years. Wei Yuanwei sat on the rattan chair, holding onto a cup of fragrant tea as she spoke.

Wei Guanshu’s face was deathly white. Her fingers that were tucked into Yun Xiu’s sleeves were practically digging into his flesh. After all, frequent excursions to the house would inevitably arouse suspicion from the people around them. She bought a few more and dried them, and when she ate them, they would boil in the water. The taste was no different from a fresh placenta.

Looking at the placenta on the pile, Wei Yuanwei clicked his tongue in wonder. All of this was worth a thousand gold, she naturally knew that Wei Guanshu did not eat placenta for the sake of beauty, but more importantly, it was to suppress the pyretic poison in his body. If he were to throw away all these placenta, would Wei Guanshu be in so much pain that he could whip him? Wei Yuanwei’s cold eyes flashed with a trace of malice.


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