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Read Alluring His Wife: The Evil King’s Fifth Consort Chapter 518

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Chapter 518 – Chapter 518 is already planted inside

“Maybe it was planted just now?” Mu Jin’s big hand also covered Wei Yuanwei’s flat lower abdomen, and said with a pampered yet ambiguous tone.

Wei Yuanwei’s face flushed red again: “Do you really want me to do that?”

Wei Yuanwei withdrew her bashful face and asked seriously.

“Don’t you believe me?” Mu Jin said as he looked at Wei Yuanwei.

“But I don’t want you to leave me!” Mu Jin had just returned, but Mu Jin said that he agreed to have Feng Yin exchange him back. Wei Yuanwei really didn’t want to leave Mu Jin’s side at all.

She just wanted to lean on Mu Jin’s shoulder and continue like this.

That’s why I’m so impatient to be intimate with you. I’m afraid not long later, Baili Qingcheng will send someone to send me out of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion, and when you open your eyes on the next day, it’s very likely that it will be Feng Yin! Mu Jin rubbed Wei Yuanwei’s head.

“Baili Qingcheng’s so-called asking for your opinion is just because he thought that you would agree, but even if you do not agree, his decision is not something that you can change!” Mu Jin continued.

It was because he knew, that was why he wanted to be intimate with Wei Yuanwei in the afternoon. If not, who knew how long it would take before they were separated again.

“But I really don’t want to be separated from you!” In the past, Wei Yuanwei had always wanted to see Mu Jin as far away as possible, but now, Wei Yuanwei wanted to be together with him at all times, afraid that he would never be able to see him again.

“Good boy, I have recovered my memories now, he will definitely be able to see through me. When I was a 7 year old and didn’t pose any threat to him, he didn’t care, but now that I have recovered my memories, do you think he can still make me jump under his nose?” How could Mu Jin ever want to leave Wei Yuanwei?

But he really had to leave now.

Wei Yuanwei also knew that Mu Jin’s words were reasonable. “Then why aren’t you afraid of leaving me here alone? Furthermore, I heard that Feng Yin’s memories have also recovered, aren’t you afraid that he will do something to me? “

“I will save you before that, don’t worry!” Mu Jin said solemnly.

How could he leave his woman behind with another man for too long?

Wei Yuanwei nodded: “Then do you really want me to do as you say? Aren’t you afraid. “He …”

“Even if you don’t want me to, I still can’t do anything to you.

Not to mention him! You are the best at this! ” Mu Jin whispered into Wei Yuanwei’s ear mysteriously.

Then, he sat up, picked up the clothes that had fallen to the ground, and let Wei Yuanwei wear them.

The moonlight was hazy, and in the silent night, three men dressed in black quickly and quietly descended from the roof to the ground.

The man in black used a pipe to break the window paper and blew the smoke into the room. Then, he walked over to the bed quietly.

He carried the dead Mu Jin out.

Xuan Li had long waited according to the other party’s request. Finally, he saw a small boat sail over from the front. Tang Yu hurriedly boarded the boat to take a look and discovered that the person who was silently sleeping inside was his own master.

Other than that, there was no one else on the ship.

Xuan Li placed the Skeleton whistle by his ear, and sure enough, he heard a whistle coming from there, telling them to release the whistle on the boat.

After Tang Yu confirmed that it was his master, he had his men carry Feng Yin onto the boat.

They had originally thought that the other side would try to trick them, but they hadn’t thought that all of this would go so smoothly.

As they watched the boat move further and further away, Tang Yu and the others felt a sense of regret.

Letting Feng Yin return at this time was tantamount to letting the tiger return to the mountain.

But at this time, Xuan Li and Tang Yu didn’t care anymore, as long as Master was still alive.

When Mu Jin was carried onto the carriage, Mu Jin opened his eyes.

Xuan Li who was seated at the side slightly froze for a moment, then called out: “Master?”

“Is Ning Zheyan with you?” Mu Jin’s voice was exceptionally cold.

Xuan Li was even more shocked, and right after, a hint of pleasant surprise flashed across his eyes. “Master, you recovered your memories?”

“Yes!” Mu Jin nodded slightly.

“Then, Master, would you blame your subordinate for being good at making decisions …” After Xuan Li became excited, he lowered his head, looking like he was waiting for punishment.

“No, this matter is exactly what I want. Only in this way can I find a way to enter the Heavenly Demon Pavilion!” Previously, when Mu Jin went in, his eyes were covered.

This time, because he was unconscious, those people directly put him on the boat and did not put him on their guard.

He realized that there was no one paddling the boat, but they were able to accurately find the sh.o.r.e, which meant that at a certain time, or at a certain location, it was the entrance to Heavenly Demon Pavilion.

But in the end, he had yet to figure out what sort of mysterious trick it was.

“Did you find the owner?” Xuan Li immediately asked.

Mu Jin was actually lost in thought. Even though he could open his eyes, his surroundings were pitch-black, and other than the crashing sound of the water, there was no other sound.

However, the boat was slowly floating. It seemed like it was moving in the wind, but also seemed to be moving towards the flow of the water.

After about an hour, the ship reached the sh.o.r.e.

Either this lake had some sort of mystery, or it followed a certain pattern.

“Not yet!” Mu Jin shook his head.

“Then Master, is it true that Young Master Ning said you and Feng Yin are very possibly brothers?” Xuan Li really had too many things he wanted to know.

When the master left, he was still a seven-year-old child, but by the time he returned, he had already recovered his memories.

“Yes, Feng Yin is my twin brother!” Mu Jin’s black eyes became even darker in the darkness, “Does he also have traces of regaining his memories?”

Xuan Li nodded, and told Mu Jin about Feng Yin’s matter, then said: “Master, then why did Pavilion Master capture you and Miss Wei?”

Logically speaking, it was enough for the pavilion master to capture a single person.

“The one he is looking for is Feng Yin, next is Wei Yuanwei, and finally it’s me!” He said, “Is Ning Zheyan’s internal energy crippled?”

Xuan Li revealed a surprised look, then said: “Yes, I was crippled, although I have always been under Doctor Yan’s care, but Ning Zheyan’s body was weak in the first place, within two to three days, he had already lost blood. Furthermore, with her internal energy crippled, my internal injuries did not show any signs of recovering at all, Doctor Yan said that it would be good if I could find a Blood Core, if not, I would be afraid, Young Master Ning …” It wouldn’t last long.

Blood pill? There was only one pellet left in this world, and Ning Zheyan had also searched for a long time but still could not find it.

Furthermore, he might not even be able to find the blood pill.

The orange candlelight shone onto Ning Zheyan’s face that was as pale as thin snow. Doctor Yan shook his head because he had seen too many things, and this was already the third needle.


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