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Chapter 575 – What happened?

In Wei Yuanwei’s eyes, these two spirit pearls were nothing more than proof that she had found her father.

But in Ning Zheyan’s eyes, these two spirit pearls represented a great power and power.

In the entire underworld clans, only the patriarch and the next successor could own Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads. It was said that this Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads had special abilities.

The energy carried by each Life Xiao Spiritual Bead was also different.

The Twelve Zodiac Caves of Life had a total of 12 pills, of which 8 were in the hands of the Four Great Prominent Clans, thus the Four Great Prominent Clans was in charge of different businesses and territories within the underworld clans, and he did not know where the remaining 4 Spiritual Beads were.

After Wei Yuanwei heard how serious Ning Zheyan was speaking, she knew that the origin of the pearl was not small.

“Are these Spiritual Beads extremely rare? even honorable? “

“More than that? Your father gave these two Spiritual Beads to your mother, clearly wanting to marry your mother and become the Patriarch’s wife. The children he gave birth will definitely be bound by blood, and will then become the next Patriarch, which shows how serious your father is towards your mother, as for why your father still hasn’t returned yet, it should be because of the struggle between the Four Great Prominent Clans, especially since your father is now the Patriarch, so it is impossible for him to leave the underworld clan easily! ” Ning Zheyan took out a clean handkerchief and wrapped it with spirit pearls. She brought it in front of Wei Yuanwei.

“You must keep this thing well, this is related to the prosperity of the family you were looking for, these two soul pearls are your family’s guardian G.o.ds, when you return to your family, as long as you know that the Prominent Cla.s.s is weakening, you will know which Prominent Cla.s.s you are from!” Ning Zheyan had left the underworld clan for so many years, the memories still stopped when he left the underworld clan.

Therefore, it was not easy for him to determine which Prominent Cla.s.s Wei Yuanwei belonged to.

“Since this thing is so important, why did my father leave it to my mother?” Wei Yuanwei took the Spirit Orb from Ning Zheyan’s hands, and after a period of cooling, the purple light became thicker, and the pattern on the Spirit Orb became clearer and clearer.

“Perhaps your father did not think that he would not be able to return after he left? This is no longer important. Your father must still be alive! ” At this time, the way Ning Zheyan looked at Wei Yuanwei had already changed.

It was as if he was revealing a certain distance.

“How did my father return to the underworld clan without a spirit pearl? And how did you inherit the position of Patriarch in an underworld clan? ” A series of questions troubled Wei Yuanwei.

“Perhaps your father didn’t go back by himself, moreover, when he was chosen as the successor, he had already accepted Spirit Bead as his master. Normally, the moment he brought out Spirit Bead was the time he changed the owner of the Spirit Bead!” Ning Zheyan’s tone was mixed with a little respect, as though he treated Wei Yuanwei as someone from the Prominent Cla.s.s.

This was because the Prominent Cla.s.s was considered a n.o.ble within the underworld clans. As for him, he was only of the even cla.s.s, how could he dare to be on par with those of the n.o.bility?

In Ning Zheyan’s eyes, even the emperor of the four nations was not enough to make him respect them, but the Four Great Prominent Clans of the hidden families made him incomparably respect them, and even kowtow to them.

It was only because the people of the Four Great Prominent Clans were very outstanding that the reason they were able to obtain a position in the Prominent Cla.s.s was entirely due to their own abilities.

It was definitely not because of his parents.

The Prominent Cla.s.s was not the same as the other four kingdoms’ Prominent Cla.s.s families. Because the underworld clans all had Li as their surname, as long as they were outstanding enough, they could become Prominent Cla.s.s after pa.s.sing every year’s Prominent Cla.s.s Exam.

Hence, those who became part of the Prominent Cla.s.s received great respect and admiration from Ning Zheyan.

Originally, he might have been able to become a member of the Prominent Cla.s.s, but now that his martial arts skills had been crippled, it was impossible for him to do so.

Wei Yuanwei looked at the spirit pearl in her hand with a serious expression. “Then, my father left this spirit pearl to my mother. After so many years, even if he is unable to leave the underworld clan, he should still send people to search for it, right?”

“If it’s an ordinary spirit pearl, forget about it. This is a Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads after all, it cannot fall into the hands of others easily!” Ning Zheyan looked at Wei Yuanwei, obviously Wei Yuanwei did not feel that this Spirit Orb was that important nor rare.

Only when she reached the underworld clan would she understand the importance of Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads.

Wei Yuanwei nodded: “When will you be leaving?”

“About ten days!” Ning Zheyan squinted her eyes as she looked at the pitch black sky.

Wei Yuanwei nodded his head: “Then after Mu Jin wakes up, I’ll decide whether or not I want to follow you back to the underworld clan. If so, if I do return to the underworld clan, will I still have a chance to come out in the future?”

Previously, she had heard Li Chu mention that the underworld clans were not as simple as paradise, and there were also many overt struggles and covert fights mixed within.

Ning Zheyan was silent for a moment, the eyes of the demoness became as black as ink: “If you were to become the heir of a Prominent Cla.s.s, it would be impossible for you to leave the underworld clan. Basically, the moment you become a Prominent Cla.s.s, it would be impossible for you to leave the underworld clan!”

Wei Yuanwei’s expression slightly changed. If it was like this, Mu Jin might agree, or maybe not.

“I know, it’s getting late, you should go back and rest. Although you ate a blood pill, you should still pay attention to your body!” Wei Yuanwei warned Ning Zheyan as he returned to his room.

Ning Zheyan looked at Wei Yuanwei’s slender figure, the bitter and bitter expression on her mouth became denser and denser.

Maybe you don’t know small tail, but the blood pill can only sustain my life for a short while, after the time is over, he will once again become that sickly Ning Zheyan.

And if Wei Yuanwei followed him back to the underworld clan, she would know that he was getting further and further away from her.

Wei Yuanwei returned to her room, found a small box and carefully kept the spirit pearl, then climbed onto the bed and slept by Mu Jin’s side.

Looking at Mu Jin’s perfect face, the corner of Wei Yuanwei’s lips curled up into a faint smile. He hoped that she could see him wake up early tomorrow.

Early in the morning, Shang Li came in and knocked on the door. Wei Yuanwei crawled up from the bed and looked at Mu Jin.

“What’s wrong?” Wei Yuanwei asked as she saw that the sky had barely begun to brighten when Shang Li knocked on his door.

“Do you think this thing is suitable for filling?” Shang Li’s eyes were still downcast, and the black-clothed Yun Che kept wanting to hide himself in the darkness.

Wei Yuanwei took the object that Shang Li handed to him and opened it. His face had a look of happiness, this thing seemed to be called some kind of soft glue, it was harmless and was the most suitable filling for making the nose, only that it had to be replaced after these three years.


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