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Read Alluring His Wife: The Evil King’s Fifth Consort Chapter 752

Alluring His Wife: The Evil King’s Fifth Consort is a web novel made by Yun Wei Mo Ran, 云墨微染.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 752 – 753 – Don’t let Mu Jin know

But he still would not believe that this woman was Wei Yuanwei.

It was because Wei Yuanwei could not allow others to torture her to such a state. Even if she were to die, she would definitely not allow herself to receive such an insult.

Mu Zhi made a gesture, and the cloth that was covering his face was removed.

Perhaps it was because he hadn’t seen Wei Yuanwei for a long time, but when he saw the woman’s appearance, Mu Jin’s eyes were still slightly stunned, but it was only for a short while.

Mu Jin quickly withdrew his gaze.

This distance was not too far away, allowing Mu Jin to determine if this woman was easy to pa.s.s or not, but he did not.

In addition to the fact that the woman’s eyes were covered all over, it had obstructed Mu Jin’s judgement for the most.

This woman looked very similar to Wei Yuanwei in every aspect!

“Yes, although Young Master has never seen Wei Yuanwei before, you should at least have seen his portrait, right?” The corner of Mu Zhi’s demonic lips slowly curled up, as if he was observing Mu Jin’s reaction.

“We have, Your Majesty, and then what? Isn’t it time to get down to business? ” The fake was a fake after all, but …

When Mu Zhi speaks of insulting Wei Yuanwei, he will definitely make him pay the price!

“Are you not angry at all?” Mu Zhi’s topic had once again touched on Mu Jin’s ident.i.ty, “Since we’ve already said that, you’re not reacting at all. It seems like you’re really not Mu Jin!”

Upon hearing Mu Zhi’s words, the corner of Mu Jin’s lips curled up slightly, and he did not say much more, but his eyes became frosty, “This young master does not wish to waste my time on such unrelated matters. What is the important matter that the Emperor wants to discuss with this young master about?”

Mu Zhi stood up and walked in front of the lady, then extended his arm out and wrapped it around her shoulders. The lady resisted extremely, and even shouted loudly: “Let go of me!”

Mu Jin listened attentively to this voice. Could it be that five years was too long, and made him forget about Wei Yuanwei’s voice, or perhaps, he had heard too many similar voices as Wei Yuanwei. As a result, he was no longer able to discern what Wei Yuanwei’s voice sounded like.

Mu Zhi forcefully brought the struggling woman to Mu Jin: “We tried to get some information about the underworld clans from Wei Yuanwei, and even some Life Pearl, but Wei Yuanwei did not say anything, and did not know where she hid the Life Pearl. We had originally thought that she might still have some uses for it, but now it seems that we have gotten tired of it, and we have also given Young Master a chance to prove it, so long as Young Master personally kills Wei Yuanwei, we will not mention the ident.i.ty of the young master ever again!”

Mu Jin looked at Mu Zhi with his deep eyes that were filled with coldness, as if he could freeze someone with just a glance.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” “You don’t even know how familiar I am with her body. I know the mole on her waist and the scar on her back very well …” Mu Zhi’s face was fearless, he even said in a disdainful tone, “We are also worried, and if Mu Jin did not die, and if he knew that we had killed Wei Yuanwei, he would definitely come looking for us to take revenge. So we have specifically asked for Young Master’s help this time!”

“If Mu Jin really didn’t die and knew that the emperor had touched his woman, does the emperor think that with Mu Jin’s personality, he would be able to let the emperor go?” Mu Jin’s words were extremely thought-provoking, but no one could hear any emotion in his voice.

“How would Mu Jin know if we touched his woman? It is just that you know about it, and the heavens know about it. Can it be that after Mu Jin dies, you will be able to examine his corpse? ” Mu Zhi said with a smile, as he reached out his hand to pat Mu Jin’s shoulder: “Young Master, please help us kill Wei Yuanwei, from now on, we are on the same rope!”

Mu Jin held his hand tightly, which was lightly placed on his knee, and the veins on his forehead popped out.

He knew that the words Mu Zhi said were fake and the Wei Yuanwei in front of him was also fake, but when Mu Zhi told him the details on Wei Yuanwei’s body, he immediately fell into a contradiction.

Those scars on Wei Yuanwei’s body, could only be known to the closest of people. It could also be said that the scars on Wei Yuanwei’s body, the mole on her waist, was only known to him and a girl called Yin Sheng.

It was impossible for others to know about it.

But how did Mu Zhi know?

Was the person in front of him really Wei Yuanwei?

Mu Jin immediately fell into a state of contradiction. If it was fake, then he would have killed him. But if it was real, then wouldn’t that mean he had become …

The murderer of Wei Yuanwei?

How could he admit such pain?

“Young master, quickly make your move! We’ll talk business after we start! ” Mu Zhi pushed the lady beside him forward.

The woman was blind and could not hear anything. She had no idea what kind of environment she was in.

Mu Jin retracted his gaze and looked at the woman who stood so close to him. Even though it had been five years since he had seen Wei Yuanwei, Wei Yuanwei’s appearance had still been engraved in his mind.

The person in front of her looked very similar to Wei Yuanwei, every inch of her skin and pores looked extremely real, not like there were any traces of her appearance, but there were some parts of her face that looked a little unnatural.

Unnatural? Mu Jin suddenly revealed a smile as if he had been relieved of a great burden, and then his eyes became even colder.

A murderous aura suddenly condensed in his hand. The strong power made Mu Zhi, who was unable to use his internal energy, feel a chill in his heart.

The woman sensed the danger and wanted to retreat.

Mu Jin gently pushed out his palm force and the woman’s body instantly stiffened. With her mouth wide open, the terrified words reached her throat, but they were stuck in her mouth and she did not say them.

When Mu Jin pushed his palm out, even though Mu Zhi had already released his hand, he was still struck by the impact of Mu Jin’s palm.

Mu Zhi felt that his limbs that were affected by the palm force immediately turned numb.

When Wei Yuanwei was brought inside, she saw a woman with her mouth wide opened, completely unable to retaliate as she heavily fell on the ground. Fresh blood slowly flowed out from her nose, mouth, ears, and even from her veiled eyes.

Wei Yuanwei looked at the lady on the ground and was stunned. It’s Su Lei, it’s definitely Su Lei!

She could tell at a glance who she was dealing with.

When Mu Zhi saw Wei Yuanwei walk in, and saw the expression that leaked out of Wei Yuanwei’s eyes, a smile which seemed to have succeeded flashed past her lowered eyes.

“This corpse’s young master needs to be cleaned up. If Mu Jin finds out that Wei Yuanwei was killed by him, I think he will not hesitate to take revenge on you, young master!” After Mu Zhi finished speaking, he slowly sat down.

Could it be that Mu Jin really did not die and only hid himself?


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