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Alluring His Wife: The Evil King’s Fifth Consort is a web novel created by Yun Wei Mo Ran, 云墨微染.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 795 – 796 – Beginning of Counterattack

“What are you talking about? Spiritual Bead? What makes you think I have such a thing? ” Mu Zhi said in extreme surprise.

How did he know that he had a spirit pearl on him?

“If you don’t have this thing, will the people from the underworld clans work with you? Are you stupid as a member of an underworld clan? Why would he help you, a prince of low status who is not valued by his own royal father, to become the Emperor? ” Mu Jin’s eyes slanted as he looked at Mu Zhi’s reaction, as if everything was under Mu Zhi’s control.

Mu Zhi secretly clenched his fists inside his sleeves. Mu Jin’s appearance and words really made his spine break out in cold sweat.

It was only after a long time that Mu Zhi finally pretended to be relaxed and said: “How could I have Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads s!”

“Did you forget the method your royal father used to s.n.a.t.c.h away this mountain?” Your royal father gave his descendants a very good start. Don’t tell me the emperor isn’t afraid that his descendants will follow suit? If the Prince An and Prince Lu were to join hands, how long do you think the emperor would think you could stay in this position? When that time comes, you will become the most short-lived Emperor in all of Southern Mountain State, and others will laugh at you for wearing the dragon robe and not being like the crown prince. Mu Jin’s needle carried blood.

Every word was something that Mu Zhi was afraid and worried about.

As these words were spoken, the hall became extremely quiet. The palace people didn’t even dare to breathe.

“How dare you!” Mu Zhi reprimanded, his eyes glaring at Mu Jin.

The people in the room were so frightened that their legs were trembling. It was as if if if they would fall down to the ground if Mu Zhi said something else.

“What I say is the truth. In military terms, the Emperor doesn’t have any experience. If they really join forces, when the Emperor comes looking for me again, I won’t be able to do anything!” Mu Jin stood up after he finished speaking and left decisively.

“Wait a minute!” Just as Mu Jin was about to reach the door, Mu Zhi, whose face was filled with anger, shouted out.

“I do have the Freshmen Spiritual Bead, and the person from the underworld clan wants it. However, if I give the Freshmen Spiritual Bead to you, the person from the underworld clan will not tell me anything about the underworld clan after learning about it. In the end, it will not benefit you in any way!”

As long as he had Xiao Lingzhu and his t.i.tle of emperor, he would no longer have any interest in the underworld clans.

Mu Zhi knew that the Young Master was Mu Jin and he had returned. To Mu Jin, it seemed that he no longer had any interest in the underworld clans.

The Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads should not have it anymore, but Mu Jin was still going to ingest a Xiao Ling Zhu?

Furthermore, the transaction between him and the underworld clan had nothing to do with the Spiritual Bead. The underworld clan had promised to help him unite the three kingdoms, which was why he agreed to the request of the underworld clan.

Therefore, he would not give the Spirit Orb to Mu Jin, who knows what he found?

Mu Jin frowned, and looked at Mu Zhi: “That’s right, but if you want this young master to help you deal with these people, at least give you some conditions, right? at least find me one Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads, right? “

“If you can help me deal with this, I’ll definitely give you a Freshmen Spiritual Bead!” Mu Zhi was right.

By that time, Mu Jin would have lost use of him. Maybe he would already be dead.

Mu Jin smirked: “Okay, if the emperor doesn’t have it, then I’ll use his life to pay for it?”

Mu Zhi was startled, but immediately burst out.

But then, Mu Jin said once again: “The Qing Ming Water Pavilion is a place that deals in human life, killing is one thing, the Qing Ming Water Pavilion is not afraid of becoming the target of public criticism!”

Mu Zhi looked at Mu Jin, and tightly gripped the hand hidden in his sleeve, only releasing it after his joints had turned completely white.

“Young master, aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you right now when you say those words in front of me?” Mu Zhi emphasized the word death, his expression even more sinister.

Mu Jin actually looked at Mu Zhi indifferently, then turned to look at the guards outside, and lightly said, “The distance between the emperor and this young master is only five steps. If this young master wants to kill the emperor now, it will only be for an instant.

What Mu Jin said was very true, especially when he was unable to use his internal energy.

Mu Zhi clenched his fists once again, and stared coldly at Mu Jin.

“Besides, didn’t you get poisoned, Your Majesty?” “This young master’s main problem is that no one can cure the emperor of his poison anymore!” It was as if Mu Jin had already antic.i.p.ated Mu Zhi’s reaction from the moment he had stated his condition.

“That is to say, Young Lord, you admit to it?” Mu Zhi said with his low voice.

He didn’t believe that Mu Jin and Wei Yuanwei hadn’t recognized each other after such a long time.

“She isn’t Yan Yu Manor’s person, and isn’t Ning Zi either. As for her true ident.i.ty, we should have the results soon. But don’t worry your majesty, this young master will definitely have a way to have her treat the emperor’s poison!” Mu Jin said leisurely.

After Mu Zhi heard this, he pondered for a moment. Whether or not they recognized each other, he did not know.

“Right now, you’re not making a deal with me, but threatening me!” Mu Zhi said coldly: “How would you know that when we give you our spirit pearls, will you directly take our lives?!”

“If this young master detoxified the emperor right now, when the military power returns to the emperor’s hands, the emperor would surely immediately dispatch his troops to annihilate the Qingming Waterside Pavilion, right?” Mu Jin said coldly.

What Mu Jin said was not wrong, at that time, he would definitely make the entire Clear Ming Pavilion disappear.

“Then you can hand him over to my guard. After this is over, Young Lord, you can think of a way to get her to cure me of the poison. This is the best way!” Right now, there was still a trace of hope in Mu Zhi’s heart, which was that Mu Jin and Wei Yuanwei did not recognize each other.

Mu Jin raised the corner of his eyes, a solitary and distant look in his dark eyes: “How about this, this young master lets her go. Before everything is completed, we can send someone to secretly follow her, but no one will be allowed to contact her until the conclusion of the deal between the emperor and this young master, and then we can send someone to bring her back. How about that?”

It just so happens that the intelligence gathering station set up by the Emperor can be secretly monitored. If the emperor violates this rule, I will directly kill him. If I violate this rule, the emperor will directly take the person back to the palace. Mu Jin paused for a moment, before continuing.

This meant that the two groups of people were following her secretly, but they couldn’t come into direct contact with her. They couldn’t even let her discover them.

It sounded no different from a cage. Although he had his freedom, he always lived under the surveillance of others.

“Alright, then do as the young lord has said, during this period of time, none of us are allowed to touch her without permission, or even let her discover our existence!” Mu Zhi never expected Wei Yuanwei to cure him of the poison.


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