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Read Alluring His Wife: The Evil King’s Fifth Consort Chapter 833

Alluring His Wife: The Evil King’s Fifth Consort is a web novel produced by Yun Wei Mo Ran, 云墨微染.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 833 – 834 – The little Su’er has taken the bait

Su’er glanced at Mu Jin with some suspicion in his eyes, then nodded.

“Then why don’t dad take you to the roof to look at the stars?” Mu Jin spoke to Su’er with a very gentle tone, it was not an order, but an inquiry.

What’s so good about the stars? Su’er had a look of disdain.

“Go to that very tall roof. Didn’t you get Han Yue to bring you up there before?” Mu Jin squatted and pointed to a tower in the Jiangnan Courtyard.

The tower was used for cultivation and observation. Its main purpose was actually to make it easier to gather information. When one stood on this tower, one would be able to see the imperial palace not too far away.

The Su’er followed the direction that Mu Jin pointed in, feeling eager to try. She had wanted to go to that tower for a long time, but with her movement techniques, she could not, and there was someone below.

Every time she sneaked up on him, she thought he was invisible, but as soon as she reached the entrance to the tower, someone would immediately appear.

She pestered Han Yue several times to ask him to bring her there, but he always said that he couldn’t go to that place. The more he didn’t let her go, the more curious she would be.

“What’s there to look at in the pitch black Wu Qi?” “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re trying to do. You want to take this opportunity to get close to me and call me your father, but this G.o.ddess is not that easy to deal with. If you bring me to that tower to enjoy the scenery, you might as well give me some silver.”

Hearing Su’er’s words, Han Yue’s face was filled with awkwardness. This little girl, even his hair was standing on end.

Mu Jin’s face did not have much of a reaction, he hooked his fingers at Han Yue and Han Yue immediately walked up to Mu Jin.

Hearing that, Han Yue frowned, then cupped his fists: “Yes, this subordinate will do it right now!”

When Mu Jin was speaking with Han Yue, Su’er had p.r.i.c.ked up her ears, but she did not hear anything.

“Are you really going to pay for this G.o.ddess?” Su’er haughtily crossed her arms across her chest. Although her posture was domineering, when paired with the minced flower dress that she was wearing and the ponytail that she was wearing, it gave her a domineering air.

Her small body made of glutinous rice ball probably wouldn’t be able to show her dominance even if she was given a knife. However, if he gave her a whip, it would be able to show her ferocity.

Mu Jin just lowered his head and chuckled.

“Then let me tell you, the price for bribing me is not low!” Su’er really thought that Mu Jin asked him to move the silver over.

“Little Su’er, Your mother is bathing inside, I have time now to take you to the tower. If you are unwilling, then we will sit on the stone stools in the pavilion and wait for Your mother to finish bathing before going in to sleep!” Mu Jin pulled the little Su’er’s hand and walked out of the walkway, one hand pointing at the tower and the other pointing at the pavilion, letting the Su’er choose one.

“You … Are you saying you don’t want to pay? are you trying to use your relationship to get close to this G.o.ddess? ” Little Su’er had an unhappy face, but of course, she was also a little disappointed.

“Then do you choose the pavilion or the tower?” He chose to ignore the funny little Su’er’s words.

Su’er took out her small hand from Mu Jin’s grasp and said with an imposing manner: “I choose to go in and stay with my mother, and also help my mother bathe!”

As he spoke, he turned around and began to walk towards the veranda with his short legs.

Mu Jin did not stop her, but instead stood straight and unrestrained, and raised his eyes to the starry sky. A clear and pleasant voice flowed through his lips like a spring, “I suddenly recalled the time I met your master six years ago …”

The two short legs of the little Su’er suddenly stopped moving, and she perked up her ears, waiting for Mu Jin to continue speaking.

At that time he was sixteen years old, handsome, elegant, and had a pair of bright and beautiful peach blossom eyes filled with affection. His eyes were clear and cold, and his red lips were like ripe cherries on a branch. Mu Jin lowered his eyes and stopped speaking.

Su’er had already walked to his front, and looked at Mu Jin with a look of antic.i.p.ation, hoping that Mu Jin would continue talking.

Little Fishy took the bait.

“Why aren’t you continuing?” Little Su’er clearly knew that Mu Jin was deliberately using her master to get close to her, but she just could not hold himself back.

“I’m done!” Mu Jin lifted the corner of his lips and looked at the little Su’er with a smile that was like flowers.

This person was really bad. He had piqued her curiosity, but she didn’t say anything more!

“You … You are not finished! “

“After he tricked my personal bodyguards, he returned to the underworld clan. What happened afterwards, you know it better than I do!” Mu Jin said to the little Su’er innocently.

Little Su’er took a deep breath forcefully and looked at Mu Jin with extreme anger. “Then if I were to give you a chance to get close to me, would you be willing to say it?”

Mu Jin pinched his sleeves which were embroidered with cloud patterns and shook his head earnestly: “Forget it, a forcefully twisted melon isn’t sweet, I won’t force you to cultivate a father-daughter relationship anymore. You go in and accompany the Your mother, and help me pa.s.s along a message to the Your mother, I’ll go to the tower to blow the wind and take a look at the stars, after an hour, if she’s tired, she’ll sleep first, don’t wait for me!”

With that, Mu Jin walked towards the direction of the paG.o.da with an elegant pace.

“You …” The little Su’er was so angry that she stomped her feet, “Stand still for this G.o.ddess!”

The little Su’er put her hands on her waist and walked in front of Mu Jin in an aggressive manner, as if she wanted to fight with Mu Jin. Then, she pointed at Mu Jin with her verdant jade: “Then why are you telling me about my master? You’re obviously luring this G.o.ddess out on purpose, wanting to use my master to get close to this G.o.ddess.”

However, the topic of their conversation suddenly changed, as they arrogantly said, “Then I’ll give you a chance to get close to this G.o.ddess. However, this G.o.ddess will not be so easy to coax, because my image of you in my heart is irreparable, and only money can make up for a little bit of your loss!”

“You aren’t going to accompany Your mother?” Mu Jin laughed as he raised his eyebrows.

This little girl, he wanted to see how hard she could still be. Since he had already found her weakness, it was only a matter of time before he could take care of her.

Thus, today, he took advantage of the situation and contacted her. It was said that when a woman was angry, they had to coax her, and so did their daughter.

He was her father after all, and in terms of scheming and plotting, he was still a child. He was much more experienced than her.

“I want to go to the tower to see the stars, see the moon, and listen to the stories about my master!” The little Su’er raised her head, her face full of princess like arrogance.

The corner of Mu Jin’s lips curled up meaningfully, and a trace of a devilish smile hid between his brows.


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