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The reason why Lu Chen chose to hand over the Innate Spirit Convergence Array’s safety deduction to Lehman at this time was to make Li Ruoxi believe him more.

He believed that Li Ruoxi would be able to see through the mystery.

With the help of the Innate Spirit Gathering Talisman, Lehman’s current condition would definitely be much better.

As the saying goes, if there is no destruction, there can be no destruction.

Lei Ming had just expended a large amount of his Zhen Qi at the expense of his cultivation. Now, he was taking advantage of this opportunity.

With the help of the inborn talisman, Lehman had a high chance of breaking through his bottleneck and entering the advanced stage of the Dark Jing realm in one fell swoop.

“Lu laoshi, there’s no time to lose. Why don’t we first take care of Miss Li?” Yang Yi asked carefully with an excited mood.

Lu Chen immediately nodded, smiled at Li Ruoxi and said, “Miss Li, would you mind extending your right hand for me to check my pulse for another diagnosis?”

With the little fox’s secret help, Lu Chen did not even need to check Li Ruoxi’s pulse to know her condition.

However, she had to eat her meal bit by bit, there was no need to be so astounding, and there was even less need to make Li Ruoxi suspicious.

Li Ruoxi’s brows creased slightly. She nodded slightly, and slowly reached out with her left hand.

Yang Yi couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

According to his understanding, Li Ruoxi seemed to be a little germaphobic, and she didn’t want others to touch his body.

Even though it wasn’t as exaggerated as when Lei Ming checked his pulse, he still used a silk handkerchief to block it.

But now, Li Ruoxi had actually taken the initiative to raise her sleeve …

“Thank you, Lu laoshi!”

Although Li Ruoxi’s voice was bone-chilling cold, even Yang Yi could see a trace of antic.i.p.ation in her eyes.

Seeing this scene, Yang Yi subconsciously clenched his fist.

For him, this was too crucial.

Let alone being able to successfully cure the terminal illness on Li Ruoxi’s body.

Even if he could help her drag on for a year or so, he, Yang Yi, as the middleman, would definitely be able to gain the Li family’s friendship.

What happened next was inevitable.

Of course, if Lu Chen displayed his G.o.dly prowess again, he would truly be able to create miracles in the spring …

As for the possible benefits in the future, even he was somewhat unable to imagine it.

In the end, Lu Chen’s hand didn’t touch Li Ruoxi’s wrist, instead, it was separated by at least a centimeter.

This kind of feeling not only made Li Ruoxi curious, but it also gave her a sense of goodwill towards Lu Chen.

The man called Lu laoshi was so meticulous that he could even think of such a possibility.

However, at this moment, Lu Chen was a little shocked.

Although there was some distance between them, the frigid cold qi released from Li Ruoxi’s body was indeed out of the ordinary.

It was only because Lu Chen had the power of karmic virtue that made him feel a little cold.

If it was a normal person, they would not be able to withstand it at all. It was very possible that they would be injured by this cold Miasma energy.

No wonder Lei Ming’s expression was so ugly.

It was likely that apart from the excessive consumption of his true qi, there was also a part of him that was affected by this cold yin aura.

Lu Chen finally understood why the little fox had spoken in such a tone when he was narrating the Three Yin Meridians.

The little fox had made it clear that if Lu Chen had not broken through to the second stage of the Power of Merit, it would have taken much effort to cure the Three Yin Meridians.

It could be said that Li Ruoxi was already at her limit by being able to last until now.

It was hard to imagine how the weak and delicate girl in front of him had endured the past twenty years.

The indifference in her eyes was not entirely due to the cold yin energy in her body, but it was because the pain she had experienced for a long time had already numbed her.

It was this numbness that allowed her to continue living tenaciously until today.

Otherwise, even if she had the help of an external force, her mental state would have collapsed. It would be useless.

When Lu Chen was checking his pulse, the little fox had already made its move.

Following his finger, a strand of the power of merits silently entered Li Ruoxi’s body.

After that, the power of meritorious service was divided into three and went straight into the three dantian regions.

The so-called Three Yin energy was hidden in these three dantian regions.

At the beginning, Li Ruoxi was a little curious about why Lu Chen needed to take so long to check his pulse.

But gradually, she felt her body become warmer …


This feeling was too extravagant for her.

When she first appeared, she had instinctively a.s.sumed that it was just an illusion.

However, when Li Ruoxi was sure that all of this was happening to her, she suddenly realized that Lu Chen’s pulse wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

At such a long distance, it would be difficult for him to infuse his power into his body, right?

Thinking this way, Li Ruoxi softly said, “Teacher Lu, you don’t have to be that far away.”

Lu Chen smiled lightly and pressed his finger on Li Ruoxi’s wrist.

Li Ruoxi’s body suddenly trembled.

She could clearly feel a warm current flowing down her wrist, straight to her heart through the Shaoyang Heart Sutra.

In just an instant, it had already protected her heart meridian.

What a terrifying power!

Such powerful control!

With her heart meridian protected, Li Ruoxi realized that Lu Chen was only doing this to reduce the pain in her body caused by the depletion of her cold yin qi.

However, in order to do this, a huge amount of energy and energy had to be consumed.

In the past, she would often use medicine to numb her nerves, but she would never choose to do something like this.

In a short period of time, the warm feeling in her body became even stronger, spreading from her upper, middle, and lower dantian in all directions, gradually covering her entire body, filling her limbs.

This kind of feeling made her feel a deep sense of infatuation.

This was a distant memory.

After the arrival of the thirteen year old initial tide, this kind of feeling had never happened before.

Even if he had accidentally obtained a low-grade Profound Rank Fiery Solar Charm, under the powerful combustion, he would not feel this comfortable feeling.

Li Ruoxi widened her eyes as she stared in disbelief at Lu Chen who was just inches away from her.

From beginning to end, Lu Chen’s expression was calm.

It was hard for Li Ruoxi to imagine that a young man who looked only in his early twenties could actually possess such vigorous strength and mastery.

In his memory, even if those old freaks were stronger than him, this kind of calm and tranquil situation was unique.

By the time he started treating Li Ruoxi, Lehman had already finished regulating his breathing.

In the end, he had not stepped over that threshold.

However, Lehman wasn’t in a hurry.

He had originally thought that because of today’s events, his cultivation would not progress for a long period of time.

He never would have thought that this time, it was a blessing in disguise.

In such a short period of time, the situation in his body had undergone a tremendous change. He was now standing on the edge of the advanced stage of the Dark Jing realm, just a step away from success!

For Shi Mu, who had once found it difficult to advance on the path of martial arts, reaching the middle stage of the Dark Force was the only thing he could desire.

It had only been a short period of time. Since he had already reached the edge of the late stage, there was no need for him to force it.


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