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But even so, in order to reduce the consumption rate of the little fox, Lu Chen needed to get close to its body and engage in close combat, allowing the little fox to find an opportunity to make a move.

After all, in the current situation, Lu Chen needed to conserve his strength as much as possible.

The Sima family alone had two quasi-Earth Stage powerhouses, but their strength was already far above that of the other nine clans’ quasi-Earth Stage powerhouses.

Although the threshold of low-grade earth-step was unattainable in this Age of Chaos, the longer one stayed at the quasi-Earth Stage, the thicker and thicker the foundation of one’s cultivation.

In addition, the Tao techniques he had mastered had different strengths and weaknesses. Their might could not be compared in the same breath.

At this moment, the people who were the most shocked were the people who were watching the strange scene unfold.

All they could see was a dark purple stream of light shuttling back and forth between the pythons. They couldn’t even catch a shadow of it.

It was hard to imagine that a young man in his early twenties could use the Mao Mountain technique’s Heavenly Thunder Steps to such an extent.

From the looks of it, it wasn’t that surprising that the overweeningly arrogant Situ Fangyou had been defeated by him.

The earthen yellow python’s speed was extremely fast. It appeared to be surrounded by dangers during the entire process.

At this moment, Lu Chen’s eyes narrowed and his thoughts raced.

Of course, he was very clear that entangling with this giant python made of mud was not a long-term solution.

The person controlling all of this, Sima Xiu Zhu, was less than five Zhang away from Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was confident in traversing through this python. Even if he could persevere for two hours, it wouldn’t be a problem.

However, in the end, he was only forced to die in this undying land.

Although the earthen yellow python in front of him was made of dirt, it looked harder than steel.

The surface of the enormous python’s body was covered with strange veined patterns.

These patterns were actually all defensive runes, greatly enhancing the python’s defensive power.

“Brat, this old man doesn’t care where you came from, but, your talent is quite good!”

“If you consider joining the Sima family, this old man will treat you as a guest of honor. From now on, I believe that no one will dare to touch you among the forces of the Celestial Sect of Wonders.”

“How is it? You only have ten seconds to think about it. If you don’t consider it properly, this old man will be serious! “

Lu Chen was trapped within the enormous python. Sima Xiu Zhu’s voice was supported by true energy. His voice was deafening and impressively reverberated in the sky.

As soon as Sima Xiu Zhu finished speaking.

This caused the hearts of quite a number of people to palpitate.

Sima Xiu Zhu hadn’t even used his full strength yet, but he had already displayed such terrifying strength?!

Many of the people present were Earth Stage powerhouses, but compared to the Sima Family, they were a little overshadowed.

This was because the Sima family had always been good at cultivating Dao arts that allowed them to borrow power from others.

Borrowing power was borrowing the power of the heavens and the earth.

Of course, this was limited to a small area.

Even so, many families were unable to fully grasp the mysteries within.

“No need. Today, this place will be your grave. I’m afraid the Sima family won’t even have the chance to retrieve your corpse!”

As Lu Chen spoke, he suddenly moved, and the thunderous sounds beneath his feet grew louder and louder.


As Lu Chen unleashed his full strength, it was as if heavenly tribulation lightning descended upon the world. At this moment, a qualitative change occurred in his speed.

At the same time, Shangguan Zixi’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, before opening her eyes wide to look at the scene before her.

Originally, a dark purple light could still be seen flashing through Lu Chen’s body.

At this time, the dark purple ray of light that Lu Chen had left behind had already started to lose its trace. It was as if he had disappeared from this world.

It was easy to imagine just how fast he was!

Lu Qingtian, this fellow can’t be your son, he didn’t disappoint you!

Shangguan Zixi’s eyes suddenly blurred at this moment.

She suddenly recalled the time when Lu Qingtian had gifted her the Thunderbolt Steps of the Mao Mountain technique.

The look in his eyes was still vivid in his mind.

At that time, Shangguan Zixi didn’t quite understand the meaning behind Lu Qingtian’s gaze.

He had thought that the Mao Mountain technique, the Heavenly Lightning Steps, was given to him as a gift.

It was a pity that her innate talent was not enough, and with the addition of her hidden injuries, she was unable to truly cultivate it.

But now, it was a fortuitous encounter, and Lu Qingtian’s son was actually in control of it. Moreover, he was displaying it to his heart’s content.

It was in no way inferior to Lu Qingtian’s demeanor back then!

Shangguan Zixi couldn’t help but smile as a thought flashed through her mind.

Could it be that all of this was part of this devilish man’s plan?

Thinking up to this point, Shangguan Zixi’s joy grew even stronger.

As expected of the man she thought was worthy of her attention.

In a short moment, Lu Qingtian’s position in Shangguan Zixi’s heart became even heavier.

At almost the same time, everyone present felt stunned.

Many people thought they were hallucinating.

But given how powerful they were, they wouldn’t be so easily hallucinated.

In Duanmu’s eyes, the speed that Lu Chen was displaying at all times was much faster than when he defeated Situ Fang You.

Just how strong was Lu Chen’s strength? At the same time that Duanmu Fu was feeling shocked, he was suddenly at a loss.

However, compared to these bystanders, the person who was truly afraid was Sima Xiu Zhu.

He had no idea what Lu Chen’s solution was, nor did he know how to break it.

At this moment, the only thing Sima Xiu could be sure of was that Lu Chen seemed to want to get closer to him …

Sima Xiu Zhu looked at the blank s.p.a.ce in front of him, but Lu Chen’s aura was still there.

Instantly, he felt waves of unease in his heart.

This was the first time he felt this way in a young man in his early twenties.

He didn’t even know how many years it had been since he had felt such a feeling. It was so strange.

Lu Chen’s constant approach had already cast a shadow over Sima Xiu Zhu’s heart.

He could almost feel that not only did the opponent know his weakness, but he was also completely sure of it.

This was what made Sima Xiu Zhu even more frightened.

Since he couldn’t guess the opponent’s path, Sima Xiu Zhu didn’t think too much about it.

With a thought, his foot suddenly shook on the ground.


Following an explosive boom, an invisible force burst forth from the soles of his feet and poured into the ground beneath his feet.

Receiving the force of this force, the ground at Sima Xiu Zhu’s location began to tremble violently, within ten meters of him.

In less than a second, a three meter thick earth wall suddenly rose from the ground with Sima Xiu Zhu as the center.

Lu Chen was only ten meters away from Sima Xiu Zhu.

However, this seemingly thick and heavy earth wall was formed at a speed that even the naked eye could not capture. It was as if it had appeared out of thin air.


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