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Read Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary 351 Why Did You Join As My Secretary? 1

Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary is a web novel made by Munchkin_2.
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Read WebNovel Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary 351 Why Did You Join As My Secretary? 1

Sky nodded and waited in the lobby not daring to make eye contact with anyone. Loran had a lunch plan with his friend hence he left. Jimmy and Peter had their lunch hence they stayed back in the hotel.

Sky left with Jai, Arlo, and Sam to a restaurant which was about fifteen minutes away from Legacy. Sky was unusually quiet with Jai. Thinking as she must be tired, n.o.body said anything.

But Sky suddenly asked a question when they were in a traffic signal, “Sam, An illusion is a distortion of the senses, does that include touch?”

Three men paused in their work and looked at her. Sky saw them and pointed out to a board nearby which had ‘Illusio’ written on it

“This isn’t my first time asking an unrelated question. Why am I getting these looks?” Sky was amazed by her own fluency in finding an excuse.

She decided to ask the question when she saw the board. But she never expected to get a suspicious look from them. Since it was common for her to ask random questions, she made it as an excuse.

Her excuse partly convinced them. Sam replied to her, “Nope, unless you have mental sickness. But Sky!”

He saw her through the rearview mirror, Sky saw the mirror but didn’t dare to look more than a second and leaned on the Jai shoulder to avoid his eyes, “Yes?”

“Nothing!” He didn’t want to push her and he concentrated on the road.

After finis.h.i.+ng the lunch, they returned soon to Legacy. She checked on the press conference room arrangements one last time before letting reports to enter. Seven rows and two columns of tables arranged in white with Navy blue seats. Flowers were lightly arranged without overdoing it. It looked elegant and high-cla.s.s.

Out of thirty plus media companies, she selected only fourteen which had both print and broadcast media. After giving some instructions to guards she went near the emcee of the press conference.

“Ms.Barton!” An employee greeted her who would be presenting the press conference.

Sky nodded at her. “Press conference is only for an hour. Make sure each team gets their turn but not more than four minutes.”

Employee nodded at her, “Noted!”

“If any team tries to create mishap, don’t think twice to announce to the guards to make them leave the venue.”


Sky left backstage to meet directors, VP, Andy, and David. A press conference wasn’t new to any of them hence they were chilling until Sky entered inside.

Directors quietened instantly and greeted her. Sky had a faint smile and nodded, “Please keep your answers short and precise AS USUAL.”

She meant to say they did a good job till now by highlighting ‘As Usual’ which lifted the mood of all directors. But she also added, “If you are conflicted to answer, Andy will manage it.”

Andy was trained to handle press conferences. If he gets a conniving question, he would shut their mouth with a crafty reply.

Directors nodded at her. Then she met Vice president before reaching David and Andy. “You two will get questions about me for sure. Don’t sell me off.” Sky said sat next to David.

Andy just smiled as a response, David laughed, “You are too expensive. Don’t worry, n.o.body will buy you.”

Sky lips twitched not knowing if she should be happy about it or sad. “Then somebody will steal me. Be careful.”

She patted on his hands leaving him speechless, She stood up, “I will be off stage. See you later.”

Arlo had followed her all this time. When he heard steal, he suppressed his smile behind the mask thinking, ‘I can give it a try.’

He never arranged events personally. Following her, all the time didn’t irk him at all. Instead, he enjoyed it as experience.

Soon press conference started. Sky stood off stage where she had a clear view of the media but they couldn’t see her unless they notice clearly.

Other than about the company and its projects, Every now and then there were many questions about Sky directed to David and Andy, both handled them in ease.

Few of the questions about Sky were:

“Chairman Harley, a few weeks back there was news that President Harley helped lovers to get married, is that true?”

A media member asked David. Sky thought David would brush off the question but answered right away which left her flabbergasted.

“It’s true.” David replied with a smile on his face.

“Chairman Harley, Since President Harley supported them unconditionally, is she married to her sweetheart? or is she in a relations.h.i.+p?”

“What sweetheart? Do reports have nothing important to ask? I should reduce the time to forty minutes next time.” Sky mumbled to herself.

Sam heard her and tried to tease, “Let’s take your sweetheart out for them.”

Sky gritted her teeth and kept her palm on his shoulder with an evil smile on her face, “I hope you don’t mind to go on the limelight. Shall I try?” Sky threatened.

Sam chose to be quiet as he knew her brain works weirdly sometimes than usual people.

David just replied a word to the question, “Nope.”

“Vice president Sen, Do you think President Harley is better than you being the president of the company?”

“President Harley is not better than me. She is the best.” VP replied. He always adored her.

“Chairman Harley, I heard President Harley lived and studied in the countryside. Is she really fit to be president of Harley corporation?” A reporter asked in a provoking tone instead of being professional.

‘What the h.e.l.l? How is Town A is in the countryside.’ Sky thought to herself as her mood changed drastically.

She took the tab from Sam and zoomed at the reporter who asked the question. Because there was no information about her anywhere in Sky Harley’s name.

“Are you implying that the President of our country isn’t fit for his position because he is from the countryside?” David mentally registered the media company name and replied controlling his rage.

Arlo narrowed his eyes at the reports deciding to close down the media company.

Reporter smirked, “Chairman Harley, Are you trying to get viral by comparing your daughter to President of our country.”

Everyone clearly understood what David meant by his question. But the reporter was evil enough to pick it another way around.

Sky felt alarmed after checking a few clips, She clicked on Bluetooth and ordered, “Check the identification card of that reporter. Now!”

David knew he was provoking, “Of course not. I think you should start your schooling again to understand it. I can ask my daughter to fund your education expenses.”


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