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Read Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary 438 Gold Digger

Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary is a web novel created by Munchkin_2.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary 438 Gold Digger

A video of Kris trying to hit a woman released. Sky’s backside was visible.

Kris who had contacted the security department for footage kept on repeating there was no one in his whole office and he was not understanding what video Kris was asking about.

His other wired phone rang after a two minute Sam’s announcement and he picked up knowing it was from the Public relations department.


“What?” Kris looked at Sky later at Sam who was using tab and keyboard. In frustration, he smashed it on the desk creating a crack on the gla.s.s.

Peter yawned and spoke, “President Lan! Can you make it faster? I’m bored.”

Laughter almost slipped from her lips. Sky took the file from Clark and threw it in front of Kris, “You have two minutes to decide. At minute three, this will be all over the internet.”

Kris already understood their strength over the internet and power behind their investigation.

Without wasting a minute, he took the papers from the floor and signed it. He pa.s.sed the share papers from the locker and grunted, “Get the f**k out of here.”

Sky gave it to advocate, “Thank you Advocate An! You can leave.” The advocate nodded and left.

Sky sat back on the chair irritating Kris. “Why the h.e.l.l are you guys still here?” Kris shouted on top of his lungs.

Sky pointed at the file with her chin, “Check once.”

Sky initially thought to tell him about the Kris International shares in their shareholder’s meeting but due to the end of the year, her birthday, resort, Peter’s wedding, she was busy as h.e.l.l.

Kris froze knowing Sky had ten percent of shares. Kris international ten percent would cost nearly fifteen percent of Harley. He didn’t react until he heard a taunt.

He started to stutter. “You… You… How did you get this?” He thought he had good control of his company shares flow.

Sky gave a cold smile, “Let me give you advice.”

“Never mess with a girl who has her whole family. Because she has A FATHER, who is willing to do anything to maintain a smile on her face.” She was very proud as she continued.

“BROTHER, who can’t see even a drop of tear her eyes. A GUY BESTIE, who is ready to break every bone of one who hurts her.”

She took a step back as four stood behind her, “And A SQUAD, who is savage and supportive and can teach all those lessons who upset her.”

Her voice was filled with confidence and she meant she had everyone she needs and others couldn’t stop her especially him.

There was a proud group behind her and an impotent man in front of her.

Her every word echoed in Kris’s ear. He knew he underestimated her because she was a girl. Just a weak girl.

And he thought Harley couldn’t do anything and would bend down to him once he acquires few more shares. But she got ten percent so easily.

Kris stood there with his pale face. He looked a lot older in just a few minutes. His sophisticated look was drowned. But it didn’t soften others.

Sky spoke after a minute, “I’m least interested in your shares, Pay double and buy it. And…”

Sky tone turned colder as she took a few steps ahead, “If you think you are smart and try to play, leaving this evidences aside, we can release an exciting X rated video which will ruin you.”

Sky finished and turned towards the exit and left with others. Kris’s phone rang continuously to handle his new scandal.

Sam wrapped his gray jacket on her as reporters were swarmed outside the Kris International. He took a precaution thinking they may be in the parking lot of bas.e.m.e.nt.

When they entered the elevator, Sky looked at Peter and laughed low-fiving him, “You were very funny.”

Arlo soon received the news and pictures of how she entered the Kris International. In the drone video, they couldn’t hear anything, but he saw Kris attacking Sky twice.

He dialed Ryan’s number, “Send me the Helicopter now.”

He hung up. After five minutes he went to the helipad on the terrace of Harley.

Arlo hopped on and ordered, “Kris International.”

Five minutes, he reached Kris international helipad. His five guards followed him down. Kris’s a.s.sistant knew Arlo hence he didn’t dare to stop him.

His bodyguard opened the door for him and Arlo entered with his signature cold, arrogant and dominance att.i.tude.

Kris was racking his brain to handle the scandal, shareholders, his new branch looked like a complete mess. He was about to scold when the door opened but stopped and stuttered.

‘I’m dead. When did I offend him? Why is he here?’

“Pre… President Smith. You! Why are you here?”

Arlo took a step front and punched him on his face. Kris who wasn’t ready for that couldn’t hold the blow and fell on the floor holding his left side of the face.

“Are you a man to raise your hand at a girl?” His every word was bone-chilling as his gaze when he peered down at Kris.

Kris’s first time tired to hit a girl and that was Sky. Sky Harley?

“You… How… How do you know Sky? Did… Did she reject me for you?”

Arlo knew what he was thinking. Sky rejected him because she got a more rich and powerful man and she was a gold digger.

Since it was about Sky, Arlo gave an explanation by wearing a face mask. “Do you remember… now?”

Kris couldn’t point out instantly and tried to think hard where he had seen that mask. He widened his eyes in shock, “Are… Are you the secretary Ar… Arlo of Sky?”

He had seen him at the Anniversary party, in Harley mansion where Sky went with him to the kitchen. She always praised his cooking skills.

Arlo smirked and kept his mask back, “Stay away from her if you still want to save your company.”

He left after warning. Even though it wasn’t his style to warn, he didn’t want to overdo it as Sky would be suspicious.

Even though he wasn’t sure if Sky would say yes to him or not. He couldn’t stand and see others treating her badly. Soon he reached back to Harley before Sky.

The latter entered and checked the files and attended a meeting before calling it a day off.

News about Kris. .h.i.tting a girl spread like a wildfire. There wasn’t a slapping video, his hand speed and expression meant he was. .h.i.tting and it was enough for a few days of gossip.


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