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Read Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary 523 Hospitalized

Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary is a Webnovel created by Munchkin_2.
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Read WebNovel Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary 523 Hospitalized

“Sky!” He called twice as he caressed her head. Sky slightly opened her eyes and smiled looking at Arlo before asking him to sleep.

“Aren’t you working out today?” He asked as he covered himself and her with the duvet.

“I slept late at night. Brother Jai told me to rest.” She mumbled in a sleepy mood.

Arlo again felt uncomfortable. Sky continued to mumble, “I have asked Dad to get me one more a.s.sistant or secretary.”

What she didn’t say was, ‘You don’t have to run away again leaving me.’

But Arlo didn’t really hear what she said at last and what she meant by it. As his mood was already sour. He got up after some time and went down at breakfast time. Everyone had breakfast except Sky.

Sky woke up and went downstairs when Jai was leaving. Arlo saw her wish him with a hug before letting him go. It was usual but he couldn’t understand why he was getting uncomfortable looking at them.

He heard Loran and Sky planning Jai’s simple birthday party as latter’s requested. They planned everything to do on the lawn near to her star tree.

Even though she had maids and workers for it, she personally did everything with Loran with little help from maids. After basic arrangements, she ordered the flowers online for delivery before she sat with others to watch the match.

Arlo felt his headache hearing, ‘Brother Jai’ all the time.

‘Brother Jai doesn’t like this.’

‘Brother Jai will like this way.’

‘Brother Jai…’

‘Brother Jai…’


He stopped helping them and gave a random reason and left the Harley mansion. Initially, he aimlessly drove around in the city then he remembered he has to restock ingredients in the kitchen of Harley corporation which he always did personally.

After buying everything, he went to Harley corporation and arranged everything. But his mind was still in mess. He repeated to himself that he was overthinking but it wasn’t helpful.

While waiting for the elevator, he saw one of the elevators stopped near the conference and Archive floor. Sky never allowed any employee to work on weekends in office unless they had no option but seeing it stop at Archives hall floor, he furrowed his brows went to that floor.

He noticed a few directors arranging files in the room. He was leaving when he heard them laugh taking his name.

“… What if he is President Smith. He is working here as a secretary but still, Ms.Sky didn’t even care to look at him.”

“It will be a year soon. And he is just a secretary and Ms.Sky treats him as an employee. He is just wasting time here.”

After a round of chuckle, “Does he thinks everyone will fall for his money or looks?”

“Hey Hey! That’s because Ms.Sky loves Jai Barton. Even though she uses Sky Barton as a name, that doesn’t mean she is a sibling of Barton Brothers.”

“Exactly! We all seen how she prioritizes Jai all the time. Even in parties, she prefers to stand by him. President Smith must be blind not to notice it.”

“I even saw her behaving like a spoiled wife with Jai Barton… Haven’t we seen how Ms.Sky slapped Kira Robbie when she tried to get close with Jai Barton?”



Arlo stood there for a long time hearing them speak before returning to Harley mansion. Ryan who met him outside backed off instantly looking at his darkened face. He didn’t dare to make a sound.

It had been a long time he had seen him angered so much. Even though he was getting impulsive on some matters, he wasn’t out of control in his emotion.

Arlo was breathing heavy, his eyes were narrowed, cold air around him would keep anybody away even if anybody tries to get near. Ryan noticed him tremble in anger.

Ryan wanted to say Loran and others left to hospital as Jai was hospitalized. Sky would leave any minute as she was taking a few things for Jai and he was driving her to hospital.

But Arlo was out of his sight.

By the time he ran near the door, he saw Arlo holding Sky’s arm as he was ascending and it looked more like dragging her away.

Ryan ran upstairs and knocked on their room door for a while thinking Arlo may hurt Sky. He paced outside for some time until he saw Sky exiting the room calm and composed.

— Earlier —

Sky was watching a match with others. Jai had lost the first match and the second match he won. So the third one was very important and crucial.

When the third match started, she felt somethings off with Jai’s moves. After careful observation, she identified and called Jai’s coach immediately.

It was ignored twice before he picked up. She instructed immediately, “Coach, I think Brother Jai has a problem with his leg. Stop the game. Now.”

Others who were watching turned to Sky. Loran knew well that Sky was well aware of his movements than anybody else.

The coach didn’t seem to know it and instead told her not to worry as she must be mistaken from television and hung up.

Sky tried twice again and he didn’t receive it. Sky broke her phone in frustration and she watched the match.

Olivia and Ryan were confused. The Barton parents and Loran knew she wouldn’t rile up for no reason.

They only prayed Jai to finish the match smoothly even if he loses. As expected by Sky, Jai once missed the hit and next when it got intense, his ankle twisted from his move before falling down.

“Loran, Brother Jai will be hospitalized. Take mom, dad and leave. I will get his things.” Sky finished in a breath and ran to Jai’s room.

Loran did as she said. David asked Ryan to drive else she would speed up. Sky took Jai’s pain relief straps and pulled her jacket before going down.

She saw Arlo ascending and spoke, “Arlo! Brother Jai fell down during the match. I’m going there…”

“Arlo! Why are you taking me upstairs?” Sky held her arm which started paining due to his strength in his hold.

She tried to calm down and think. She realized he wanted to take her out. She saw him close the door and spoke, “Let’s check on Brother Jai first, then I will come with you. Okay?”


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