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Aloof CEO’s; Charming Secretary is a Webnovel produced by Munchkin_2.
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“How about we make two teams who will work on five ideas each? Afternoon daily those team will work on this, Morning, their usual work.” Sky suggested.

“It’s a good idea. Ms.Sky How do you suggest to form the team?” The research department director asked.

“We can take two from each department. This meeting may already contain those employees. Anyway, I will leave it to Directors to pick them.” Sky was quick with her decisions.

“Secretary Andy will be in touch with teams.” Sky checked the time, “Since we have an hour time to get off the work, Do you want to create a team here or will you decide and send the list to me?”

n.o.body responded, Before Sky could speak again, a.s.sistant Lilly spoke in a low voice. “Ms.Sky, Let them decide and send the list over.” Sky nodded and turned.
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“You can decide and send the list to Secretary Andy, He will carry out the rest of the work. Team members will be rewarded after the completion of the task. Meeting dismissed.” Sky stood up and went out with her a.s.sistant and secretary.

“Andy, Once you receive the list, Make two teams, each team should have a member from each department. Make a team leader and ask them to report to you. If any problem, You can report Lilly or me. Understood?”

“Noted! Ms.Sky” Andy responded.

“Lilly, please keep a close eye on this.” Sky instructed Lilly.

“Ms.Sky, You don’t have to worry about it. Andy is very efficient.” Lilly was impressed by Andy’s quick learning abilities and even had a crush on him.

Sky mouth twitched, She glared at Lilly. Lilly lowered her head, “I will look into it, Ms.Sky.”

Sky entered her office and continued her work. When it was ten minutes to five, She heard a knock on the door, “Come in.”

Andy entered, “Ms.Sky, I have mailed you the teams, its member and the ideas they will be working on. And this the copy.” He handed the file which had the details.

Sky looked through the details, “How did you divide the ideas into two?”

“I grouped similar ones. Ms.Sky, Should I make any changes in that?”

“Nope, It’s good, Well done.” Sky returned the paper, “You can hold a meeting with them and inform about this and how they have to start working.”

“Sure Ms.Sky. Is there anything else?”

“Nope, You can go now.” Sky continued her work.

Andy went out, prepared material for the meeting and sent out an mail to team members and left home for the day.

Andy managed his task well. Team members too worked hard and submitted their works by the weekend. Sky received the reports.

“Andy, call the team members to my office and come with them.” Sky instructed Andy over the intercom.


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