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One thing he noticed was, she returned to him faster than the previous times whenever he apologized. His eyes were fixated on the door and saw her exiting the room in less than a minute which was the shortest time.

When his eyes never left her, her eyes and smile always directed at him. He couldn’t stop his curling up lips. She didn’t care whoever pa.s.sed nearby as she reached him.

“Hey Handsome! How about I get you a drink? And you just have to be mine for tonight.” Sky sounded like a coquette.

Before Arlo could respond, Dyan choked on his drink who had just gone behind her with the other three. The other three looked speechlessly at Arlo who was a penchant of his wife.

Sky pouted and turned around as she said, “I didn’t know you guys like to be weeds.” She rarely flirted with her husband and that also ruined.

Arlo understood what she meant but those four were confused not understanding her. Arlo pulled her next to him and empowered the four seniors. “My wife means to say, You four are weeds among beautiful roses.”

Their face turned a shade darker. Freddie tried to boost about his girlfriend, “I have my rose with me.” He meant to say he wasn’t weed.

Arlo glanced at his girlfriend, “Your rose? Well, She is trying to get the attention of an Actor. Whereas mine is here.”

Sky giggled on top of that and Freddie grounded his teeth, “You two brats are clearly younger than us, why are you bullying your seniors?”

Sky and Arlo continued to bully all four seniors. By the time Thomson came to greet them, Sky’s cheeks were bright red laughing too much.

He pinched on her tomato red cheek, “Stop being cute. You will give too much work to our junior to keep you safe.”

“Oh!…” She glanced at Arlo once, “…Anyway, he has nothing else to do other than that. Let him work hard.” But next second she turned scarlet when she heard Arlo whisper to her, “I will work hard tonight Ms.President.”

The seniors were speechless for some time.

“Tom, you should have heard how Sky flirts with her husband. Now junior must have said something dirty.” Dyan turned to Jack, “Are they really married for so long? I feel like they are newly wedded.”

They continued talking to each other as they teased. Only Sky was blus.h.i.+ng whereas Arlo stood nonchalantly but soon everybody’s mood took a sharp turn when Anne Lawrence appeared between Sky and Thomson to create a distance between them. Thomson forced a smile and the rest had a feeble smile.

“Darling!” She hooked her arms with Thomson and nodded at all seniors and rested her eyes on Arlo after glancing at Sky. “These two?” She was tall and beautiful. Her mermaid extravagant gown clearly defined her amazing curves.

Sky looked very delicate next to Anne. She didn’t care to look at her so she didn’t see her eyes were checking out Arlo for a few seconds before averting to Thomson. The latter pa.s.sively introduced, “He is our junior collegemate, Arlo and his wife, Sky.”

Sky and Arlo didn’t take the initiative to greet her. There were a few seconds of awkward silence before Anne greeted them, “h.e.l.lo Mr&Mrs. Arlo.”

Arlo just gave a nod without looking at her. Sky glanced at her face which had an enthralling smile but she felt like she should avoid Anne, “h.e.l.lo Miss.”

Again seeing awkward silence, Jack coughed lightly, “Sky, you must have seen Ms.lawrence’s movies.”

“Not really, when I tried to watch one, I dozed off with Arlo.” Sky said the fact but it turned the atmosphere even more fiddly.

Five seniors knew Sky was saying the truth but it affected Ms.Lawrence and taunted with a smile, “No Problem Mrs.Arlo. Not everybody can handle intense action movies.”

Sky smiled which Arlo understood she was ready to p.i.s.s off Anne for looking down on her. “You are right Ms….” She purposefully left a few seconds gap, “… Isn’t it fake that jumping off from multiple floors and still looking unscathed? And that body double’s actions are more than the protagonist. I can’t handle too many fake intense action scenes. I would prefer a comedy movie which at least brings a real smile relaxing our mind… Anyway, Your acting is… top-grade…”

Freddie fled for not being able to control laughter. Jack clenched his teeth hard. Dyan coughed when laughter almost escaped from his lips. Jaxon darted his attention away. Arlo stroked her head dotingly. Thomson just gave a weak smile without any reaction.

Sky purposefully sounded like ‘Stop your boasting, I know the facts.’ but she didn’t expect whatever she said was the truth as a counterattack.

Sky saw Anne clenching her fist tight which turned her knuckles white but Sky tried to resolve it with truth, “…You are looking very beautiful today.”

Jack felt he could breathe after the real compliments. Anne forced a smile that looked very natural. “Thank you Mrs.Arlo. You are… I mean you are… okay good.”

The Seniors suddenly felt cold and looked at Arlo then at Sky. She was the only one who could control him. 

What Anne told didn’t offend Sky. She saw all seniors eagerly waiting for her to relax the atmosphere. She looked at Arlo’s darkening face and spoke: “My man loves me as I am so I really don’t give a d.a.m.n about looking gorgeous with heavy makeup…” All breathed a sigh of relief and heard Sky continue, “…Never mind. Senior Tom! I’m hungry, I will fill my stomach first.”

Thomson nodded. He knew Country A time of dinner was early compared to Country U. Arlo led her as one after other seniors followed them letting their girlfriends or date for the night to enjoy the party.

Anne tried her best to remain calm and she purposefully didn’t say anything about Sky and Arlo who didn’t give a face to her superstar status.

Thomson was moving towards others, Anne clung on to him, “Darling! Are you letting grandfather announce about us? Or are you going to propose to me at the party? Shall I ask my agent to call reporters inside the villa? Why aren’t you letting them inside?”

She coyly asked many questions rubbing her bosom to his arm hugging it which made him sternly say, “Behave!”

Anne immediately loosened and hooked her hand to his, “Darling, let’s make it special instead of boring.”

Thomson wasn’t sure if Anne really liked him or they were parts of her acting but he always felt she was lying. They were never close but she always pretended like they were childhood sweethearts whereas he always ignored her.


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