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Sam and Peter handled the meeting through a web conference leaving the other two employees in the meeting room which made Sigma employees to fume but after they gave a presentation and heard Sam’s brus.h.i.+ng his idea, they were convinced by just a preview. 

Even though they were fuming thinking President Harley didn’t attend and upon that the team didn’t show their face, they reported about their ideas to Arlo as Ryan was still busy. Sky also heard about it and was amazed.

Arlo approved the same day and in two days it was announced Harley’s security solution would be working with Sigma on the National Museum after Sky and Arlo signed on the agreements which the whole country spoke about it.


Soon the biggest party of the decade in Country A was arranged in Country A’s palace. International clients and country A’s higher profile persons were invited.

Sky had an invite as Harley, as Arlo’s personal secretary and his wife. Both got ready and stood in front of the mirror looking at the other one. When they opened the mouth, both said the same thing.

“Don’t attend.”

Both laughed and started bantering why the other one shouldn’t attend heard a knock on the door. Sky opened to see Jai and Loran.

Jai was genteel and refined. Her mouth fell open looking at Loran from top to toe. She was about to rub her eyes, Arlo stopped, “Am I seeing things? Dumbo! I thought you will wear that style itself.”

Loran looked best and elegant in the suit than his style.

Sky had designed all their outfits. She felt like Loran should try dinner suit hence she designed both for him letting him decided.

Sky cried, “I don’t want to send you three to the party. Let Pretty…”

All saw Ryan coming towards them. Sky face palmed herself before pinching his cheek, “Pretty Ryan! Why are you so das.h.i.+ng today?”

She was glaring at four men who were laughing. 

Loran commented, “Siser Sky! If you roam around alone, forget about attending the party.”

“Brother Arlo! Keep your wife tied up to you.” Ryan remarked.

Jai rubbed her head, “You aren’t allowed to drink today.”

Before Arlo could say anything, Sky snorted and left. All chuckled and saw her meeting the security head of Arlo.

“I want four bodyguards for each of them at the party right next to them. A single mistake, forget about your jobs.”

The four behind them were speechless hearing her unyielding tone. David who heard her, couldn’t hold his laughter.

Soon they left to reach the destination. Sky entered with her brothers. David attended as Harley representative with Vice president Sen. Arlo and Ryan entered after all the guests. Olivia was last to enter who grabbed everyone’s attention looking cold and demure.

Sam and others weren’t interested in attending the party filled with business people which Sky and others respected deciding to go for an outing after Jai’s wedding.

When all women tried to impress Olivia, she called Sky next to her which avoided others easily. 

David was swarmed with many businessmen praising him for having such an excellent daughter. When Arlo got to know David was again receiving wedding proposals for Sky, he went to him which dispersed others away due to his bodyguards.

David chuckled and opened Sky Harley verified social media page to show him the relations.h.i.+p status which Sky had updated before leaving the Harley mansion.

He chuckled as he patted on his arm, “I already told them all that my daughter is married.”

Arlo pursed his lips knowing David understood his intention as his ear turned pink. He looked at Sky who was laughing with Olivia sitting next to her.

He left a few guards around David before going to Sky, “Darling! I’m stealing my wife.”

Olivia chuckled and nodded. Sky was pulled to the dance floor and they moved to the music.

Director Kelly was still frozen in her place. She had gone to talk to Olivia but she heard Arlo which left her heartbroken. She couldn’t digest Arlo was married to his personal secretary or is she a personal secretary after their marriage?

Sky was confused seeing his adoring gaze without speaking anything…

Arlo never danced according to Sigma and other business people so many tried to get to know who she was but got no news other than feeling her familiar.

Sky tiptoed to ask, “Why are you so happy?”

Arlo gently twirled her around him before pulling her to arms. “Which place did you choose for your brother’s honeymoon?”

Sky shook her head, “I couldn’t decide yet. They don’t have any preference so I’m finding it difficult to choose. Beach, hill station or cold countries… there are so many to choose.”

“Shall I arrange it?” Arlo asked right after her and added, “Including our outing with Ryan, Loran, and your friends.”

His voice was sweet and gentle which made her lips tilt up. “Sure. Let me know if you need my help.”

More than half of the attendees’ eyes were on Arlo. They froze when he kissed Sky’s forehead. 

Jai, Loran and Ryan’s lips were high up. David who was sitting next to Olivia but a different table were chuckling, “These two are good at making everyone envious.”

Olivia spoke, “I feel like I’m aged too early.” She chuckled drinking her juice.

Harrison Williams’s eyes didn’t leave them. Constuere was acquired by Sigma and he was the Managing Director of the whole company. He had seen Arlo quite a few times who treated everybody around him like flies. He couldn’t believe Sky was together with Arlo.

He had seen her smiles in Arlo’s arms which were completely different from how she would be with her brothers and friends.

He quickly checked the Harley website and saw Sky was still an employee of Harley and couldn’t understand how she was so good to Olivia and Arlo that even she had four bodyguards who were on Sigma gear.

He watched her all the time to see her talk with Ryan, her brothers, Arlo, Olivia, and Chairman David Harley.

He boldly deduced her to Sky Harley because of what she had told in the cafe ‘My job isn’t simple as its name.’ and what he was seeing there.

He felt suffocating having no proper answer hence he walked towards their table but he has stopped two steps away by guards.

“President Harley.” He called to notice changes on everyone’s face and his expression was stiff seeing Arlo holding Sky’s hand.

Sky turned to see Harry. Loran signaled the guards to leave him as he commented, “Smart man.”

Harry forced a smile, “Senior! Chairman Smith! President Smith! Chairman Harley! a.s.sistant Wilson.”

He greeted and was leaving, Sky stopped, “Senior.”

She patted on Arlo’s hand before standing opposite to Harry, “What’s wrong?”

Harry smiled bitterly, “This is the first time you took initiative…” He had to continue seeing her raised brows. “I just wanted to confirm you are unattainable.”

Sky looked at Arlo as she spoke, “I’m married to Arlo.”

Harry nodded. “Carry on.”

Sky saw his crestfallen eyes which she didn’t care and sat back. 

The family left soon to reach the Smith mansion to celebrate Sky’s birthday with all. Sam and group, Ethan and his fiance with Mr. And Mrs. Jeff. Surprise for her was George and Georgia.

All had fun half of the night before going to bed.

Next day news was all about Sigma’s grand party. Some columns were about Sky updating her status for the first time and that was about she being married.

There was numerous speculation which Sky and Arlo didn’t care other than cozying up in each other’s arms. Whoever knew Sky and Arlo were married didn’t dare to say it publically.

With all these, they didn’t notice that the people around them planning to kill one of them.


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