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Chapter 1029: War

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhao Yao stood up as he watched their thoughts freeze on the spot. He took out four Closers World game consoles from the dimension portal and put it on each of the four cats. He subsequently removed the Dimension Seal and started the game, transferring the Awareness of the four cats directly into Closers World.

When Giggle and the other cats’ thoughts started to flow again, they realized that they had been moved to a small house.

They felt as though they were being suppressed by a pressure equivalent to that between Heaven and Earth. That was the might of the power of Closers World. It completely immobilized them.

Zhao Yao smiled cheerfully as he walked towards them. He stared at Giggle happily as he said, “Let’s have a nice chat today.”


“Stop right now!”

“Ah! I’m going to die!”

After half an hour, Zhao Yao walked out with a spring in his step. Although he did not manage to get all the information out of Giggle, he did manage to glean some knowledge about the Awareness country. As long as he continued with his methods, he would surely be able to get all the information he needed from Giggle.

Right at that moment, Doll sent a Wechat message and asked, “What are we going to do with Black Phoenix? Someone nearby had already called the police.”

Zhao Yao just remembered that he kind of demolished Black Phoenix’s house when he defeated him and took him into the dimension portal.

In a few moments, Zhao Yao reached the Door of Everlasting Life in the depths of the snowy mountains. Black Phoenix seemed to have frozen completely. Zhao Yao casually picked him up and threw him into the Door of Everlasting Life.

Not long after, black clouds billowed as Black Phoenix was thrown out of the Door, revived.

Black Phoenix who was thrown out on the floor was still in a state of extreme fear after experiencing death. He slowly regained his senses as he raised his head and looked at the snowy world around him and also at Zhao Yao.

“I… didn’t die?”

“What is going on?”

“What just happened?”

Zhao Yao calmly said, “Nothing. You almost died but I saved you, that’s all.”

As he stared at Zhao Yao standing before him, it finally dawned on Black Phoenix that the difference in power between him and this man was at a level beyond what he could ever imagine.

Black Phoenix stared at Zhao Yao as he asked in a scared and nervous tone, “What do you want? If you’re talking about the duel, rest a.s.sured, I won’t do such a dumb thing again…”

He stared at Zhao Yao and emphasized every word as he said, “All those who dream of wanting to duel with a monster like you, are all idiots.”

Zhao Yao smiled. He stretched out his hand towards Black Phoenix, who was kneeling on the floor, and said, “Be my son.”

“Ah?” Black Phoenix whipped his head up in astonishment.

Zhao Yao’s lips curled up in a smirk as he let Doll film him from a flattering angle.

He stretched out his palm and repeated his words. “Be my son, Black Phoenix.”

The next day, Black Phoenix acknowledged Zhao Yao as his father. The video of Zhao Yao accepting Black Phoenix as his G.o.dson spread like wildfire across the Internet, dispelling all the previous rumors at once.

For the next few days, Zhao Yao occasionally popped by the little black house in Closers World to chat with the alien cats and especially with Giggle, to get to know more about the Awareness country from him.

However, as there was a lot of knowledge about it which needed a lot of fact-checking, progress was slow.

Days pa.s.sed. As Zhao Yao was trying his best to learn about the Awareness country in the shortest period of time, Elizabeth had also finally reached Level 25. Zhao Yao decided on Dust Ball as the fifth supercat to be upgraded to Level 25.

He would just need to wait for Dust Ball to reach Level 25 before this maximum level could be advanced again and allow him to continue leveling up all five supercats.

Compared to the alien cat’s power borrowed through the Cat Prince Costume, Zhao Yao still preferred the abilities of his own contracted cats in the Book.

This morning, Zhao Yao was happily thinking of how the end of the month had come again, which meant another round of monthly payouts. He did not know how many experience points or rewards he would be able to gain this time round.

He arrived at Frosted Teeth City as usual today. However, when he reached Wheatley’s room, he saw a very nervous Wheatley as well as the serious looks on the cat slaves beside her, including Red Sun and Black Dune.

When Zhao Yao appeared, Wheatley immediately looked up and said, “Guang Yu, you’re here!” She stood up and continued, “Let’s go everyone. The General a.s.sembly is about to start.”

Zhao Yao was surprised. “General a.s.sembly? What’s that?”

On this rare occasion, Wheatley’s expression turned serious as she said, “It’s the General a.s.sembly for War. We are about to go to war again.”

Zhao Yao was even more surprised. “War?”

Red Sun scoffed as he said scornfully, “You don’t even know this? We Short Fur Tribe have always been fighting against the Long Fur Tribe by forming an alliance with the Furless Tribe. This three-p.r.o.nged battle has been going on for decades.

This time, the Long Fur Tribe has initiated an offensive after recuperating for two years. It’s time for war again.”

Wheatley sighed in resignation. “I hate battles the most.”

Next, Wheatley led her cat slaves in activating Dimension Travel as they left the cat planet, Satol, directly and headed towards another star in the universe.

The Short Fur Tribe, Furless Tribe and Long Fur Tribe each ruled over different stars in the Milky Way. Satol, the cat planet which Zhao Yao was on, was one of them.

Zhao Yao followed Wheatley and the rest through the Awareness Dimension and back to the physical world. When they arrived, a planet that looked destroyed and broken, covered in magma with lightning thundering all around appeared before them. A half-destroyed moon continued to rotate about the planet.

“War planet Heris, the headquarters of the Furless Tribe.” Wheatley sighed and said, “Let’s go.”

The next moment, the line of cat and humans traversed through the Awareness Dimension again. When Zhao Yao and company arrived back in the physical world, rows of enormous steel fortresses appeared before them.

Rows after rows of strongholds appeared on the surface of the planet like rolling mountains, making their scalp go numb just by looking at it.

Even in midair, Zhao Yao could feel countless explosions of Awareness filling the sky around them, even sweeping past their bodies, as if it was confirming their ident.i.ties.

This was a planet that had been completely designed to be a battle stronghold. Even Zhao Yao gulped at the sight before him. It was his first time seeing such a magnificent scene.

Wheatley led the crowd to a huge entrance. Immediately, a few Short Fur Tribe cat slaves that were clad in armor came forward to welcome them.

“Are you Lord Wheatley? The meeting will begin tomorrow. Would the guests like to rest for a while first?”

Wheatley twitched her lips in annoyance and said, “Bring us to our rooms.”

Wheatley and the rest followed the cat slaves to travel through the Awareness Dimension again, arriving in front of a guest room.

Just as Wheatley was about to walk into the room, a palm burst through the walls of the guest room and caught a cat slave beside Zhao Yao. The cat slave was thrown out and landed with a loud thud, slamming right into a wall nearby. The cat slave let out an agonizing scream before he collapsed on the floor.

After retracting his arm, the man rubbed his elbow as barged through the walls of the guest room and walked out. He laughed sinisterly the moment he saw Wheatley. “Wheatley, this is the new physical body I requested from the Furless Tribe. What do you think about it?”

His gaze swept across Zhao Yao and gang, before turning to look at the cat slave he had injured gravely. He twitched his lips and said, “The quality of your new cat slave still seems pretty bad. Why don’t I just kill all of them so you can get a new team.” As he said that, he turned his gaze on Zhao Yao.


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