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Chapter 1063: Fight

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios


A huge cat paw attacked the surface of the Star Habour and broke the plasma s.h.i.+eld. Then, it was accompanied by a force that was as strong as the mountains and seas and crushed the superalloy on the inside. This helped Comet Cat’s five claws claw deep into the Star Habour.

A siren sounded through the entire Star Habour and countless lights lit up. Fighter jets shot up into the sky and shot at the Comet Cats fiercely.

Roar! The giant cat roared then he slashed his paws in the air and crushed a fighter jet.

As the fighter jets appeared, all the humans in armor rushed out of Star Habour. They charged towards Comet Cats. They were the armor troop in the Long Fur Tribe, they used advanced technology to support their powers.

A armored human leaped into the sky and the armor on him started glistening with golden beams. His powers were enhanced by the nuclear engine and the atoms in his palm started to collide vigorously. It was burning and turned into white flames. He threw it at the Comet Cat.

The Comet Cat that was. .h.i.t yelled. His outer layer, that could withstand harsh environments in aeros.p.a.ce travel, started to burn. It was falling off and soon there was a huge hole.

If the attacks continued, the Comet Cats would soon become many bodies floating in s.p.a.ce.

The dozen of cats yelled together and countless Furless Tribe members were spat out from their mouths.

Cat slaves from the Furless Tribe had alarming physical qualities as they started learning various combat skills since the moment they were born.

They were covered in an exoskeleton and the bones that grew from their hands and legs vibrated vigorously, giving off a white glow.

They were a menacing troop developed by the Furless Tribe. They used their extraordinary physical capabilities and the exosketelon armor to fight after the Comet Cats landed.

They couldn’t feel pain and did not fear death. They had strong healing powers, resistance towards toxins and vitality. The high frequency bone that extended out from their arms and legs could pierce through most materials in the universe. They could move up to a few thousand meters per second and could battle for up to an hour. They were nightmares for their enemies.

The menacing troop jumped onto the ground the moment they appeared. They started charging along the claw marks on the decks and entered Star Habour faster than the speed of sound. Accompanied by the metal chaps flying around, the metal walls crashed down one by one.

An armored soldier from the Star Habour shot plasma flames at the menacing troop. However, the menacing troop managed to dodge past it easily as they crashed into the armored soldiers. Their high frequency bones pierced through their armor and cut off the soldiers heads.

Meanwhile, in the stomach of the giant cat, the cat slave of the short fur tribe activated their powers and their awareness left their bodies. Their awareness attacked the Long Fur Tribe.

There was confusion in the eyes of the pilot in the fighter jet and he started to fire at his own troops.

The entire Star Habour fighter jet army was in chaos as they landed or returned to the base. They activated the spiritual repulsion device and started to defend themselves against the Short Fur Tribe.

The cat slave of the Short Fur Tribe was also known as Supers.p.a.ce troop, during war being called a Supers.p.a.ce troop was better than Cat Slave troop.

Before the Long Fur Tribe invented the spiritual repulsion device, the Supers.p.a.ce troop were countless Long Fur Tribe’s nightmare. They were the reason why the Long Fur Tribe could not attack.

However, now that they have a means of defense, the Supers.p.a.ce troop were not able to go far. They could only follow behind the menacing troop and proceed forward.

The Furless Tribe’s menacing troop tore apart the deck and was concentrated on destroying the spiritual repulsion device. Their battle with the Long Fur Tribe was like a giant meat blender.

As the war on Star Habour got more heated, in the void of s.p.a.ce, there were two giant cats waiting patiently. They did not charge up to join the fight.

Convex was sharing vision with Comet Cat as they watched the battlefield. “Send two to deal with their battles.h.i.+p.”

The battles.h.i.+ps outside Star Habour were slowly activating and was about to the attack the comet cats on Star Habour.

Two comet cat leaped across hundreds of kilometers instantly.

These comet cats could carry out interstellar jumps if they stored power. There was no need to store power if the distance was just a few thousand kilometers.

A comet cat leaped onto a battles.h.i.+p and bit down on it. Then, the cat spat out the metal and entered the battles.h.i.+p.

In a few minutes, the interior of the battles.h.i.+p had turned into h.e.l.l and there were countless explosions lighting up the sky.

The other comet cat, who had just leapt onto the battles.h.i.+p, was engulfed by plasma beams, electromagnet cannons and laser cannons.

With a shriek, he opened his mouth and the menacing soldier was spat out like a electromagnetic cannon and flew towards the neighboring battles.h.i.+ps.

The entire battlefield was full of extreme fighting. Zhao Yao, who was receiving information on the war, was frowning.

The Long Fur Tribe, Short Fur Tribe, and Furless Tribe were divided into two battles.

One was the battle of the base units, which was the battles.h.i.+p, armored soldiers and superpower troops from Long Fur Tribe fighting against the Supers.p.a.ce troop from Short Fur Tribe and the comet cat and menacing troop from Furless Tribe.

The Short Fur Tribe and Furless Tribe were stronger and they could deal with the numbers of soldiers from Long Fur Tribe.

Both the cloned army and all the ma.s.s produced high tech weapons were the reasons why the Long Fur Tribe was able to fight against two.

Except for the base units that were fighting, the rest were the top apostles and supercats fighting.

Apostles who were strong enough or the supercats had the power to destroy a battles.h.i.+p and crush Star Habour. It could change the outcome of the battle drastically.

For such individuals, they were normally very powerful and were hard to kill with conventional weapons. They were the nightmare of the normal soldiers.

Of course, if there were enough ordinary soldiers, it would be difficult even for Sage and a Huge Cat G.o.d to fight them.

Zhao Yao looked at the situation on the battlefield. Although the Long Fur Tribe had suffered heavy losses, they had an alarming achievement. They had destroyed a majority of the spiritual repulsion device sand were gradually gaining the upper hand with the Short Fur Tribe.

Then, Lv44 Convex said, “ShadowFax and Guang Yu prepare. That guy should be coming out.”

Not long after Convex finished his sentence, there was a red shadow that flashed out from Planet Ess.e.x. A blazing light spread out behind the person and turned into blood red wings.

The high temperature plasma turned into a whip that was a few thousand meters long. He extended his palm, whipped the plasma towards a comet cat and injected a large amount of plasma to destroy the interior of the comet cat.

Meanwhile, countless bright spots surfaced from the blood wings as they shot out thousands of high energy rays, killing the comet cat.

Amidst the violent explosion and burning, the comet cats who were hit laid on the floor in shrieks as Star Habour trembled.


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