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Chapter 1066: Intel

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhao Yao returned to the Short Fur Tribe’s Delin Star Cl.u.s.ter military headquarters, the Green star Akanid.

He looked up and saw that the sky was filled with hundreds of comet cats guarding the atmosphere.

Some of them landed on the star and started to devour minerals to heal their wounds.

At the same time, they were building a steel stronghold that the Furless Tribe cat slaves were entering and exiting.

Looking at the endless military camp, Zhao Yao estimated that there are at least several million troops.

The Furless Tribe’s apostles stayed in Grayley’s City of Dreams most of the time. They seldom came to the material world.

He folded his arms and tried to recall the latest intel.

On the battle on Delin Star Cl.u.s.ter, as Grayley was injured, Short Fur Tribe and Furless tribe was disadvantaged immediately.

“Grayley was badly injured? How?” Zhao Yao turned to look at Wheatley in confusion.

Grayley was Lv72. He was so strong he could oppress a spiritual repulsion device and spoil it.

If such a strong cat wanted to leave through the awareness dimension, Zhao Yao could not think of anything that could stop him.

So he found Wheatley, as Wheatley was Grayley’s family member, she should know some information.

Wheatley was squatting on the floor and said unhappily, “I heard that it a cat slave from the Long Fur Tribe did it. I heard that he was very powerful.”

Zhao Yao was surprised. “Cat slave? The cat slave was that powerful?” In his impression, the strongest of the three tribes should be cats.

Wheatley looked at Zhao Yao and said pitifully, “Guang Yu, tell me a story.”

Zhao Yao nodded and said, “Yeah, I shall tell you the story of how it is impossible for the HuLuWa to be so cute…”

Wheatley was listening to Zhao Yao’s story attentively, then she suddenly patted her head and said, “Stroke my head!”

“What?” Zhao Yao answered, “I thought you didn’t let people pat you?”

“Today I am unhappy. Pat me.”

Zhao Yao tugged the corners of his mouth and placed his hand on Wheatley’s head. He stroked Wheatley from head to toe and Wheatley was lying down comfortably.

“So comfortable,” Wheatley said. “Although I can touch it myself now that I’m human, it is more comfortable for others to stroke me.”

Wheatley’s eyes narrowed as she smiled happily. She swung her head sideways and said, “Zhao Yao, can you lick me? I haven’t been able to ever since I became human!”‘

“What?” Zhao Yao was stunned as he looked at Wheatley. He was in a great dilemma.

“Lick her! I would love to lick her! If it were up to me, I would lick her till her waist breaks!”

“You cannot do this Zhao Yao! You are a celebrity! How can you do such a thing!”

“Why can’t he do it? Isn’t it normal for a guy to lick a girl?”

“It doesn’t make sense at all! Only cats lick each other! How can humans do that?”

“Ahhhhh, don’t belittle humans.”

“Shut up.” Zhao Yao turned around and looked at the Dimension Portal behind him. He asked Matcha and Dust Ball. “Who asked you guys to come and watch?”

Matcha and Dust Ball was frightened and dropped a huge amount of fur. Matcha mastered his courage and said, “Ares want us to tell you that the cats have been allocated properly.”

Zhao Yao nodded. “Ask Diana to watch after them, she is not allowed to go offline.”

He closed the Dimension Portal and looked at Wheatley. Then, Red Sun appeared beside Wheatley and looked at them in bewilderment. “Lord Wheatley, Lord Fei Fei wants to see you.”

“Oh, then Guang Yu you can continue to tell me the story tomorrow.”

Upon watching Wheatley leave, Zhao Yao rubbed his chin and started pondering about the intel she had provided. “A Long Fur Tribe’s apostle injured Grayley? If it was an apostle, then there can be a second and third… However, the Short Fur Tribe also has a secret weapon like the Source Plan. So who knows what will happen.”

Zhao Yao walked along the gra.s.sland and then, a women cat slave came over. Her expression was cold and she looked at Zhao Yao with scrutiny.

Zhao Yao looked at her abs and said, “Furless Tribe? What is the matter?”

“Bai Yueguang asked me to contact you.” She looked around and said, “Follow me.”

Zhao Yao was wary. “It is from the Cat Revolution Society?”

He followed the girl and they started to run faster and faster after they left the crowd. Both of their physical abilities were very strong. When they started to speed up, they ran faster than the speed of sound and brought about a ear piercing sound to the canyon with no one in it.

The woman ran up to a wall and stretched out her hand to slam against it.

Zhao Yao was watching the woman from behind. The woman was about his height. Her muscles were not huge but they were defined. She looked healthy and fit.

He looked at her head.

“Lv55, that is counted as moderate strength.”

Soon, the woman had created a cave in the rocks and then after Zhao Yao entered the hole with her. She collapse the entrance of the cave.

Looking at the sealed hole, the women answered. “It is safer like this. My name is Moonflow. Are you Zhao Yao? The new guy recruited by Bai Yueguang?”

Upon hearing that she called out his real name, Zhao Yao nodded. “What is it?”

The women in the looked at Zhao Yao and was listening to his breathing and heartbeat. She said slowly, “In this battle, the Long Fur Tribe brought a spiritual repulsion device to counter the Short Fur Tribe. They have been having significant progress with the cloning technique and their men are a lot stronger than before.

Especially the person that injured Grayley. Her name is Calamity.

She looks like a little girl that is about ten years old. But, in battle she can use up to 5 different types of forbidden powers. She is the product of Long Fur Tribe’s latest discoveries.

Zhao Yao asked, “Forbidden powers?”

Moonflow explained, “Long Fur Tribe has many powers and every cat randomly awakens with differently powers. Some are repeated. However, it is said that they have awakened a total of 138 000 types of powers.

Among them, there are ten of which are the most dangerous, most terrifying powers. They are known as the forbidden powers. In this generation, there are five cats with forbidden powers.

Zhao Yao said, “Are you guys thinking of dealing with the girl?” If she could injure Grayley that badly and had forbidden powers, then he did not want to fight her now. He wanted to wait till his cats were of a higher level, upgrade his equipment, then deal with her.


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