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“You are too cruel, too inhumane!” Matcha declared, “This world is so dark that I can’t even see a glimmer of hope!”

“What are you talking about?” Elizabeth grumbled, “Anyway, they will just be a victim of your s.e.xual hara.s.sment if they’re here. I think they would rather stay inside the extradimensional belly.”

Hanako left the bedroom and was greeted by the weird sight of Matcha rolling all over the floor. She asked, “What happened to this cat?”

“I don’t know, maybe he’s suffering from constipation.” Zhao Yao said.

Hearing Zhao Yao’s words, Matcha immediately reacted by sticking his a.s.s in the air and pretended as if he was about to s.h.i.+t on the floor.

“D*mn it,” Zhao Yao immediately dashed towards Matcha and slammed his palm against the back of his head, “Are you trying to be funny?”

Flames of anger shot through Matcha as he shouted, “I want to see Princess Qian. If I don’t see her, I will be like Mango and flood the entire apartment with my urine and s.h.i.+t!”

“You will only be able to take Princess Qian away from me for now! However, you cannot do that forever! I will see her at the end of the day!”

“This d*mn cat!” All sorts of profanities flew across Zhao Yao’s mind as he stared at this annoying cat. Just when he was about to teach Matcha a lesson, an idea sprang into his head, “Indeed, I will not be able to stop this cat forever. Does this mean it’s time to use my illusion again?”

Zhao Yao was reminded of the pillow incident and gave up the idea instantly. He shook his head and mumbled, “No, the illusion will be my final resort.”

He stared at Matcha and decided to come to a compromise by saying, “Alright, because of our ongoing renovation, the contest for star cat would be put on hold. If you are declared the star cat for the following month, I would let you inside the extradimensional belly to meet Princess Qian.

“Are you serious?” Matcha’s eyes sparkled with excitement upon hearing those words. He jumped up and down and exclaimed, “The t.i.tle of star cat is as good as mine already. I’ll just focus on Mobile Legends and wait for my date with Princess Qian.”

Meanwhile, Roly Poly shot a glare at Matcha and thought, “I will be star cat for the following month!”

After Matcha left, Roly Poly furtively came to Zhao Yao’s side and asked enthusiastically, “Zhao Yao! Zhao Yao! Does the reward apply to me as well if I win the t.i.tle of star cat?”

“Hmph?” Zhao Yao noticed the look of desperation on Roly Poly’s face and could not help but thought, “Hmph, I guess I can actually use Princess Qian as a bait to lure Matcha and Roly Poly to put in more effort at work. I can even use her to stimulate Roly Poly.”

With this plan in hand, Zhao Yao nodded his head and announced, “Of course! However, looking at your current state, you still have a long way to go before you have a chance of being crowned star cat.”

“Then what should I do? Zhao Yao, please help me!”

“You can start by losing some weight. From today onwards, you must start running every day and lose five pounds. From there, we will further improve your overall aesthetics.”

Roly Poly did not quiver in fear. Instead, his eyes reflected an unprecedented determination. He simply nodded his head and said, “I understand. However, will I really stand a chance to win after losing weight?”

“Becoming star cat will only be the tip of the iceberg. If you execute according to my plan, I guarantee that you will be the cat that millions idolize. You potentially encompa.s.s the strength of a tiger combined with the grace of a cheetah encapsulated in a lion’s majestic grandeur. Your looks will be nothing like we’ve ever seen. Cats will love you when they see you. I’m sure Princess Qian would fall for you the moment she lay eyes on you.”

“Really?’ Images of a majestic and powerful white tiger were conjured in his head.

“Of course it’s real! I’ll repackage you from head to toe and help you bid farewell to your current image. Don’t talk about Princess Qian, even Elizabeth will …”

His heart nearly stopped as he shouted the words, 3p. All the fats in his body started vibrating in antic.i.p.ation.

“Hmph, there’s definitely a chance.”

Flames of determination erupted in Roly Poly’s eyes as he declared, “I will start running from now on!”

Zhao Yao’s mouth curled into a smile when he observed Roly Poly running around the living room. He thought, “That’s great. I’m sure he can lose at least one or two pounds with that determination.”

On the same night, Xiao Yu was walking Fish Ball and Noodle along a street in Jiangmen city.

Fish Ball was put on a leash as he pranced down the pedestrian walkway.

Fish Ball stretched open his mouth and started sticking out his tongue just like a dog. Whenever he noticed another dog walking past, he would start barking and growling. He was basically a dog in a cat’s skin.

After a round of barking, he immediately c.o.c.ked his head towards Noodle with his tails wagging from left to right. He asked, “Boss, Boss, how am I performing?”

“Hmph,” Noodle nodded his head and responded, “You’re doing well. Continue keeping up your good work.” Noodle was rather satisfied with his newly acquired subordinate.

There were many side effects when he used Nekomata’s abilities to possess the husky’s body. Even though he had no superpower and could not leave the husky’s body, he had acquired the ability to communicate with cats and could be considered half a supercat. Previously, he just did not bother talking to Fish Ball.

Actually, he had been bullying Fish Ball all this time. By employing various tactics, Noodle had managed to receive affection from everyone in the family, elevating his status. Consequently, Fish Ball’s status had plummeted to rock bottom and there was nothing he could do about it.

After that, Nekomata even demonstrated the effects of his power, resulting in Fish Ball’s unconditional submission to Noodle.

“Hmph, at this rate, I think it’s better to have this pesky cat as my underling than to have him chased away.”

Fish Ball was amazed by Nekomata’s power of psychokinesis and thought that this power belonged to Noodle which explained his submission. Fish Ball’s eyes flickered with admiration as he declared, “Long live the superdog! Superdogs are invincible! Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Noodle simply replied condescendingly, “That’s a good boy.”

Fish Ball wagged his tail and stared wide-eyed at Noodle. He announced, “Boss, I have come to an important decision. From now on, I will live the rest of my life as a dog instead of a cat. Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!”

Embarra.s.sment seized her as Xiao Yu walked alongside a dog and a cat pretending to be a dog. She had no idea what happened but Fish Ball began acting like a dog since a few days ago. He would go around barking and stuck his tongue out like an idiot. Today, he even requested to leave the house for a walk.

“This idiot! Is he really treating himself like a dog?” Xiao Yu knew that cats were capable of producing an a.s.sortment of sounds. There had been instances of cats mimicking a dog’s bark. However, she had never seen a cat completely mimicking a dog’s behavior.

This was not the only weird thing that happened. Nowadays, the cat known as ‘The World’s Strongest’ had ignored her on WeChat. The cat even deleted Xiao Yu’s WeChat from his list of contacts. This made her quiver with indignation.

Suddenly, Fish Ball stopped next to a tree. He raised his hind leg in the air and started peeing like a dog.

Xiao Yu was left speechless by this absurd scene. Suddenly, a brilliant idea sprang to her head and she asked, “Fish Ball, do you recognize the way home?”

Fish Ball stared at Xiao Yu and nodded his head, “Obviously I remember the way back home, two-legged dog.” Fish Ball’s voice was full of disdain as he no longer regarded Xiao Yu as someone important. Now, he had the backing of Noodle.

Even though Xiao Yu could not understand Fish Ball’s meow, she understood his reply from the nods. She declared, “Alright, Fish Ball, I’ll need you to help me walk Noodle around the neighborhood. Return home after you are done.”

Even though Xiao Yu truly enjoyed the company of Fish Ball and Noodle, but this daily walking was extremely time-consuming and had taken a toll on her body.

Just when Fish Ball was about to reject her proposal, Noodle stepped in and shouted, “Accept her proposal!”

Hence, a pair of cat and dog was spotted happily walking down the streets with their tongues sticking out

Nekomata was stalking them and soon grew bored of this monotonous activity. He thought, “This is so vexing. Things are getting a little boring over here. Xiao Yu spends most of her time in school or doing her homework. She has time for neither games nor dramas. Even though Fish Ball spends all his time playing Mobile Legends but he is so bad at it! Watching him play is simply a torture.”

As he thought about games and dramas, he could not help but reminisce the times where he binge-watched dramas behind Elizabeth’s back.

“How about I go over to Zhao Yao’s apartment and join in for some fun.” Soon enough, he had already diverted from Fish Ball and Noodle’s path.

With his tongue sticking out, Noodle thought, “Today is my first step towards ruling the entire district. My priority is to locate supercats. Most of the domestic cats have been sterilized, hence I should be able to find more supercats among the stray cats. If I establish myself as the king of the realm of stray cats … I will be able to … hahaha.”

He had already developed a foolproof plan in his head and it began in this tiny district. By combining Nekomata’s power with Fish Ball’s, hordes of supercats would bow down to him in submission. Then, he would move on to the next district and then the next. Ultimately, he would be the dog revered by all supercats.

“… Based on these cats’ intellect, I’ll be able to fool them in a matter of minutes. As long as I can convince sufficient supercats in this district, I’ll be able to establish my empire … be an emperor … and reach the pinnacle. I’ll then be able to take on the human race.”

With this magnificent vision in his head, he led Fish Ball into the heart of the district, in search of potential followers.

His efforts finally paid off when they found dozens of cats hiding in an underground bunker.

The room was dimly lit and the cats were strewn all over the floor as if they had no bones. Fish Ball’s face turned crimson when he noticed groups of cats engaging in a sensual activity under broad daylight.

Fish Ball whispered into Noodle’s ears, “Boss, what are they doing?”

“I think this is a gathering of stray cats. Let’s start with them.” Noodle let out a few barks and stood on his two hind feet. He sauntered towards the group of cats as if he was a human.

“Who is the boss amongst you?’

Two cats within the group turned to face each other and broke into chatters.

“Who are these two fools?”

“I didn’t know that dogs can also be awakened? Are they trying to stir trouble?”

Fish Ball burst into laughter and barked, “Woof! Woof! What are you whispering about? I advise you to accord us some respect. This is my boss, superdog Noodle. His ambition is to rule the world and open a new page in the world’s history.”

The husky cooperated by letting out the most menacing growl. The group of stray cats was frightened by his action and instantly arched their backs as they took a few steps back.

“Do you see his teeth that are as sharp as the wolves? One bite can shatter steel column into pieces. I’m telling you that he is going to be this district’s boss from today onwards. Do you submit to his rule?”

“Take a step forward if you don’t! I’ll beat you till you submit!”

After finish his grandiose speech, Fish Ball unleashed his claws and waved them smugly in the air. His paws emanated a colorful glow and had instantly turned the bunker into a dance floor.

Suddenly, tens of stray cats sprang out and began chasing after the colorful glow to Fish Ball’s amus.e.m.e.nt.


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