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Zhao Yao instantly translated his thoughts into actions. Even though he had failed to contact Inspector Ho, Zhao Yao was confident with his apostle connections. The first person that came to mind was the breeder from the zoo and her Serval.

“I believe I’ll be able to receive the missions from the zoo lady and her cat.”

Hence, he brought Roly Poly back to his Panamera and started their journey towards Jiangmen Zoo.

“I remember this cat was kept in the ferocious beast area previously.” Zhao Yao tapped on Roly Poly’s head and instructed, “Roly Poly, use your power of invisibility and ensure that I am not captured by the security cameras.”


Roly Poly complied with Zhao Yao’s instruction and coated his body with his power of invisibility. Hence, Zhao Yao and Roly Poly simply disappeared into thin air as they turned a corner. There was a spring in Zhao Yao’s steps as he managed to overcome a series of barriers and walls as if he was practicing Qigong. Soon, he had reached the enclosure where the Serval stayed.

“Hmph, let’s start searching for it then.” Zhao Yao and Roly Poly began sauntering across the enclosure, in search of their target.

Being the ferocious beast enclosure, two tigers soon detected an unfamiliar scent and crept up to Zhao Yao and Roly Poly’s positions. They took a few deep breaths but still could not understand how that smell came about.

Zhao Yao was similarly intrigued by their behavior and slapped Roly Poly on his head and asked,”Hey, can they smell us? Talk to them and ask them about the Serval.”

“How am I supposed to know? Cats and tiger don’t even communicate in the same language.” Roly Poly protested as he ma.s.saged his bruised head.

The tigers could clearly hear their conversation and immediately took a few steps backward in fear. Then, they let out the most menacing growl which caused Roly Poly’s fur to stand on end.

“What are they trying to say?” Zhao Yao’s forehead furrowed slightly as he c.o.c.ked his head towards Roly Poly, “Even though you guys might not share the same language, but you are still part of the cat kingdom. I’m sure you can understand the gist of what they’re saying.”

Seeing how relentless Zhao Yao was, Roly Poly could only resort to deciphering their body language before reporting, “From the looks of it, I believe they are saying …”

“Let’s not order a take-out today; I am sure I detected a human’s scent!”

“But we can’t see anything!”

“D*mn it, this human is obviously trying to make things difficult for me!”

Roly Poly’s enchanting story-telling was cut short by Zhao Yao’s slap on his head. He retorted, “They only took in a few breaths followed by wagging their tails a few times. How can such a complicated story be conveyed with those simple actions? I need you to be serious.”

Quivering with indignation, Roly Poly gave a two-word reply, “Got human?”

“So simple?” Zhao Yao pinched the bridge of his nose and thought, “But their facial expressions seem so complicated.”

A thought sprang up Roly Poly’s head, “F*ck you! Are you trying to make things difficult for me?” Obviously, those words were confined to his head. On the surface, he was staring at Zhao Yao with a pair of eyes beaming with admiration.

Zhao Yao propped his chin on his palm and commented, “Your translation skills are rather bad.”

Left with no options, Zhao Yao reached out his palm and unleashed the invisible sound waves, carrying his illusion, into the surrounding. This removed the tigers’ sense of smell, hearing, and sight. At this rate, the tigers would not even detect their presence even when they sat on their back.

If this happened a few months ago, Zhao Yao would not have been able to accomplish this feat even with the idea in his head. This was only possible because of his relentless training each night which allowed him to control his power to such accuracy.

Zhao Yao and Roly Poly each perched on top of a tiger. Zhao Yao let out a long sigh and activated his power once again. This time, he had magically created a slab of meat for each tiger, luring them forward. Zhao Yao roared, “My tigers move forward!”

This was the first time Roly Poly had ever come into contact with such a ferocious beast. His eyes sparkled with excitement and concluded, “This is so cool! Following Zhao Yao is really the best move I have ever made. I even get to sit on a tiger’s back!” He instantly whipped out his phone and thought, “I need to take a photo to showcase my heroism to everyone!”

Hence, Roly Poly removed his power of invisibility for a short while just to capture the moment of him atop the tiger.

Hence, the pair of human and cat spent their remaining time traversing the enclosure with a wind at their back.

The enclosure was swarming with tigers which were either lazing on the ground for a suntan or playing with each other. There were no signs of the Serval.

“Don’t tell me that cat isn’t inside the ferocious beast’s enclosure?” Just when Zhao Yao was still deep in thought, the silence was punctured by a woman’s deafening scream. Zhao Yao immediately enticed the tiger to move towards the source of the sound with the slab of meat. Finally, Zhao Yao saw a breeder standing by the foot of a tree, shouting at the top of her voice.

Zhao Yao squinted his eyes into a line and tried to take a closer look to see what was hiding in the tree. He thought, “Could that cat be hiding up there?”

Against the bright sunlight, Zhao Yao could make out the Serval perched on top the highest branch as she let out a series of shrilling shrieks.

“This situation …” Zhao Yao’s expression instantly changed as a lopsided smile appeared on his face when he noticed his favorite punctuation floating on top of their heads.

Hence, he stopped the tigers and cradled Roly Poly in his arms before approaching the pair of breeder and Serval.

As he got nearer to them, he could finally hear what the female breeder was shouting, “Hey Tiny, come down now! You have not eaten for an entire day already. At this rate, you will run out of energy and fall from the top of the tree!”

The female breeder stared at the cat with her forehead furrowed together. It was obvious she was extremely concerned about the cat’s wellbeing as she continually tried to persuade her.

However, the cat seemed indifferent to her pleas. After hearing her words, the Serval simply let out a series of shrieks.

Naturally, the female breeder, Liu Yun, had no idea what she was trying to say. However, Zhao Yao could understand everything that she had to say.

“Boohoo!” An adolescent voice rang in Zhao Yao’s head, “Liu Yun, I’m sorry for disappointing you!”

“Boohoo, it’s all my fault!”

“I am the one who had exceeded your credit card limit. I’m the one who had used up all your balance in Alipay!”

“Boohoo, I’ve exceeded your spending limit on every single card!”

Zhao Yao had a clear picture of what happened. He took a glance at Liu Yun and it seemed like she was still in the dark. She had no idea what the Serval had done to her.

Judging from her voice and Zhao Yao’s encounter with her previously, it was highly possible that the Serval was just a kitten that was born this year.

This also served as a warning to Zhao Yao as he muttered, “Hmph, I must never let Matcha and the rest know my bank account details.”

Zhao Yao inched towards Liu Yun and cast a new illusion by coughing a few times. By altering her sense of sight and hearing, Zhao Yao had magically appeared in front of her.

Liu Yun was taken aback by this man’s sudden appearance as her chest tightened with fear. However, she started getting somewhat agitated as she took a closer look at the person’s face. She could hardly suppress her excitement as she shouted, “Daniel Wu?’

Zhao Yao simply gave a nonchalant wave of his hand and replied, “No, no. I’m not Daniel Wu. I just happen to be as handsome as him. I mean most good-looking people all look the same, I’m sure you understand what I mean.”

Liu Yun c.o.c.ked her head sideways as she tried to process his words. Suddenly, it dawned on her as she let out a scream, “You are an apostle!” She had witnessed for herself how this man had magically appeared in front of her.

Zhao Yao gave a shrug of his shoulders and replied, “Don’t worry, I mean no harm. Do you know Inspector Ho? I am his colleague.”

Liu Yun finally managed to calm down when she heard Inspector Ho’s name being mentioned. Obviously, she had spoken to Inspector Ho regarding the cat. The Serval’s ability was to control the beasts surrounding him and was not much of a threat to the residents living in the city. Inspector Ho allowed the cat to stay here considering how well-behaved they were subsequently and the good words Zhao Yao had put in for them.

With her slightly more relaxed, Zhao Yao moved on to the next topic by asking, “Do you need my help?” As he spoke, he purposely gravitated his eyes towards the position of the Serval.


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