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Read Am I A God? Chapter 354: Unconscious

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“He has been stopped … maybe even taken down.” The girl could not stop her hand from trembling as she clutched tightly onto her phone. Words were failing her as she muttered, “That guy … I think he defeated Lin Chen.”

“This is no time for your stupid jokes! Tell me, what happened? Hey! Hey!”

Yells and howls continued pouring out of the phone but the girl was already completely oblivious to it at this point. She was transfixed by the sheer strength of this mysterious headless warrior and was still recovering from her initial shock.

Similarly, Sonia’s eyes were glued to this mysterious character. Just a moment ago, she thought that both of them had reached the final chapters of their lives. However, this fool which she thought nothing of turned the tables around. He was the reason she was still alive.

“He is actually … so powerful?” Sonia could not lift her eyes off of this man.

Initially, Li Tian only turned his head around to estimate the distance between him and the two a.s.sailants. However, his attention was all fixed on this perplexing scene and could not even bother to run anymore.

“How is this even possible? How did he manage to pull it off? How did he win?”

Zhao Yao managed to defeat the two G.o.d-like apostles without even breaking a sweat. Those who witnessed his feat dared not imagine just how strong Zhao Yao truly was. Just the thought of it sent s.h.i.+vers running down their spines.

Finally, Li Tian managed to compose himself and willed his legs to continue his escape. In his head, he was screaming at the top of his voice, “I must alert the higher-ups about this! I have never expected such a strong apostle to exist in our world. We cannot afford to provoke him!”

Hiding behinds the walls of a building, Master Mao and Priest Yang c.o.c.ked their heads towards one another. A tinge of fear was present in both their eyes.

Priest Yang balled his fists together before letting out a long sigh, “The apostle which we met earlier was already at a level that I can only dream of. His enormous strength coupled with his G.o.d-like speed had rendered him invincible. However, that brainless guy …”

“He is not human.” Master Mao shook his head despondently, “This explains my pimple breakout this morning. It was all a sign. This is scary, truly scary. I cannot imagine what will befall us.”

Priest Yang’s lips curled into a frown as he muttered, “The pimple breakout is most probably due to all the oily food that you stuff down your throat. It has nothing to do with him.”

With all his gears and equipment vanished into thin air, Lin Chen seemed to have no intention to continue this fight.

Actually, Lin Chen already had a taste of the ‘headless man’s’ power in the cat king compet.i.tion. Lin Chen knew that Zhao Yao was capable of taking him down there and then if he wished to.

On the other hand, the only reason why Zhao Yao stopped his onslaught was Lin Chen as well. Zhao Yao simply could not believe that Lin Chen would willingly serve Old Cat even after being duped all the way to this G.o.d-forsaken place.

Hence, Zhao Yao’s eyes darted towards Old Cat and clarified, “Are you controlling the both of them?”

Uncle Meng and Tiger who stood by Old Cat’s side tried their best to avoid Zhao Yao’s gaze. They had met many apostles during their time spent here. This was the first time they had met an apostle as strong as Lin Chen. Never did they expect an apostle of this caliber to be subdued by a single person.

Terror overtook Tiger’s face as his body quivered with indignation. If not for the lousy decisions made, he would already have left this place and would not come face to face with this monster. Words could not describe just how frustrated he was.

To them, the headless horseman was as good as the devil. Their bodies froze as they heard that terrifying voice rang in their heads. The sheer intensity of the situation caused tears to well up in their eyes.

Old Cat’s pupils constricted as he clarified, “How is that even possible? I’m just an ordinary little cat. I have no idea what you are talking about …” Excitement danced through his heart as he continued to pour more words out of his mouth.

By controlling both Lin Chen and Purple Sabre Fairy, Old Cat would have the power to rule over the entire county.

But the man who was talking to him was stronger than the both of them. If Old Cat managed to control Zhao Yao, Old Cat could possibly become the king ruling over the entire nation.

Old Cat had never experienced fear when confronted by a strong opponent. On the contrary, the presence of such apostles excited him. This was especially true in the case of Zhao Yao. It would be a dream come true to be able to control Zhao Yao.

A warm fuzzy feeling spread across his body at the thought of it. Even his tail began to wag from left to right excitedly. He then returned Zhao Yao’s glare with his most innocent Puss-in-Boots look, “I am just another p.a.w.n in this organization. There are some powerful and evil men lurking in the shadows, manipulating the people here. All that you’ve seen today is simply the tip of the iceberg.”

Evidently, Old Cat was just trying to buy time for his power to activate.

Somehow, Old Cat’s nonsense managed to trick Roly Poly as his brows snapped together, “What? This is just the tip of the iceberg? Don’t tell me that we have somehow ended up in the middle of a disaster?”

The more he thought about it, the more frightened Roly Poly became, “This is a tussle between the leaders of the nation, a struggle within the upper cla.s.s. We somehow got embroiled in this battle of the century because of this mysterious district … in their eyes, we are just p.a.w.ns that are prepared for sacrifice. What are we supposed to do? Zhao Yao, what do we do?”

Even Old Cat was surprised by Roly Poly’s exaggerated claims and thought, “Did I really say that much just now?”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes before slamming her paw at Roly Poly’s face, “R*tard. What’s the point of eating so much when you’re so stupid? Isn’t it obvious that the cat is lying? He is just a stupid swindler out to cheat our money.”

“Who is the one speaking?” Old Cat roared as his eyes swept from one corner to another. He stared suspiciously at Zhao Yao before whispering to himself, “Why did I hear a female’s voice?’

Elizabeth was oblivious to his roars and continued, “Zhao Yao, don’t listen to him. We can just tie him up before grilling him about the whereabouts of all the money.” Elizabeth got so excited that she had already craned her neck out of the tiny gap in the cat bag, with both her eyes staring viciously at Old Cat.

“We will squeeze him dry of every dollar and cent that he has!”

Zhao Yao simply responded with a grin when Elizabeth’s words rang in his head. A glimmer of red light flashed across his eyes. Instantly, Old Cat had lost control over his own body to Zhao Yao.

“Take back all your powers and abilities!”

“Remove the effects of your powers!”

With these two instructions laid out, Old Cat’s power was finally lifted off of the two apostles. They could finally hear their own thoughts and could vividly feel a heavy load lifted from their bodies. The weird thoughts which lingered in their minds had also disappeared.

Old Cat’s face began to scrunch up even more. He wanted to open his mouth so badly but it was futile. Elizabeth’s power was especially potent against Old Cat, which had the tendency to act in whatever manner he deemed fit.

This was the first time he had actually experienced despair his entire life.

“How could this have happened? Is his power of control stronger than mine?”

Purple Sabre Fairy was so happy that he had finally regained control over his body. He immediately collapsed to his knees and kowtowed relentlessly to Zhao Yao, “Thank you for your help. I am the vice president of Ivory. How do I address you?”

Lin Chen could finally breathe a sigh of relief. He looked towards the headless horseman and exclaimed, “Thanks, headless … warrior, if not for you, we would have died in the hands of that stupid cat. Anyway, do not let that stupid cat speak. Even though I’m not entirely sure of the mechanism behind it, that guy seems to have the ability to control other’s behavior through his words.”

Sonia rushed forward to Zhao Yao immediately. Something seemed to be troubling her.

“This is troublesome.” Zhao Yao curled his lips in annoyance. He was in no mood to talk to anyone with the heaps of experience points waiting for him to harvest.

Hence, Zhao Yao simply snapped his fingers and robbed everyone of their five senses as their lifeless bodies collapsed on the cold hard ground.

A smile crept up his face as he stared at the sea of people lying unconsciously on the floor and muttered, “Mission success.”

With the help of deflective field, he began transporting all these people out of the village. He could not help but jump for joy when he noticed his skyrocketing experience points.


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