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Read Am I A God? Chapter 389: 385 Tailing

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On the street opposite the lending company, Zhao Xue was hiding on the roof of a small building with stealth as she watched a line of people entering the office.

She was only able to escape Is.h.i.+da’s attack with the use of her stealth ability.

She did not continue with the battle as after she engaged her opponent for a short while, she understood that it was unlikely for her to emerge victorious.

It wasn’t because of a gap between their skill levels. After all, among all the apostles, there wasn’t actually a difference skill levels as everyone had different abilities which were all unique.

She wasn’t able to emerge victorious as her attacks were ineffective against her opponent.

After Is.h.i.+da integrated into a shadow, all forms of physical attacks wouldn’t work against him. Although Zhao Xue had superb physical abilities, they were essentially useless against the opponent.

As she remembered the wisdom King George imparted to her which was that when she faced an opponent who was ineffective to her ability, escape.

However, she did not actually escape. Instead, she used her stealth and physical attributes to tail the opponent and tracked where they were going.

Although she couldn’t directly confront him, but once he returned to his physical form, Zhao Xue could use her abilities to sneakily attack him.

As she constantly reminded herself of King George’s teachings, she softly landed on the ground level like a cat after she left the roof. With a few quick manoeuvres, she dashed towards the lending company whilst being invisible.

At the door to the office, Black Panther brought along seven to eight rustic looking guys as they walked with jitterily towards the office.

There were young and old around him. The young people looked like they were still students while the aged already had greying temples and wrinkled skin.

They all arrived from Zha Pian Province a few days ago and were from the same village as Black Panther. They were here to find employment too.

A youth asked, “Brother Black Panther, is there really no interest when you borrow money here?”

“Of course,” Black Panther shouted, “Let me tell you, I know the manager here. They don’t lend us with interests. When we get the money, we try our best to survive and we will all try our best at our jobs and do well here. Next year will be a good year.”

As they heard ‘jobs’ and ‘do well’, glimmers of hopes flashed across the people’s eyes. They were extremely poor and were afraid of poverty. With Black Panther’s encouragement, they plucked up their courage to leave their hometown in hopes of changing their conditions back home.

However, the travel fees and expenses on food these past few days had already used up most of their money. Hence, they listened to Black Panther and came here to borrow money before working to pay off their debts.

When the group found Xiao Ming, they explained their scenario to him.

Black Panther smiled and said, “Brother, this is fate. I’ve already found your familiar the previous time. I went back and finally remembered.” He patted Xiao Ming on the shoulders and said intimately, “You forgotten? Chuan Xiao District, Black Panther!”

Xiao Ming was taken aback for a moment and thought for a moment. He really didn’t recognise him previously. After all, when he was in Chuan Xiao District, most of the time was spent in Hope Elementary School and did not see much of Black Panther and the apostles.

Black Panther said with a tinge of embarra.s.sment, “Brother, you look at these people. They are all here to borrow a little bit of money as their living expenses. They are all honest and hardworking people. Once they have earned from their jobs, they will pay the debts.”

Xiao Ming raised his eyebrow. The memory of Chuan Xiao District was etched deep in his mind. He then nodded his head, “Okay. you all fill up your particulars first then.”

In the office, only they were settling the administrative details as it was already after office hours.

While they were completing the proceedings, a girl suddenly appeared. She looked at Black Panther and said, “Don’t borrow money from here. They are loan sharks. There were already incidents of people commiting suicide from not being able to repay loans.”

Xiao Ming was enraged, “Miss, we are doing legitimate business here and we don’t use violence to ask our clients to repay loans.”

Zhao Xue took a glance at him and didn’t have anything to say. He looked at Black Panther and said, “Anyway I have told you that they are loan sharks. If you still intend to borrow from them, it’s your business.” She turned and left. Black Panther wanted to chase her to ask her more questions. But when he turned, she had already disappeared.

She saw the pitiful state of the poor and honest people and that’s why she came forward to notify them. After she had done that, she became invisible again and went back to tailing Meng Hao and the rest.

She followed them into the office and there was already a middle-aged man waiting for them.

Meng Hao and the rest walked into the meeting room under the watchful eyes of Onitsuka and Hidekazu and sat in the chairs.

Matsuo looked at the people and smiled slightly, “Mr. Meng Hao, we finally meet.”

Meng Hao gloomily stared at Matsuo and coldly spoke, “What do you want?”

Matsuo replied, “He he, nothing much. I just think that there’s a misunderstanding and I want to chat about it.”

“Hm, misunderstanding?” Meng Hao continued coldly, “There’s no misunderstanding. I admit defeat today. Just do what you want to do. But if you think that just because you’ve won today, you can suppress me forever and accept your conditions , that’s impossible.”

“He he, you don’t need to be so nervous.” Matsuo casually walked over. But in an instant, he became violent and pressed onto Meng Hao’s head and slammed it on the table. He whispered into Meng Hao’s ear with hostility and rage.

“Who do you think you are speaking to?” Matsuo looked at him ferociously. “You gather your apostles, you have some money at home and you want to be a hero. I won’t care about you. But now you are blocking my path, if you don’t scram, I will kill your entire family.”

Meng Hao swallowed his saliva. He didn’t know why even though the person of him was an ordinary guy. His aura suppressed him which lead him to feeling uncomfortable and angry. However, he didn’t dare to do anything.

Matsuo released his head and adjusted his suit. He then changed his tone and said, “Okay, let’s speak about what to do next.”

At this moment, with a few thuds, two black streaks appeared from the shadow at the door. They latched onto the doors and shut them.

Matsuo frowned, “What happened?”

A j.a.panese voice sounded out from the shadows beneath their feet.

“Chasing away pests.” Once Is.h.i.+da completed his sentence, a chair was shot in the air, lifted by the the sharp streak. It blocked out the light hanging on the ceiling.

At that moment, shadows covered more than half the office.


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