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Chapter 906: Evolution

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Dust Ball started transporting materials into the Extradimensional Belly to transform it into a supercat haven and catmint farm.

Zhao Yao arrived at Arthas and Diana’s room and saw Arthas, Diana, Rice Cake, and Gaia lying down in the cat dwellings. They were wearing game visors on their heads and they looked like they were playing the computer game Closers World.

Zhao Yao thought, “Are all of them playing computer games in the name of research?”

Zhao Yao nudged both of them to wake them up.

Arthas yawned as he said, “Zhao Yao, why are you here?”

Zhao Yao said glumly, “I’m checking how your research is progressing. How’s it going? Did you uncover the workings of the online game?”

Arthas’ eyes lit up when Zhao Yao mentioned the online game. “This game is very addictive! There are two major camps, various ways to play, dramatic events and interesting creatures…”

Zhao Yao became more and more sour and Arthas immediately replied, “Er… I researched the game and it was as expected. It’s an Awareness World built in the Awareness Dimension.”

“In the Awareness Dimension?” Zhao Yao said. “Didn’t you mention that in the Awareness Dimension, there’s no concept of s.p.a.ce and time like in the material realm? Instead, it’s a chaotic and random dimension that connects the dreamscapes of all life? How could there be a stable game world in such an environment?”

“This is where it’s awesome!” Diana explained. “The Closers World is a dreamscape and it’s more st.u.r.dy than normal dreamscapes. It can exist for a long time and the scenes are fixed in stone. They are unaffected by the changes in the players’ awarenesses…”

Diana scratched her head as though she was confused and said, “If the Awareness Dimension is a restless ocean, then everyone’s dreamscapes are like sandcastles on the beach that can collapse for any reason.

But in Closers World, the castles are as st.u.r.dy as steel fortress.”

Arthas nodded his head and said agreeably, “The dreamscape that I created in the Beverly Hills was like a sand pit as compared to the Closers World’s luxurious automated cat toilet.”

Diana said, “Closers World is able to exist independently in the Awareness Dimension and resist violent drifts of awareness. It is invulnerable against our superpower attacks.”

“That powerful?” Zhao Yao frowned and thought. “Isn’t it closely related to dreamscapes and awarenesses? With Diana’s current level, she’s unable to fight against the alien cats. I’ll let Diana level up.”

Arthas shared another discovery while researching Closers World.

“I might have found the reason behind Closers World’s existence.” Arthas said, “Based on my senses, I can feel the game players supplying energy to Closers World.”

Zhao Yao was surprised and said, “I didn’t know such stuff was possible.”

“Yes, all living things expend mental energy during our daily activities. When we sleep, our mental energy and body are replenished.” Arthas said, “I can sense that we are spending our mental energy when we are playing in the Closers World.”

“All our emotions like joy, anger, sadness,excitement, and thought processes expend our mental energy which is absorbed by Closers World.”

Zhao Yao asked, “Are you able to guess the use for the mental energy?”

“I suppose a portion of the energy is used to maintain Closers World,” Arthas said. “I don’t know about the rest. This is the first time I have encountered the absorbing of people’s mental energy. I can sense the phenomenon but I can’t figure out how they do it.”

Zhao Yao nodded grimly. The situation was worse than he thought. He could not figure out what the alien cats were up to and he did not have the power to defeat them in a direct confrontation.

He was even killed by them in the Awareness Dimension.

“I’ll level up Diana and let her go through evolution to see if she can fight against the alien cats.”

Zhao Yao looked at BOOK’s panel as he awarded tens of thousands of experience points to Diana and upgraded her to Level 10.

Diana was now Level 10 (0/0).

It seemed Level 10 was the maximum for a supercat.

“Is evolution required after attaining Level 10? I’ll upgrade Diana’s skills first.”

Zhao Yao looked at the skill tree of Level 8 and Level 9 and picked four skills that used up two skill points and expanded the radius of the sleep superpower to 100 kilometers.

The probability of the subconscious’ content being woven into the dreamscape was 20%.

One second in the dreamscape was equivalent to 14 hours in the material realm.

Zhao Yao looked at Diana’s Level 10 skills with great antic.i.p.ation.

Dream Demon’s Const.i.tution: You can change the state of your body and enter a dreamscape while expending your mental energy.

Nightmare’s Breath: You possess mastery of dreamweaving and excellent understanding of human nature. You are able to use this skill once in a dreamscape to deal ma.s.sive mental energy damage to your target.

Zhao Yao sighed. These two level 10 were extremely powerful but they were still not related to the Awareness Dimension’s energy.

He used up one skill point for Diana to learn Dream Demon’s Const.i.tution and Nightmare’s breath. There were five remaining skill points after he collected the Meteorite Fragments.

Zhao Yao accessed BOOK’s evolution module and selected Diana for evolution.

He saw the evolution option: Awareness Dimension Evolution.

Zhao Yao thought, “Evolution option? There’s only one evolution option? I’m not sure if I’m exposed to the Awareness Dimension or only Diana’s allowed this evolution option. I guess it’s my limitation as BOOK provided my superpowers. I experienced the Awareness Dimension’s energy so I’m allowed to choose it.”

This was what Zhao Yao wanted to master. He immediately selected Awareness Dimension evolution and a progress bar appeared, showing 0%.

Zhao Yao read the words under the progress bar and thought, “I need to acc.u.mulate the Awareness Dimension’s energy to complete the evolution?”


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