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Read Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 115 The Han Family Is Finished

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Lulu Pharmaceutical Company is situated in another high-rise building next to Feifei Pharmaceutical Company.

This land belongs to Han’s Pharmaceutical Group. Several buildings here are also the industry of Han’s Pharmaceutical Group.

It is eight o’clock in the evening now and it is as dark as ink. Although Li Yong is a little hungry, he has no time to have dinner. He is eager to see his wife so he rushes directly into Lulu Pharmaceutical Company.

It is his first visit to Lulu Pharmaceutical Company. He is immediately stopped by the receptionist on duty.

Li Yong wants to give Han Lu a surprise. If the receptionist notifies Han Lu, there will be no effect he wants. How can his good times and mood be spoiled by the receptionist?

Li Yong smiles and walks to the receptionist. He suddenly puts out his finger and gently pokes the receptionist in her chest. The beautiful receptionist is stunned and she immediately stands there silently. Even her eyes don’t move.

When Li Yong pokes her in the chest, he also pinches her breast. It is so elastic that Li Yong has to compliment her.

She is very beautiful. No wonder she can be a receptionist. It is said that the receptionist is the face of a company and almost all of them are top beauties. But this beautiful lady wears famous brands. She wears a necklace around her neck and eardrops on her earlobes. Especially the Rolex watch on her wrist is of great value.

She doesn’t look like the receptionist at all!

Li Yong doesn’t think much about it. He smiles slightly and sees that the receptionist opens her scarlet and s.e.xy mouth as if she wants to shout but can’t make a sound.

His Death-point Striking is becoming more and more powerful. Li Yong admires himself secretly.

“I am the husband of your President Han. I want to give her a surprise and I am sorry to make you go through this. In half an hour, you will be able to move freely.” Li Yong whispers in her ear. Then he pinches her s.e.xy mouth and closes it. It feels so good that Li Yong can’t help touching her red lips again.

Then Li Yong walks quickly into the stairs and runs to the twelfth floor of Han Lu’s office.

The reason why he didn’t take the elevator was that there were bodyguards in the elevator and the elevator didn’t move as fast as he did. He was also afraid of his speed when he urged his internal strength to run.

After calming down, Li Yong steps into the hall on the twelfth floor. It is ablaze with lights. It is so clean and spotless that the floor can reflect lights.

But Li Yong doesn’t see anyone. It is so quiet that he has a strange feeling.

Li Yong hears his heart beat very strong at this time.

It seems that the employees are all off work. Is Han Lu alone working overtime?

But why are lights on everywhere? Is Han Lu doing any special work?

Thinking of this, Li Yong feels sad slightly. He can’t help saying, “My wife is working too hard. I will certainly double your reward later. I will kiss you twice, hug you twice and spin you around twice…”

Originally, Li Yong was going to kiss, hug and spin Han Lu around once.

At this time, someone laughs happily and says inside, “Hha… You’ve got it. I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. Today we’re going to celebrate. I can’t help it. Take off your clothes quickly.”

It’s the voice of a middle-aged man. He asked the woman to take off her clothes. What’s the situation?

Li Yong quickens his pace immediately and opens his clairvoyant vision at the same time. He wants to see which b.a.s.t.a.r.d dares to act wildly in his wife’s company.

Looking through the walls, Li Yong sees where the voice came from in an instant.

Li Yong stops and is stunned at this time.

Something is wrong. It’s not Han Lu but a strange woman. The woman wears black stockings and a leather skirt, which wrap her b.u.t.tocks tightly. She shows her chest and is very coquettish.

She doesn’t take off her clothes but she twists her b.u.t.tocks and sits on the unknown man’s legs, smiling sweetly, “It is not the time. Yumeng is still waiting downstairs. We can reserve a room another day and I will treat you well.”

“You have said many times that you would reserve a room another day! But you always go around the world soon. I can hardly see you. Let me have a taste of you today anyway. I’ve driven all the bodyguards and a.s.sistants down. n.o.body will disturb us now.”

“Hey… Here’s the company… Hha… Why are you so anxious…”

“I am anxious? Are you not anxious? You don’t have a husband. I want to see if your body reacts…”

Seeing that the s.e.xy woman’s clothes are torn off one by one, Li Yong really doesn’t know whether he will continue to see, walk over or turn away.

But after thinking for a moment, Li Yong gets a message from their words that Han Lu’s company has been acquired by them. Han Lu is not here. This is their company.

This is the company of the Han Family. Sooner or later, it’s also his company. How could it become their company?

Thinking of this, Li Yong takes a deep breath and strides over.

Li Yong thinks that since he came, he should figure it out before leaving. Now that he wants to know, he needs to record the wonderful moment. Maybe it’s their disgrace. Even if Li Yong can’t get any benefits, he can also disgust them.

So Li Yong takes out his phone, and opens the video recording function. He comes to the door, raises his hand and pushes open the door of the large office. He smiles at the pa.s.sionate couple of men and women on the sofa and says, “Excuse me, I’ll leave after asking one question. Whose company is this now?”

Li Yong’s sudden appearance frightens the couple from the sofa to the floor. Then they climb up and dress in a hurry instead of answering Li Yong’s question.

In the process, Li Yong sees that the man’s underwear is wet and the woman’s underwear seems wetter than the man’s. If Li Yong comes in a second later, the last dress on them will be torn off.

Li Yong sighs when he sees this scene. Their desire for making love is so strong!

“Who are you, b.a.s.t.a.r.d?” When the man puts on his trousers and ties his belt, he shouts and asks. His broad square face is so screwy that it seems as if he has been severely clipped by a clip.

“Who are you?” The woman also puts on her leather skirt and covers her fair and soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s. The anger in her voice is no less than the man.

Their clothes are very neat and both famous brands, especially the man’s belt and the woman’s blouse, which are inlaid with shining diamonds and platinum. Obviously, they are both bigwigs. Looking at their momentum of successful businessmen, Li Yong thinks that maybe they have great power and authority in a certain field.

“Don’t be angry, please answer my question first.” Li Yong says happily. His att.i.tude is very friendly.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you court death.” The man is furious and wants to grab Li Yong’s neck. He is tall and strong. But Li Yong is thin and seems to have little strength. So the man hits Li Yong immediately.

However, Li Yong moves back quickly and the man grabs nothing. But the man doesn’t give up. He is so furious that he rushes to Li Yong and tries to grab Li Yong again. Li Yong doesn’t move this time, but he raises his hand forward and hits the man on the hand. The man cries out. His finger is skinned and bleeding.

“Ah, my finger.”

There is a gemstone-inlaid gold ring in Li Yong’s hand. He holds the ring in his hand and looks at it. Li Yong can see that the gemstone inlaid in the middle is of great value at first glance. A layer of slurry on the surface shows that it is a gemstone with a long history, at least a thousand years.

Li Yong also suddenly finds that his eyes can not only see through objects and people’s bodies but also distinguish antiques. It’s amazing! He laughs and says, “It’s a good thing.”

“Give it back to me.” As soon as the man realizes that he has lost his ring, he immediately forgets his pain. He rushes to Li Yong again with a fierce face and an indefatigable look as if he is going to fight hard with Li Yong.

But in Li Yong’s eyes, the man is too weak.

As soon as the man runs to Li Yong, he is slapped by Li Yong and turns half a circle. His square face swells up immediately. The man’s eyes are so blurry that he even doesn’t see Li Yong’s actions.

The man realizes something. He quickly steps back three steps and walks back and forth, trying to find a chance to rush to Li Yong again but he dares not. He just raises his b.l.o.o.d.y hand, points at Li Yong tremblingly and shouts, “Give it back to me.”

At this time, the woman who just dodged to the side and leaned against the wall suddenly comes up and pulls the man. She whispers, “Zhu Shilei, he seems not to be ordinary people.”

The woman could see clearly that Li Yong’s every movement was not fl.u.s.tered but so easy. He seemed to be more powerful than bodyguards. Especially the faint smile on his face gave her a profound feeling.

She couldn’t bear to see this important man in her life continue to court death, so she stopped Zhu Shilei in a panic.

Zhu Shilei hesitates for a moment but he still grits his teeth and says, “I don’t care who you are. Give me the ring. Otherwise, I will kill you and make you disappear in this world.”

“If you answer my question, I’ll give it back to you.” Then Li Yong slowly picks up the tissue on the desk, wipes his finger and then wraps up the b.l.o.o.d.y ring.

“What do you want to know?” Zhu Shilei asks with anger.

“It was originally a company of the Han Family. Why are you here?” Li Yong asks again.

Zhu Shilei glances at the s.e.xy and coquettish woman and the woman says lightly, “The Han Family is finished. All the industries of the Han Family have been mortgaged to repay its debts. The company is bought by us.”

“Feng Qingqing, don’t talk nonsense with him. I’ll ask the bodyguards to come up and hit him.” Zhu Shilei just shouted loudly in order to attract the attention of the outside bodyguards and let them rush up. But although he shouted so loudly, the bodyguards didn’t come. So he has to take out his phone to call them.


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