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Amazing Doctor With Super Vision is a web novel completed by Unknown.
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Chapter 166 Am I Charming or Are My Clothes Charming?

Li Yong smiles slightly and wonders that Huang Anhe even knows this. In fact, there is such a kind of treatment in his memory, but he has never used it.

When he saw Huang Anhe’s wounds, he didn’t even think about it.

Li Yong is surprised that Huang Anhe says it out directly. Her glad and beautiful eyes blink slightly as if expecting Li Yong’s pity. Li Yong is attracted. He looks back and finds Han Fei is not here. Then he laughs and says, “Ms. Huang, do you want me to kiss you?”

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” Huang Anhe smiles charmingly. She is more enchanting.

“I want.”

“Kiss me. I like you to kiss me.”

“Wait for me to close the door.”

After closing the door, Li Yong kisses Huang Anhe’s swollen cheek, using this ancient and effective method to treat Huang Anhe. Huang Anhe smiles coquettishly. She is full of happiness.

They also say some sweet words.

“I hope that you can kiss me forever.”

“Rubbing will get hot. My lips will turn into gauze and your face will become thicker.”

“Just kiss me. I am not afraid.”

“Do you want me to kiss you lightly or heavily?”

“You can decide it yourself.”

There are footsteps outside at this time. Han Fei comes back. When she suddenly pushes open the door, Li Yong and Huang Anhe have parted. But Huang Anhe’s tender cheeks still have Li Yong’s saliva.

“Brother Yong, let’s go!” Han Fei feels uneasy here and just wants to go back to the city.

“Okay, you go and get ready.” Li Yong also feels that it is time to leave.

“Everything is ready.” Han Fei says.

“Wait for me. I’ll arrange something.”

Li Yong goes to Hu’s room and finds Hu.

After a day and night of recovery, Hu can throw away his walking stick and walk slowly.

“Yong, your medical skills are really unparalleled in the world. You see, I can walk already.” Hu is very happy to see Li Yong coming. He walks around Li Yong and admires Li Yong’s medical skills very much.

“It is not because of my good medical skills, but the result of your own practice. Practice can make the injuries get better faster.” Li Yong explains. From the injuries of Hu, Li Yong knows that Hu has learned the way to practice in bed. Li Yong finds that though Hu is a rough man, he is very smart and talented.

“It turns out to be like this. It’s great.” Hu is very excited.

“Hu, I’m leaving now. You should improve your strength recently. Don’t go out and don’t let your brothers go out at will. I met a killer on the mountain just now. I’m afraid that it’s unsafe here. You have to protect the staff here.”

Hearing that Li Yong met the killer, Hu is shocked and asks in a hurry, “Are you okay, Yong?”

“I am all right. But Manager Huang was a little injured and has been cured by me. You need to protect her.”

“Don’t worry, Yong. I know what to do.” Hu says carefully.

Li Yong pats Hu on the shoulder and tells him to practice well, and then he walks to the car.

Han Fei gets on the car at this time. She wants to leave here immediately. Huang Anhe stands in front of the car door and says goodbye to Han Fei reluctantly.

“Brother Yong, go quickly.” Han Fei doesn’t want to stay here for a minute because she is afraid that there will be killers.

“Li Yong…” Huang Anhe looks at Li Yong who is sitting in the driver’s seat and wants to say something. When Li Yong looks at her, she tries to smile and says, “Be careful on the road.”

“Ms. Huang, the killer’s target is me. You’ll be fine here after we leave. And I’ve already told Hu to protect you and all the staff here.” Li Yong says earnestly.

“Be careful, you must not have an accident.” When Huang Anhe hears that the killer’s target is Li Yong, her heart aches. She tries hard to hold back her tears and not let herself cry.

“I know, Ms. Huang. Don’t run out. If you need anything, let Hu go out and buy it for you. I’m leaving.” Li Yong starts the car and slowly goes on the road.

“Goodbye, Ms. Huang.” Han Fei waves to Huang Anhe.

Huang Anhe sends them outside the gate and then she stops. Seeing the car drive away, her tears finally fall. She has just become acquainted with Li Yong but she is anguished when she is separated from Li Yong.

“What’s wrong with you, Brother Yong?” Just as the car is on the road, Han Fei sees that Li Yong almost drives into the ditches beside the road, so she is surprised and asks.

“Fei, I am a little dizzy.” Li Yong is exhausted and has no strength.

“Stop quickly. Let me drive.”

The car stops at the roadside. Li Yong gets into the back of the car, lies down there and then falls asleep.

When Li Yong wakes up, the car is parked in the front yard of the Han Family. Han Fei is pinching his nose and shouting, “Brother Yong, we are at home. Get up, if you don’t get up, I’ll spank you.”

Li Yong stretches himself. After practicing and sleeping all the way, he recovers a lot.

Coming to the living room, Li Yong sees that it is exactly 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Now Han Lu should be working in the company.

“Where’s my dad?” Han Fei asks the housemaid. She wants to tell Han Dongtao about the killer Li Yong met in the mountain. She can’t keep secrets in her mind. If something happens, she must say it out.

“Master went out with Lyu Chun and said he would come back tomorrow.” The housemaid answers respectfully.

“My dad’s arm is not recovered. What is he doing?” Han Fei is a little worried.

“He will be fine because Lyu Chun follows him.” Li Yong consoles. He knows the strength of Lyu Chun. Since she practiced the mental cultivation method of internal strength, her strength has been significantly enhanced.

Even if she fights with Chu Jianghe, she won’t be certainly defeated.

“It’s okay.” Han Fei says and then runs upstairs.

Li Yong sits on the sofa in the living room, drinking tea and eating snacks while watching TV carelessly.

Han Fei, who has just taken a bath with wet hair, runs down happily in her stockings and skirt, “Brother Yong, do you think I’m beautiful?”

Li Yong looks up and stares at Han Fei.

Seeing Li Yong’s reaction, Han Fei laughs proudly and pokes Li Yong’s head, “Look at your expression.”

Li Yong laughs and immediately remembers that there are many different colors of stockings and skirts in Han Fei’s wardrobe. He can’t help asking, “Fei, you said that you would wear them for me to see last time.”

“Yes! Brother Yong, am I not wearing them for you? Look, are they beautiful?” Han Fei stretches out her arms and turns around happily in front of Li Yong. Her skirt flies up, almost showing her T-back.

“Yes.” Li Yong praises and says, “Fei, you have other stockings of different colors. Show me.”

“Then you come upstairs.” It seems that Han Fei also thinks so.

Li Yong comes upstairs with Han Fei. When Han Fei sees Li Yong entering her room directly, she asks, “Brother Yong, do you want to see me change clothes?”

“Er… It seems a little inappropriate!” Li Yong really wants but he dares not to speak out.

“Of course it’s not appropriate. If you see me change clothes, I will suffer losses. You can go to my sister’s room. When I’m ready, I will go and show it to you, okay?” Han Fei grins and says.

“Okay.” Li Yong nods excitedly. Then he walks into Han Lu’s room, waiting patiently.

Han Fei rushes over happily in black stockings. She pats her thigh and laughs, “Brother Yong, look, black stockings.”

Li Yong looks at her. Han Fei’s two beautiful legs are slender and very s.e.xy because of the black stockings. Li Yong wants to touch her but he dares not to be brusque. He can only use his eyes to touch and imagine in his mind.

“Brother Yong, are my stockings beautiful?” Han Fei asks happily.

“Yes.” Li Yong sincerely praises.

“I still have black stockings with mesh. Would you like to see?”


“Wait a minute.”

Han Fei appears in black stockings with mesh soon. The black mesh and her fair thighs form a delightful contrast. Han Fei’s body is a little immature, but now she is s.e.xy. It’s so interesting.

The more Li Yong sees, the more he wants to see, the more he thinks Han Fei is particularly attractive.

“Fei, don’t you still have red and blue stockings? Show me them, too.” Li Yong also wants to see something more exciting. Each color can have a new visual impact, which can bring him a new feeling.

“Wait a minute.”

Han Fei comes in red stockings soon with red high-heeled shoes and a short skirt just like a bride. Her figure is very perfect and charming.

Then the blue stockings also give Li Yong another feeling.

“Fei, do you have other stockings? Change for me quickly.” Li Yong wants to have more visual impacts. He finds that once his desire is aroused, he will become more and more unsatisfied.

“It’s so troublesome for me to change clothes. I am very tired. Would you help me change clothes, Brother Yong?” There is a sly gleam in Han Fei’s eyes and she asks coquettishly.

Li Yong feels that he is familiar with her eyes. Every time he sees this kind of gleam in Han Fei’s eyes, he will be unlucky. But Li Yong doesn’t want to care about so much at this time. He immediately promises, “Okay, I can help you.”

After coming to her room, Han Fei sits down on the bed and motions Li Yong to take off her shoes and stockings. Li Yong takes off cautiously and his nosebleeds almost gush out.

“Brother Yong, there are many different styles of stockings and clothes in the wardrobe. Choose what you like and put them on for me. Today, I’ll feast your eyes.” Han Fei points to the wardrobe and smiles with red cheeks.

Li Yong immediately begins to choose, takes the selected stockings and clothes and puts them on Han Fei. Then he takes them off. He changes Han Fei’s clothes several times. Although he is very busy, he is happy.

Li Yong regards Han Fei as a model. He looks at her with an aesthetic eye. He thinks that Han Fei is really beautiful and enchanting.

“Fei, you are so fascinating.” Li Yong praises.

“Am I charming or are my clothes charming?” Han Fei thinks that Li Yong appreciates all kinds of clothes.

“The clothes are charming and you are more charming.” Li Yong says with an obscene smile.

“Do you like my clothes or me?” Han Fei asks again.

“Of course, I like you.” Li Yong says without hesitation.

“Do you love me?” Han Fei’s face becomes ruddier.


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