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The person who opened the door was Second Auntie.

When she saw Chen Ruo Yu brought back a young man, she was stunned.

Chen Ruo Yu led Meng Gu into the living room and all the voices that were in conversation gradually subsided. Everyone was shocked. Is this considered a new method of magically producing a living person?

Chen Brother who was closely monitoring the movements in the living room, stuck out his head to look at the scene. The moment he saw the situation, he quickly scooted to the door of the bedroom to watch the excitement.

“This is my boyfriend, he is called Meng Gu.” Chen Ruo Yu nervously made an introduction.

Everyone stared at both of them and no one spoke. Chen Mother’s mouth was opened very big in surprise, so big that a large duck egg could be stuffed into her mouth. In her heart, she still regretted that she had slapped her daughter but she also felt angry that her daughter was disobedient and was always looking for excuses to deal with them. She was anxious for her daughter and wanted to find a good partner for her as soon as possible. She had not expected that her daughter would run out, turn around and really come back with a boyfriend.

She could not have rushed down to the streets, turn around, just picked up a handsome guy and brought him back, right?

The first person to respond was the old Grandmother. She walked over with her cane and looked at Meng Gu seriously. She said. “Are you the doctor boyfriend that Xiao Yu was talking about? You look good, really good indeed.”

Chen Ruo Yu touched Meng Gu. “This is my Grandma.”

“Grandma, how are you?” Meng Gu responded quickly and greeted her.

“Good, good. Such a good boy!” Grandma was very happy, turned around and said to everyone. “Look, all of you always say I am confused. In fact, I am not confused. I can still remember Xiao Yu has a doctor boyfriend.”

Chen Ruo Yu was nearly moved to tears. Only Grandma is good to her and in the end, only Grandmas believed she has a doctor boyfriend.

This time, everyone finally reacted and Chen Father found a chair for Meng Gu. The others did not want to play mahjong anymore and the table was kept away to make room. No one wanted to watch TV and it was turned off, in case the sounds would hinder listening in to gossip. Melon seeds were not eaten lest one’s image would be lost in front of the handsome guy. Later there would not be any momentum when questions were asked.

In short, there was a burst of chaos.

Then that Li Chao who was dragged over by her Elder Auntie finally found a chance to make his escape. He took the opportunity to stand up and say goodbye. When Chen Ruo Yu saw the relief on his face and look of relief in his eyes, she felt a little more sympathy for him.

As she looked at the direction of Li Chao making his escape, Meng Gu turned her face around and said. “Introduce them to me.”

“This is my Dad, this is my Mom.”

“Dad……Mom……” Meng Gu greeted them directly and had no intention of going through the transition period of using the t.i.tle ‘Uncle or Auntie.’

Chen Father and Chen Mother have not fully recovered from the surprise of her daughter’s sudden return with a handsome boyfriend and they were now again stunned by his enthusiastic familiar greeting.

Can he just casually call them ‘Dad and Mom’?

Next to be introduced were the large group of relatives ranging from Aunties, Uncles, Cousin Brothers and Cousin Sisters. Meng Gu gave a smooth performance and no matter whether he remembered or not, he just greeted everyone following Chen Ruo Yu as she introduced them.

After everyone has been greeted, all of them suddenly did not know what to say. After all, just now a mistake has been made and because of their match-making endeavor, a mother had hit her daughter. As a result, the daughter had actually brought back her true man and this was simply considered returning an invisible slap to Chen Mother. Although on the surface, no one said anything but everyone still felt embarra.s.sed.

For her Elder Auntie who had forcefully dragged the young man over for a blind-date, the expression on her face was even uglier and she found herself in an awkward situation.

In such a situation, it was Chen Father who picked up a topic for conversation. “Oh…….” The moment he opened his mouth, he could not remember the name of this guy.

“My name is Meng Gu.”

“Ah……yes, Meng Gu. Are you from city?”


“What do you do?”


Everyone glared simultaneously at Chen Father. Don’t we know about all these?

Chen Father coughed. These are opening remarks and all the questions are the same. They have to be in order, so what is this anxiety about?

“That…… month…….”

Before Chen Father could continue, his daughter’s eyes shot at him. He suddenly remembered that his daughter had just scolded them for asking about other people’s income which was not good manners. Although Chen Father’s questions had always been based on the three points, ‘name ~ occupation ~ income’, however, the situation today was special and he would have to adapt to the situation.

“How many days in a month do you work?”

In the crowd of people, there were light sounds of hissing and spurts of light laughter. Chen Father pretended he did not hear anything.

“By right it is only two days a week but we often work overtime and work on a rotation basis.” Meng Gu acted normally and was polite. Chen Ruo You felt at ease.

“What field are you in?” Chen Father finally found a new topic and felt a little happy.


Whatever field is not important! Actually, Chen Father already felt very satisfied and gradually he slipped into a comfortable chat. “When did you arrive? Xiao Yu, this child should have brought you back sooner.”

“I arrived yesterday…….” Meng Gu said politely and had not even finished speaking, an Uncle had interrupted. “No wonder Xiao Yu didn’t come home to sleep last night.”

His words seemed a little like an insinuation. The speaker had no malicious intentions but the listener had taken it to heart. (说者无心听者有意) So, Chen Mother instantly felt unhappy.

What does he mean? Is he insinuating her daughter is not proper or what?

Since the Uncle had made a head start opening up the conversation, then Elder Auntie boldly and impolitely asked. “It is the New Year, why did you come empty-handed*?”

(Empty handed – To the Chinese people, it is impolite to visit someone without bearing gifts. The gifts can range from a simple fruit basket to expensive items, depending on the giver and receiver, the occasion and the purpose of the gift.)

The awkward atmosphere slowly spread and Chen Father tried to mediate the situation but Meng Gu had replied. “It was my fault for not having thoroughly thought of this. Initially, I had wanted to come to C-city and discuss with Ruo Yu to find out what Dad and Mom like, then only prepare the gifts. But today, I heard that she had made her Elders unhappy. My family’s Ruo Yu is a little stupid, she does not know how to please people and no one believed her. So I quickly brought her back to apologize to Dad and Mom. I will teach her well when we go back, I’m truly sorry.”

After his words were heard, there was complete silence.

A needle hidden in silk cotton……. (It means a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance.)

Is there a mistake? Who does Chen Ruo Yu actually belongs to? Why does it seem as if he is the parent by the way he spoke while her actual parents seem like outsiders?

But his words were spoken politely and they could not find anything wrong with his statement. Everyone seemed to feel they have been beaten by a secret rod and did not know what else to say.

The expressions on Chen Mother and Chen Father’s face seemed to show their displeasure.

Is this young man so daring to come up and criticize them?

She is their daughter and whether they beat her or scold her, it is still their family business. To criticize them is really rude of him. However, he is handsome and has a good career. With a glance, it can be seen that his conditions are excellent. His words are respectful and with a glance, it can be seen he is from the upper cla.s.s. For their daughter to be able to find someone like him is like giving them face in front of their relatives.

This boyfriend really makes the parents struggle hard emotionally. Chen Father and Chen Mother looked at each other for a moment and were at a loss on the proper way to treat him.

But Chen Mother still wanted to protect her daughter especially in front of their relatives and also she still wanted face. Therefore, she ignored the comments of the Uncle and Elder Auntie, pretended she did not hear them and invited Meng Gu to eat fruits and drink tea.

When Meng Gu received the fruits and tea, he invited everyone, saying. “These mandarin oranges are very sweet. Come, everyone help yourselves……don’t be courteous.”

Chen Mother nearly choked. This reverse role of guest-turning-into-host should not be performed so grandly, okay?

Chen Mother put on a welcoming manner and Meng Gu held a lively conversation. So several relatives gathered around Meng Gu without politeness. They asked him what his family does, they asked about his house, his car, they asked how he met Chen Ruo Yu and they also asked him about his plans for Chen Ruo Yu.

Meng Gu told them that his mother was originally also a doctor but after she married his father, she no longer practiced medicine and became a housewife. His father is the Deputy Dean at the hospital he is working in and so on.

Chen Mother immediately felt ten years younger, her waist straightened and her face shone brightly. She gave her daughter a look that blamed her for not bringing him back earlier.

Chen Ruo Yu pursed her lips and did not speak. She knew her mother had already long forgotten every time when she tried to tell her mother on the phone that she already has a boyfriend, she would totally not believe her.

Meng Gu also told them he has a car and a house which is a gift from his parents. He was given the house as a gift for successfully securing the post of a doctor in the hospital where his father is working and he bought the car himself.

Chen Brother interrupted. “Since your father is the Deputy Dean and you are a doctor, why do you still need to work so hard?”

The whole room of elders glared at him as if they were throwing little knives at him. Is this the point? The point is that when people give gifts, they gave a house, alright?

In short, every time Meng Gu gave an answer, Chen Mother’s waist would straighten a bit more. Although she felt a little surprised, she wondered when had her daughter ever lived up to her expectations before? But in front of her eyes, this matter had given her enough face and now she feels like she is floating in the air.

“Xiao Meng, how old are you?” An uncle asked.

“Fast approaching 31.” Meng Gu smiled but in his heart, he felt a little unhappy. He is not very much older than his family’s Chen Ruo Yu, okay?

“You’re not young. How come you have not set up a family yet?” Second Auntie asked.

Chen Mother felt some blockage in her heart. Is this nitpicking or what?

“This is because I have yet to meet my family’s Chen Ruo Yu.” Meng Gu continued to smile and said confidently and shamelessly.

These words made several elders blushed. Really, nowadays young people are so straightforward. Everyone looked at Chen Ruo Yu and her face turned even redder. She wanted to give Meng Gu a few pinches.

After the feeling of shyness had blown over for everyone, they collectively continued to ask. “Have your parents met Xiao Yu?”

Chen Mother felt that Elder Auntie was definitely creating trouble and her tone sounded really sour.

Her daughter is proper, graceful and adorable and is not afraid of meeting any parents!

“Yes, they have met her.” Meng Gu nodded with a smile and glanced at Chen Ruo Yu.

Chen Ruo Yu understood his meaning and whispered. “She is Elder Auntie.”

Elder Auntie continued to ask again. “Are they satisfied with Xiao Yu?”

Chen Mother felt upset and heard Meng Gu said. “In reply to Elder Auntie, my parents have a very good vision, just like me.”

The level of this answer made people feel very comfortable. Chen Mother felt very satisfied.

“It is just that I don’t know whether I am pleasing in the eyes of Dad and Mom.” Meng Gu took this opportunity to ask Chen Father and Chen Mother directly.

Chen Ruo Yu really could not control herself and secretly gave him a pinch on his hand. While he was calling both of them ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’, he was also asking them whether he was good.

What kind of trick is that?

At this time, even if Chen Mother had any other ideas in her heart or she wanted to show her arrogance or have any opinion she wanted to voice, she could not do anything. Of course, she would not allow these relatives to make a joke out of her, so Chen Mother subconsciously said. “I and Xiao Yu’s father don’t have any opinion. As long as you young people have good feelings for each other and get along well, that will be fine.”

Meng Gu grinned happily. “Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Dad. Then this matter between me and Ruo Yu is settled. After I have discussed with Ruo Yu, I will bring my family to propose and discuss our marriage.”

“Ai…….Ai…….” Chen Mother did not think much and nodded in agreement.

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned.

Isn’t this a bit too simple? Where is her mother’s black face? What about her father? Where are her Chen family’s picky styles?

“It’s a pity you are from another city.” Elder Auntie commented acidly.

Chen Mother really wanted to flip the table.

Is this because Elder Auntie can’t bear to see her daughter doing well? What is this talk about another city?

“Yes, I am from another city. I’m truly sorry. However, our city is not any worse compared to C-city. I will not let Ruo Yu suffer too much. Thank you, Elder Auntie for your concern.” Meng Gu skillfully deflected her shot and return her a reply.

Chen Mother secretly choked. What is city not any worse than C-city? Obviously, city is very, very much better! She felt happy once again.

Chen Ruo Yu finally realized. Even though there were many people, it was also not a bad thing. All relatives gathered together were also not something bad. This clearly helped Mr. Tyrannosaurus gather good impressions. Looking at her mother’s expression of happiness and elation, isn’t this just the expression?

Cunning……too cunning!

She looked at Meng Gu and he gave her a smile.

On this day, Chen Mother’s mood was like riding a roller coaster, with ups and downs but the excitement was difficult to block off.

At first, her daughter made her jumping mad, and then her daughter brought Meng Gu home which gave her a fright. Then she was irritated by the relatives’ criticism, and then she felt extremely happy after being coaxed by Meng Gu.

Then it was time for dinner and the whole family wanted to eat. They actually clamored to go out for dinner in a restaurant which made Chen Mother’s heart ached terribly. However, Meng Gu said he will treat them which made her extremely pleased as she looked at this future son-in-law who is so generous and so capable.

They booked a big room and the relatives ordered all the expensive dishes. Chen Mother’s heart jumped up to her throat and was afraid Meng Gu would be upset. In the end, he only smiled and did not seem to mind. Then her heart returned to normal again.

During the dinner, Chen Ruo Yu picked up a big prawn and put it into her bowl. When Meng Gu stared at her, she quickly picked up the big prawn and put it in his bowl. Her uncle saw this and ridiculed her again. Chen Mother’s heart sank and felt very embarra.s.sed that her daughter was being bullied but Meng Gu peeled off the sh.e.l.l and put the prawn back into Chen Ruo Yu’s bowl. He explained that Chen Ruo Yu was very clumsy and there was once she was pierced by a prawn and bled. She was afraid of blood and had screamed loudly. Since then, they had agreed that she was not allowed to sh.e.l.l the prawns herself.

Chen Mother’s heart was calm again. She felt that nowadays, these young people really consider such sappy things as interesting. They really should not have talked about this. Is her daughter really so stupid while eating prawns? However, she had also seen her daughter injured her mouth when she ate crabs. Just as she thought of this, she saw her daughter picked up a crab leg and put it into Meng Gu’s bowl. Meng Gu casually sh.e.l.led it and gave it back to her.

Chen Mother thought again. If they are sappy then let them be, since being sappy seems to give her face.

In the end, when it was time to pay the bill, Chen Mother’s mood experienced a great upheaval. First, the waiter came into the room and told them the amount which shocked Chen Mother. She quickly looked at Meng Gu. He did not show any bad expression and told Chen Ruo Yu to settle the bill. Chen Ruo Yu did not show any reluctance and went without hesitation.

Elder Auntie immediately said. “Why did you let a woman pay the bill?” Chen Mother who was not in the mood wanted to help to say something but Meng Gu replied. “Our family’s Chen Ruo Yu is in charge of finance and all the money is with her.”

Chen Mother’s eyes shone and her heart which had sunk to the very bottom instantly rose to the top of the mountain. When she saw the expressions of several of the relatives, her spirit felt refreshed.

Whatever feelings that are uttered from the mouth are lies. A woman who holds the family’s finances is the one who has true power. She accepts this son-in-law! Whoever dares to nitpick and make any more noise, she will personally deal with them ! !


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