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Read An Exclusive Love Chapter 15: The First Full-Moon Night

An Exclusive Love is a Webnovel created by Yao Yao Zhi Xin.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Xin Qing had no idea of that she had been targeted. She was currently standing in the dorm and explaining to her three roommates and best friends.

“I didn’t mean it. I should have contacted you guys. Since my mom suddenly pa.s.sed away, I …”

“Alright, alright. If you continue to talk, you will cry!”Zhang Mi hugged her. “We are just worried about you. And, you really should have called us when auntie pa.s.sed away! What happened to the rumors in the school? When did you have an older sister? And how come your work to become a copied version? “

Zhang Mi was a hot-tempered, domineering lady. With her wavy hair and her gorgeous facial features, she gave off constant pressure. She did not believe that Xin Qing stole other’s work. There might be something behind it.

“Did something happen to your family?” Her other friend, Shi Qianqian, was much calmer.

Xin Qing told them everything that happened during the summer holiday, but she concealed the fact that she had been sold out by Xin Pengfei and the relationship between Ying Qingcang and herself.

“Then… What do you live on now?” Amongst them, the most timid Lin Xiaoyu was also worried about her.

Xin Qing comforted them, “My mom left enough money for me to finish my college, so don’t worry!”

“Your dad is such a sc.u.m!”Zang Mi scolded suddenly. “And that Xin Yudie, don’t let me see her on campus. Otherwise, I’ll beat her to death.”

Xin Qing hugged Zhang Mi with reddened eyes. At least she still had a few good friends. She couldn’t say the bitterness in her heart, but she was not live in the world alone.

After that, Xin Qing returned to her normal life of studying, but it was completely different from before.

Xin Yudie had transferred from a second-rate school to their department, depending on Xin Qing’s design. And the school was suddenly full of rumors that they were sisters and her works that won the prize before was stealed from Xin Yudie.

Right now, when Xin Qing walked around the campus, there were people talking about her everywhere. Originally, because she was beautiful and had good grades, she had been envied. Now, there were many people who wanted to watch the show, and all of them wanted to step on her to death.

Xin Qing did not care, and she did not want to explain, for it was useless anyway.

However, she had met Xin Yudie a few times on campus, and every time they met, Xin Yudie was together with Du Zekai.

Ying Qingcang did not show up in these days. Xin Qing was certain that he had not come back at all. But today, he would definitely return. Because … the first full-moon night had arrived.

At night, Xin Qing cleaned herself early and lied in bed. She would not pretend that she had deliberately forgotten about this thing. Just as Ying Qingcang had said, it was fair between them. Each of them had her or his own need, so none of them should feel wronged.

The slumbering Xin Qing felt that someone had approached her, and she rubbed her eyes only to discover that Ying Qingcang was on her body by using his hands to prop on both sides of her head, who was looking down at her from above.

“I’m sorry that I fell asleep.” Xin Qing laid down consciously.

Ying Qingcang looked at the woman below him and recalled what was written on the files. He couldn’t help but touch her face, and a smooth, soft feeling came from his fingertips. Subconsciously, he opened his mouth and started biting her face.

“Ahh …” The moaning sound woke him up. Ying Qingcang sat up abruptly, and looked at his hand in disbelief. Then, he glared at Xin Qing with an unpleasant expression, and returned to his former callousness.

When they finished, he realized that he was holding onto Xin Qing’s hand. He suddenly looked towards Xin Qing, violently flung her hand away, stood up and left without looking back.

After Xin Qing recovered from her shock, she sighed that she had forgotten to call out “c.o.c.kroach”.


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