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An Exclusive Love is a web novel completed by Yao Yao Zhi Xin.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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“That’s your business, it got nothing to do with me.” Ying Qingcang resumed his calmness, as if that cruel man a second ago was a different person.

Tang Shuang stared at him, with determination that she could win him over. Her eyes was clear and bright. “Ever since I was little, I always get what I want. So, you’ll be mine. Sooner or later you’ll fall in love with me, and I believe it won’t be long before you do that.”

“That’s because the place where you grew up was so small that it kept you from seeing the world, and you’re so arrogant. Before this I would promise you anything you wanted, to thank you for saving Xin Qing. But you chose to walk into a dead-end street. I can tell you this, sooner or later you’ll regret everything, and it won’t be long before you do that, either.”

Tang Shuang’s face finally changed color, but she hid it quickly, and then she smiled and said, “Then let’s wait and see!”

Zhang Mi’s leg was seriously injured, there was a big black bruise on her thigh, which was scary to even look at. Young Master Shen took her to the hospital to have a check. The doctor said it didn’t reach the bone. Then he said sulkily, “Can you use your brain for once?”

Zhang Mi’s face was overcast with frustration, she kept biting her teeth. She never thought that Ying Qingcang would do something like this to her. After hearing about what Young Master Shen said, she blew up the rage that had been held in her heart all night. “Why the f.u.c.k did you take me away? If I was given a knife I would kill him right there and then. He actually hit me, was he afraid that the things I said would hurt that woman? Ying Qingcang is f.u.c.king blind. I see that now, Xin Qing should never save him in the first place, she should have just let the bullet hit him.”

“Did you ever think about it? If Tang Shuang hates Xin Qing, will she continue to treat her? Even if she will, will she do it properly?” Young Master Shen shook his head. “I already know you’re so careless, but now it seems that you’re just plain stupid. What you said today could get Xin Qing killed, did you know that?”

“What… what do you mean?” Zhang Mi didn’t quite understand. Young Master Shen didn’t want to look at her anymore, he opened the car door. “Get out of the car, you’re home. d.a.m.n it, what else can you do besides causing troubles?” Zhang Mi just got her feet on the ground when she heard what he said, which made her mad again. But he drove away the car immediately. Zhang Mi hobbled over to her house with a limp. The next morning, after thinking about it all night, she took the luggage and went to the Ying’s residence.

“Xin Qing, from now on I’ll move in and protect you!”

Xin Qing looked at her, then looked up the cowhide book, but she found no record of Zhang Mi coming here in the past few days.

“What happened to you?”

Zhang Mi felt extremely guilty, she tossed and turned all night last night, thinking about it. Then she finally understood what Young Master Shen said. And with Ying Qingcang’s reaction, she realized the truth was more than she could imagine. But she couldn’t figure out the whole truth. So she thought she should come here and accompany Xin Qing, so that that Tang Shuang b.i.t.c.h wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

After one month of acupuncture, Tang Shuang told Ying Qingcang that it worked really well. With another two months, Xin Qing could definitely get her memories back.

“Now, I gotta have something back.” She put on an innocent smile. “Let’s get married!”

Ying Qingcang nodded with no expression. “Okay.”

He said yes so easily, which surprised Tang Shuang. She stared at Ying Qingcang carefully for a long while, then she was sure that she couldn’t see herself in his eyes.

“You really love that woman, don’t you? You would do anything for her.” Tang Shuang said shyly all of the sudden. “I hope you’ll treat me like this in the future!”

Ying Qingcang didn’t care about what she said. In the beginning, he would still look out for her because of how innocent she was, but now since she insisted on doing stupid things, then no one could stop her. Now he felt sick just by listening to her voice. Besides, he hadn’t seen Xin Qing for such a long time. The longing in his heart was like boiling water, burning his heart till it got blisters all over. Then the blisters got poked through, the pain flew into his organs. All the blood in his body was screaming for help and telling him that he couldn’t do it anymore, but at the same time something else was telling him over and over again: you hurt her, you hurt her…

“Ah Cang, Mr. Wan said he’s looking for new methods again.” Young Master Shen walked in after he saw Tang Shuang left.

Ying Qingcang frowned. “But we still can’t turn against Tang Shuang for now, we’ll talk about it after he gives us some accurate information.”

“Another, according to the research, William’s boyfriend is a Chinese.” Young Master Shen tossed him a file folder. “Your step-mom has been acting weird lately, she’s instigating the shareholders to change the successor.”

Ying Qingcang sneered. “the Ying Enterprises’ branch office in the UK is just an empty sh.e.l.l. She can mess with it all she wants. The Ying’s residence doesn’t even care about what those shareholders have in hand. Where’s the old man?” Ever since the last argument, Ying Hao went back to the UK and hadn’t contacted him since.

“He rarely comes out recently, but he met your grandfather for a couple times.”

“Now I don’t have time for them, everything can wait till Xin Qing recovers.”

At night, Ying Qingcang sneaked into the Ying’s residence, Xin Qing had been sleeping really well and deeply since the memory loss. He sat on the bedside and stared at her for a long time, but still she didn’t wake up. Her small face in the size of a hand was buried into the pillow, her hands held into a fist like a baby, just like Ah Sha who was sleeping in her arms.

Ying Qingcang found the view in front of him extremely beautiful, he couldn’t help but lay on the bed beside them. He lay on one side and stared at Xin Qing. The moonlight was sprinkled down her face, she slightly opened her mouth in a relaxed way, it looked like she was sleeping really well. Ying Qingcang wanted to reach in and touch her, but he was afraid that he would wake her up. He just took a few pictures with his phone and then left.

Tang Shuang and Ying Qingcang got a marriage certificate together. Later when she did acupuncture for Xin Qing, she took the marriage certificate out and showed it to her.

“Now I’m Mrs. Ying!” She still had the sweetest smile, without the slightest sarcasm. Watching her face, Zhang Mi wanted to rip her face off. This woman had been doing the cruelest thing while acting liked the most innocent person in the world, as if she had every reason to do what she did.

“Congratulations!” Xin Qing congratulated her while looking through the cowhide book, but failed to find anything about her signing the divorce paper. She thought about it again, Ying Qingcang might have ways to get married again without the divorce paper!

Tang Shuang looked at her facial expression, she figured that Xin Qing must forget to write down the fact that Ying Qingcang agreed to marry herself in order to cure her memory loss. It didn’t matter, because she would forget about it after she recovered anyway. As long as Xin Qing wouldn’t get in her way by then, she wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

“Thanks! When you recover, we will get married. Keep fighting!” Tang Shuang patted Xin Qing’s shoulder. Watching this, Zhang Mi got furious again. At night, Xin Yudie came to visit Xin Qing, Zhang Mi told her all the bad things Tang Shuang had done and called her all the bad names.

“I saw that woman once on TV, I wondered what trick Ying Qingcang was pulling this time! It turned out that he is marrying her.” Xin Yudie was a lot calmer than Zhang Mi, she just frowned and said, “This is so strange, Ying Qingcang was so in love with Xin Qing. How could this happen?”

“It’s strange indeed, but now the fact is that he is marrying someone else.” Zhang Mi thought about the way Ying Qingcang hit her that day. “It seems like he still cares about Xin Qing a lot, he worries about her illness. But, this doesn’t mean anything, maybe he just feels guilty!”

Xin Yudie sighed. “Poor Xin Qing, when can she have a peaceful life. Oh, by the way, don’t let her get online right now, all the comments are making fun of her misfortune, they’re horrible.”

Zhang Mi laughed bitterly. “I bet. Those women were very jealous of her before. They all couldn’t wait to make fun of her now that Ying Qingcang has a new lover. ” Zhang Mi waved her hand. “But it’s okay, she won’t feel anything even if she saw it.”

“Then… what about the money?” Xin Yudie thought that this was the only thing that could make a woman feel safe. It would be just fine living without a man, but it would be h.e.l.l to live without money.

Zhang Mi snorted. “As for Ying Qingcang, I don’t think he wants to go back.”

“Good, at least she had something left for herself.” Xin Yudie stood up. “I gotta go upstairs and see her!”

Xin Qing zoned out a little bit when she saw Xin Yudie, she looked it up in the cowhide book and found her photo.

“You’re my sister?”

“Yes, I’m your sister!” Xin Yudie held her hand. “You were thin enough before, now you’re like a skeleton.”

Xin Qing smiled. “You’re exaggerating. Didn’t you just give birth to babies? How are they?”

“They’re very well. If it wasn’t for the rest after the birth, I would have come and seen you a long time ago.” Xin Yudie stroked her face. “Today I got something to discuss with you.”

Xin Yudie actually had some regrets, before this she never thought Xin Qing’s illness was so serious. After talking to Zhang Mi, she found out that Xin Qing completely lost her memories. And now it wouldn’t matter if she told Xin Qing or not.

“Do you think that it’ll be a waste trying to tell me anything? That I’ll just forget everything you tell me?” Xin Qing figured out what she was thinking and showed her the cowhide book. “It’s fine, I’ll write down everything.”

Xin Yudie thought for a second and said, “If…I mean if Ying Qingcang really marries that woman and you feel uncomfortable, I can take care of Ah Sha for you. You know, she’s my niece too, I’ll take her as my own.”

“I believe you will. But, I would rather take care of her myself.” Xin Qing shook her head. “Now I don’t even know what will happen after I regain my memories, but I don’t want to lose Ah Sha, either. I’ll take her away with me.”

Xin Yudie didn’t say much after hearing what she said. As long as Xin Qing had the Ying Enterprises’ a.s.sets, it wouldn’t be a problem even if she wanted to raise a hundred kids. After Xin Yudie left, Xin Qing helped Ah Sha took a bath and put her to bed. Maybe it was the acupuncture, she did feel better, and she even had her first dream in a very long time.

In the dream, she was running alone on a wild wasteland, she saw a man’s back not far away, as if he was right in front of her, but somehow she couldn’t touch him no matter how she tried. She ran as fast as she could, trying to catch up with the man’s back, but the distance between them was always the same.

Ying Qingcang sat beside her, stroking her forehead gently. He tried to stroke her frown away, his eyes brightened a bit and he felt happy. It seemed like the treatment really worked. But then his eyes went dull again, he felt waves of bitterness in his heart.

When you remember everything… how are you gonna face everything? What can I do to make it hurt less? Ah Qing, Ah Qing, tell me what to do…


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