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Read Ancient Dragon Spell Chapter 306 Deal

Ancient Dragon Spell is a web novel made by Meng Xun Qian Gu.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Ancient Dragon Spell Chapter 306 Deal

Chapter 306 – Deal

“I’ll endure …”

Yao w.a.n.gzhong stared deadly at Qin Feng. This junior in front of him, even though he looked young and immature, Yao w.a.n.gzhong had already discovered that this fellow was the only one in his entire life who could easily pummel him to death without slapping him dead.

“Humph, the old me has lived for so long, how could I care about your little pill refining methods? The old me only wants to teach you a little because I see that you are a person that I can create.”

“A stubborn fellow …”

Qin Feng laughed in his heart, although this old man had a bad temper, Qin Feng did not care about this. Especially since the other party had extraordinary attainments in the field of alchemy, and also had a high position in the Canghai Sect. Therefore, it would be beneficial for him if he could get in touch with the old man.

“Then, can I use the pills I refine as I wish?”

Qin Feng looked at Yao w.a.n.gzhong and said.

“It’s all yours. You decide for yourself. However, you must give me a portion of the medicinal pills you refine!”

This condition was not considered harsh.

“Then, can I use the medicinal ingredients here as I wish?”

“Sure, feel free to use the herbs here!”

Although the herbs here were all very precious and if they were to be exchanged with points, it would be an astronomical figure, but Yao w.a.n.gzhong did not care about the losses.


In his previous life, he had a terrifying alchemist master as his master. If it wasn’t for the fact that his strength was low, he might have been able to refine pills that were higher than Yao w.a.n.gzhong’s nether dragon pill s.

“Hehehe, junior, I will watch from the side while you concoct the pills.”

Yao w.a.n.gzhong finally revealed his purpose.

“No problem!”

Qin Feng readily agreed …

“Why haven’t you received any news yet?”

Outside the Alchemy Hall, Ouyang Long and the rest were waiting.

He wanted to hear Qin Feng’s news.

“Don’t worry Junior Brother, this boy is definitely dead, daring to disturb Yao w.a.n.gzhong’s control and refining the pills, he is simply courting death, even if this boy has nine lives, he will still definitely die!”

The one who spoke was the leader of this incident, the veteran inner sect disciple of Flying Feather Peak.

“Mm, I naturally won’t doubt Senior Brother’s words!”

Ouyang Long said as he nodded. He wasn’t sure if these words were meant to comfort him, or the senior brother.

“It’s out, it’s out …”

Suddenly, a disciple shouted.

However, very quickly, the disciple’s voice came to a halt. The expression on his face was incomparably dull, and his eyes were wide open, as if someone had grabbed his neck. His body stood there stiffly, unable to speak.

“How is this possible?!”

The inner disciple from Flying Feather Peak who had come up with a plan cried out involuntarily.

As for Ouyang Long, his expression instantly became abnormally sinister, to the point where it had even turned extremely ashen. However, his eyes still carried a hint of puzzlement and fear.

In front of the Alchemy Hall, the two of them were conversing.

One of them wore a black battle robe and had a skinny and weak figure. His red phoenix eyes flickered with a lazy aura from time to time. Who else could it be other than Qin Feng?

As for the other person, he was an old man with silver hair and a white beard. It was clearly Yao w.a.n.gzhong.

At this time, Yao w.a.n.gzhong’s face was full of smiles, and from time to time he would pat Qin Feng’s shoulder. That expression, that posture, that expression, how could it compare to the rage that Ouyang Long and the others had expected?

What happened?

“Impossible, this Yao w.a.n.gzhong is famous for his fiery temper. Why does he have such an att.i.tude towards a junior, and, with such an expression, such an expression, Yao w.a.n.gzhong is actually so peaceful, and even this conversation has a kind of conversation like that of a junior. Junior brother, what is the origin of this Qin Feng?”

The face of the veteran inner sect disciple of Flying Feather Peak started to change, with a trace of anger on her face, she looked at Ouyang Long, and her tone started to become stiff.

If Ouyang Long had not told him that Qin Feng did not have any backing, he would not have gone to design Qin Feng. But looking at it now, it was not that Qin Feng did not have any backing, it was just that his ident.i.ty was very powerful and very terrifying.

“Senior Brother, are you doubting my words?”

Seeing the inner sect senior brother’s expression, Ouyang Long started to say angrily.

This fellow, not only did he fail in his task, he even questioned himself.

“Humph, Senior Martial Brother did not mean that. I still have matters to attend to. Junior Martial Brother, take care of them yourself!”

After he finished speaking, he floated away, as though he didn’t want to provoke Qin Feng anymore.

“d.a.m.n him!”

Seeing the leaving figure of the disciple, Ouyang Long’s entire face contorted to the extreme, wis.h.i.+ng for nothing more than to attack.

“Brat, remember to come often!”

Qin Feng lightly nodded his head before turning and leaving.

“d.a.m.n it!” “d.a.m.n it!”

Looking at Qin Feng’s figure, Ouyang Long let out a near crazed roar, now, he did not dare to even touch Qin Feng.

That was Yao w.a.n.gzhong, one of the people who controlled the Alchemy Hall. He actually had such a good relations.h.i.+p with Qin Feng.

“Qin Feng … This matter will definitely not be let go of here! “

A poisonous light crazily flashed in Ouyang Long’s eyes…


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