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Read Ancient Dragon Spell Chapter 707 No One Is Allowed To Touch My Disciple

Ancient Dragon Spell is a web novel created by Meng Xun Qian Gu.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 707 – None of My Disciples Can Move

While Qin Feng was still pondering, he did not realize that there were two obscure fluctuations that were slowly flickering in the air.

“My old friend …” This little fellow is truly incredible! “

A voice came from a fluctuation.

His voice carried a sense of elegance like the wind.

As for the other aura, although it did not speak, there was a clear movement within it. It was evident that the words spoken by the other person gave him new ideas.

“Although there are only two types of talent, it is not necessarily a mistake. You and I both know what these two beams of light represent, and it is extremely difficult to enter the true spirit realm, not to mention advancing by leaps and bounds to the seventh level of the true spirit realm. Even ten beams of light might not have such an effect, much less two beams of light!” Perhaps … We were all wrong! “

That elegant voice clearly understood her character. Although she did not speak, she still spoke.

“Hmph …”

The latter finally opened her mouth and let out a cold snort. It could be considered an answer, but within this cold snort, there seemed to be a faint joy mixed within.

“What a stubborn guy. If you didn’t like this disciple, then why did you ask me to let this little guy enter the storm array?”

Accompanying the flow of these two fluctuations, two figures slowly appeared in the deepest part of the void. These two figures were actually Feng Youzi and Elder Terminator.

Evidently, the graceful voice was Feng Youzi.

At this moment, both of their eyes were tightly staring at Qin Feng, who was cultivating below.

“So what?”

His face was still as wooden as ever, as if nothing in this world could move him.

“You’re being stubborn. Continue being stubborn …” You are obviously very concerned about your disciple, but you are actually very strict! “

Feng Youzi said with a helpless and bitter smile.

“There’s no point to it!”

Looking at Qin Feng, Terminator coldly spoke.

“Tsk …” How about you let this little fellow join my Aeolus Peak? “I can feel that this little fellow has a unique comprehension of the Concept of Wind. If he were to become my disciple, I would like it very much!”

Feng Youzi teased.

“Boring …”

The tone of her voice was stern and forceful.

Hehehe, I knew you wouldn’t want to, but no wonder, who would be willing to give up such a good seedling? However, this time, Golden Emperor has already noticed him, with Golden Emperor’s character and strength, he will definitely not let him continue to exist for long!

Feng Youzi’s face suddenly changed, and became serious.

“Golden Emperor …”

The wooden face of Terminator twitched slightly, showing a trace of seriousness.

“Zephyr is getting more and more presumptuous. With his status as a direct disciple, he actually dared to make a move on a disciple from a different main peak. I wonder what Senior Brother Yi Yuanzi is thinking?

Feng Youzi’s voice carried a tinge of coldness.

It was obvious that the two of them had already grasped what was happening in the Ancient Spirit Land.

“My disciple … No one can move! “

A hint of coldness flashed through the eyes of the Terminator. It was as though there were two ancient and sharp swords tearing through the void.

It was also at this moment that Qin Feng, who was originally cultivating, suddenly sensed something. He suddenly raised his head and looked towards a direction in the air.


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