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Chapter 729 – Confidence

Although the last sentence was an inquiry, it carried an absolute certainty. It was a forceful suppression that made others unable to refute it.

Although Qin Feng did not have much of a reaction towards this person at the start, Duan Kongchen’s words now clearly carried a kind of threatening, strong and unbridled threat.

To Qin Feng, the thing he was least afraid of was the threat of others.

Yang Xie who was at the side narrowed his eyes and a cold light shot out in all directions. Just as he was about to say something, Qin Feng had already reacted in the next moment.

With a slight raise of his eyebrows, Qin Feng directly met the other party’s gaze. Traces of chilliness could be seen on his face.

“Who am I close to … It’s none of your business! “


Qin Feng replied.

Duan Kongchen obviously did not expect this, but in his opinion, Qin Feng was only at the seventh level of the True Spirit Realm. With his cultivation of half a step into the Spirit Realm, Qin Feng was just like an ant, an ant that he could easily trample on.

To be able to speak to him was a huge gift, so Qin Feng definitely did not have the guts to refuse his request.

However, what Duan Kongchen did not expect was that not only did Qin Feng reject him, he even dared to be so presumptuous.

“Hehehe …” Very good, the Junior Brother Qin is strong and courageous, but I wonder, in this battle of hegemony, if I would be lucky enough to exchange a few blows with the Junior Brother Qin, the strong will forever be the king! “

While speaking, Duan Kongchen had already turned around and left.

His eyes, however, had become abnormally cold.

“Do you want to… I’ll help you! “

who was at the side opened and closed his eyes, an evil aura circulating within them. Looking at Duan Kongchen’s back, the hostility in his eyes instantly increased by several times.

If there was anyone in this world who could cause Yang Xie to reveal such an att.i.tude, other than the Great Xiang City’s City Lord, Fan Tong, who had taken him in from a young age, there was probably only Qin Feng.

“Hehe …” “No worries!”

Qin Feng laughed coldly with a low voice. The cold glint in his eyes did not lose out in the slightest to Yang Xie.

The gigantic and divine Yun Xiao Holy City looked like a sleeping dragon at close range.

That kind of ancient and sacred aura was even enough to make people feel suffocated.

“This kind of mysterious light is quite interesting!”

Qin Feng’s Evil Breaking Eye faintly flickered.

He looked at the gigantic circular substance formed by the Yun Xiao Holy City’s tens of thousands of rays of light.

Qin Feng had not relaxed during this half year of training. Although he appeared to be only at the seventh level of the true spirit realm, only he knew of his true trump card.

At this moment, under the observation of his Evil Breaking Eye, the circular substance like light emitted a crackling sound.

In the next moment, Qin Feng’s Evil Eyes’ power directly penetrated in.

“Indeed, this is an existence similar to a Spirit Formation. However, compared to this Spirit Formation, this light is more corporeal and very powerful!”

Very quickly, Qin Feng could see the difference.

He was also secretly shocked.

After all, not only had such an ancient city been preserved for such a long time, the spirit formation’s energy had also continued to circulate. No matter how one looked at it, it was extremely eye-catching.

“It seems that in this ancient era, the Yun Xiao Holy City should be a city owned by a strong warrior!”

Qin Feng guessed in his heart.


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