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Chapter 741 – Battle Arena

Qin Feng’s brows slightly twitched.

Looking at these nine.

Indeed, each and every one of them was emitting a terrifying aura.

Every single one of them was a Spirit Realm expert.

However, what caused Qin Feng to be surprised was that among these nine people, there was a familiar silhouette that appeared.

Golden Emperor!

He actually appeared within it!

But soon after, Qin Feng no longer paid any attention to him and instead, entered a calm and tranquil state.

Below the third floor was the fourth floor. The fourth floor also didn’t have many disciples, but there were only nine!

All nine of them were at the half-step to becoming a G.o.d.

“The third floor is the nine strongest people in this Overlord Battle, and is also known as the strongest emperor. The fourth floor is a bit inferior, but is still second only to the nine strongest Emperors, and is called The Nine Kings!”

Luo Yun explained once again.

As for the fifth floor, it was distributed with the direct disciples of each sect, and there were many experts with half-step into the Divine Realm. For example, Shui Wuhen at the Buddha peak, Dongfang Xiao at the Zephyr, Lie Yan at the Yuehua peak, and so on …

As for Qin Feng’s group of inner disciples, they were distributed to the lowest sixth level!

“Oh my G.o.d, we are only in the True Spirit Realm, how can we fight against a disciple half a step into the Spirit Realm? “It seems that we have indeed come to take a walk this time!”

Some disciples let out helpless voices.

“No, no, no. Our compet.i.tion is not like this! Instead, from the beginning of the division, every disciple would have to face a similar opponent! “

Luo Yun said with a smile.

Looks like, this time, Luo Yun didn’t stay idle during these few days of rest;

However, it will also be relatively fair, as there will not be a situation where one side suppresses the other. If not, if we were to go against the nine emperors, the other side’s gaze might not be something we can go against.

These words made a lot of sense!

Qin Feng also believed that the compet.i.tion this time around would not be so one-sided!


While Qin Feng was still in the midst of thinking, the ground that was over ten thousand meters away from Qin Feng’s group suddenly emitted a shocking vibration. Following that, the ground slowly began to crack open …


The sounds coming from the ground became increasingly loud.

At this moment, everyone began to look at the innermost depths of the building.

The entire King’s Battlefield finally revealed her true appearance.

“So that’s how it is! The Yun Xiao Holy City is indeed worthy of being an ancient building. The wisdom of the ancient people is unimaginable! “

At this point, everyone already completely understood the true design of the King’s Battlefield.

This King’s Battlefield was like a pyramid, the highest level represented the strongest, and the lower they went, the weaker their power would be.

As for Qin Feng and the others, as the weak sixth platform, they were over ten thousand meters away from the ground. From such a distance, they could see that the ground below them was the true battleground.

Under this kind of design, everyone present could clearly see what was happening below.

This was also why the King’s Battlefield was designed to look like a cylinder. Furthermore, the surrounding platforms were also designed to look like slopes.

And clearly, the battle arena appeared below.

This arena covered an area of several dozen miles. In terms of area that it occupied, it was probably enough to support all of the disciples present in battle.


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