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Read Ancient Dragon Spell Chapter 893 Viciousness

Ancient Dragon Spell is a web novel created by Meng Xun Qian Gu.
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Read WebNovel Ancient Dragon Spell Chapter 893 Viciousness

Chapter 893 – Vicious

Finally, the sound of the hemoptysis’s exterior exploding became even louder, and a faint fragrance lingered in the air.

This fragrance was extremely clear, and from within the cracks, rays of blood-red light shot out one after another, as if they were the essence and core of the world. The divine light soared into the sky, even forming countless blood-red rainbows in the air.


At that moment, a strong piercing sound came from behind him.

This gale was extremely ferocious, as if it wanted to smash the entire s.p.a.ce into a tunnel. The powerful gale swallowed and spat out as it struck Qin Feng’s body.

In an instant, Qin Feng’s body was sent flying.

“It’s you?”

Qin Feng, who had suffered a heavy injury, struggled weakly. A look of disbelief appeared on his face.

At that place, a person was standing there with a fiendish look on his face. The complacency in his eyes could clearly be seen, and who else could it be other than Yi Muchong!

“Senior Brother Yi Mu …” You… “Why?!”

Looking at Yi Muchong, Qin Feng seemed to have received a huge shock, and shouted at Yi Muchong in disbelief.

“Hahaha …” “Qin Feng, I am truly sorry. Senior Brother finally could not hold it in and wanted to attack you. Who would have thought that a grand genius, a dark horse character in the entire King’s Battlefield, would be killed by me at this time …”

Yi Muchong’s voice was filled with pride, and even a hint of insanity. Evidently, he was especially excited in his heart about being able to kill Qin Feng.

“We are ally disciples, if you were to do this to us, the people of Canghai Sect will know, and you will not be able to live!”

Qin Feng seemed to be planning to persuade Yi Muchong.

However, the latter looked at Qin Feng as if he was an idiot.

“Qin Feng, you are really too naive, this is the Immortal Mystic Realm, in this place, every single s.p.a.ce is divided into two, and every single s.p.a.ce has a slaughter, if you die, no one would realize that I was the one who attacked you, but, I never thought that I would actually encounter a hemoptysis here, this is such a good thing!”

“This hemoptysis, I’ll give it to you. Let me go!”

Qin Feng gritted his teeth and howled.

“Junior Brother Qin… Your strength and apt.i.tude are very strong, but your thoughts are truly too naive. In my opinion, you have a treasure on you that is even better than the hemoptysis! “

As he spoke, a greedy light suddenly flashed in Yi Muchong’s eyes.

“s.h.i.+ning Light! Ruler’s Disciple’s s.h.i.+ning Light, this is an incomparably rare existence, furthermore, after killing you, I will be able to obtain all of your s.h.i.+ning Light. At that time, I will be a member of the king-level … “

“So that’s how it is …”

Qin Feng slowly said with a deep voice.

In the beginning, even though he had guessed it, he was not sure. Now, he finally understood that Yi Muchong had his own s.h.i.+ning Light in mind.

“To be able to obtain this rare and heaven-defying hemoptysis and also become a Ruler’s Disciple, Qin Feng, you, being able to die in my hands and witness my appearance, is already satisfied …”

At this time, thinking about how he could climb up the stairs after obtaining this hemoptysis, and how there would definitely be a seat for him among the strong, Yi Muchong started to become agitated.

“It looks like you did not plan for me to leave this place alive from the very beginning. That so-called spatial teleportation, and so on, is merely your excuse …”

Qin Feng’s eyes flickered with a strange light as he slowly spoke.

It’s just that the Transfer Door in each s.p.a.ce are different, so we need to slowly search for them. Junior Brother Qin, it’s useless to speak too much.


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