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AST 1365 – Battle, White Tiger Showing Off Its Might, Irresistible

“What a pitiful person. However, Yehuang Clan has gone a little too far in this matter.”

“That’s right. It would have been good if he hadn’t s.n.a.t.c.hed that lady for himself back then or if that lady was the most ordinary person. However, it seems that this lady here isn’t an ordinary person and she seems to be on quite good terms with Miraculous Physician Qing as well.”

“It’s not just quite good. Can’t you see that they’re very compatible? Only a lady like her would be a match for Miraculous Physician Qing.”

“Then do you think that Miraculous Physician Qing will take action for this lady? Right now, he’s very influential. There should be quite a number of people here who’d want to help Miraculous Physician Qing.”

“It’s hard to say. After all, the Yehuang Clan is very powerful. Only Puyang Caln will really be able to stand up for Miraculous Physician Qing. If they were to step forth, there’ll definitely be others who would try to join the crowd.”

Many guesses were ongoing. There were people who thought well of Yehuang Clan but there were also those who thought well of Qing Shui. Just then, many gazes were gathered on Yehuang Duxin.

“Answer? Your mother was my woman, you’re my daughter and I’m your real father. Your mother has no one to blame for dying but that man. It has been so many years. Come back. The blood that flows in you belongs to Yehuang Clan,” Yehuang Duxin walked over and said slowly.

Qing Shui continued to wear a faint smile. He knew what this man was planning.

How could the others not tell? Everyone could see that Qing Shui was on good terms with this lady and no matter what, to outsiders, the blood that flowed in this woman’s body belonged to Yehuang Clan. The development of things was beyond their expectations.

And that lady from Chi Clan continued to sit there, motionless. The people from Chi Clan didn’t do anything either. After all, this was Yehuang Clan’s family matters.

“Are you fit? How do you think I have gotten through so many years? Do you really think I care about the Yehuang Clan? I’m here to send you to plead guilty before my mother and father.” Yehuang Guwu wasn’t infuriated but merely looked coldly at Yehuang Duxin.

“Plead guilty? I didn’t do anything wrong. They got what they deserved. Moreover, they’ve already dead. How am I going to plead guilty before them?” No one knew if Yehuang Duxin was really so foolish or just trying to act this way.

“You’ll be able to do that when you die. You’ve lived for so many years. You’ve already profited a lot.” Yehuang Guwu smiled coldly and looked at Yehuang Duxin.

“What impudence! How on earth are you talking to your father?!”

Just then, a stern voice rang out. Yehuang Youfu stood up and bellowed furiously.

“My father is already dead. Who are you? What rights do you have to step forth? Since you have stepped out, then I’ll count you in as well.” Yehuang Guwu didn’t throw the old man a single glance.

“Yehuang Duxin, are you going to take your own life and acknowledge your mistakes to my parents or shall I do the job?” Yehuang Guwu continued to look at Yehuang Duxin.

“I won’t force you. Leave. In the future, you’re no longer a member of Yehuang Clan,” Yehuang Duxin shook his head gently and said.

“Only you people treat this c.r.a.ppy Yehuang Clan as a form of glory. To me, Yehuang Clan is nothing but humiliation. I’d told myself, from a long time ago, that I must remove this humiliation. Today, I’m here to fulfil my wish.”

“That’s enough. Duxin, this is the b*stard you left behind back then. Deal with her yourself.” The old man was infuriated. He was the symbol of the clan’s prestige and none of the younger generations in the clan would dare go against him like that. Yehuang Guwu’s repeated act of going up against him had brought him great fury.

He was angered but there was someone who was angrier than him. It was Qing Shui. This old man had gone too far and Qing Shui knew that Yehuang Guwu must be extremely angry.

“Old man, if you dare to say another word, I’ll let you disappear immediately,” Qing Shui said softly, his gaze locked onto the old man.

What Qing Shui said caused the surroundings to turn completely silent. This was Yehuang Clan, the head of the Yehuang Country. The old man was a Peak Martial Emperor. No matter what, this old man was the head of Yehuang Clan and was also a direct senior of Yehuang Duxin.

To them, it was already considered a great favor for Yehuang Clan to allow Yehuang Guwu to return to the Yehuang Clan. At the mention of the Yehuang Clan, no one dared to act with impudence. It’s been so many years and no one from the Yehuang Clan had ever received such treatment before. However, what Qing Shui said had pushed the relations.h.i.+p between both parties to the limits. Before such a huge crowd, there was no way to resolve this issue anymore.

“Hahaha…” Yehuang Youfu laughed out loud. However, everyone could tell from his laughter that he was angry.

“Since when is it your turn to interfere with our Yehuang Clan’s business? There hasn’t been anyone who dares to act with such impudence against our Yehuang Clan before. Everyone, you’ve seen it for yourself. This matter concerns our Yehuang Clan and I hope that all of your won’t interfere.” Yehuang Youfu threw a glance toward the surroundings.

“If you were to lay your hands on Miraculous Physician Qing, then you’d be going against our Puyang Clan,” a middle-aged man from Puyang Clan stood up and said firmly.

“We’re unable to turn a blind eye to Miraculous Physician Qing’s problems.”

The moment Puyang Clan made their stand, many others joined in. If Puyang Clan hadn’t stood up, Qing Shui felt that there would probably not be anyone here who would stand up. None of them had the ability to be the one to charge out front.

“Qing Shui thanks everyone here. However, I would like to request for everyone to not interfere in the matter today,” Qing Shui said to the people around them.

“Since you wish to kill me, then come on. It’s been so many years now. Let’s have a life and death battle. How about it?” Yehuang Duxin knew that they couldn’t let things drag on any further. He must deal with things quickly. The longer the delays, the worse that the situation would be for them.

“Those that aren’t related to this matter can head back. Yehuang Clan has something to attend to today and the banquet is dismissed.” Yehuang Youfu was actually trying to chase people off, such as the people from the Puyang Clan.

Yehuang Guwu slowly rose up into the air.

Yehuang Duxin followed after her. Qing Shui went up as well but stood slightly further away. Quite a number of people from the Yehuang Clan headed up as well and there were also people who took their leave.

“Little Wu, I’ll give you one more chance. Come back!” Yehuang Duxin said softly.

“Yehuang Duxin, I can only tell you that you must die today. Back then, you killed my father and his entire family. You’ve owed this debt for so many years and it’s about time for you to pay it back. Today, let’s end everything here.”

“I’ve already tried. Since that’s the case, then don’t blame me for not taking into consideration our father and daughter relations.h.i.+p.” Yehuang Duxin drew out a sword halberd that was four feet long, three inches wide and was gleaming with cold light.

“Stop all that c.r.a.p. In my eyes, you’re worse off than a beast. Even a vicious tiger wouldn’t hurt its child but you’re able to harm your own child.”

After saying that Yehuang Guwu didn’t hold back and put out her hands, condensing a White Tiger.


A huge roar resonated far into the distance. The overwhelming aura stunned everyone.

Yehuang Duxin’s countenance changed. He had just attained False G.o.d and he now realized that this White Tiger’s abilities seemed to be stronger than himself. By this time, quite a number of people from Yehuang Clan had charged forth and arrived next to Yehuang Duxin.

“Go on!”

With a wave of her hand, the huge White Tiger lunged forth with a series of snow white after images. A piercing explosion rang out in the air.

White Tiger Explosion Claw!

Pfft pfft…

The huge White Tiger dashed toward where the people from the Yehuang Clan were, slapping two of them to their death. The two people were turned into rain drops from the slap, which then evaporated.

With a move, Yehuang Youfu dashed out toward Yehuang Guwu at the very first moment. He knew that the only way to get the White Tiger to disappear was by killing Yehuang Guwu.

Nine Palace Steps!

Although Yehuang Guwu’s Nine Palace Steps hadn’t reached the Nine Palace Realm, it was still very powerful. Furthermore, there was a compatible Tiger Steps in the Tiger Form, a movement technique which could incorporate the Tiger’s Mount, Ferocious Tiger Enters the Jungle, Ferocious Tiger Strike and other attacks of the Tiger Form together with the White Tiger’s attacks.

Yehuang Guwu had incorporated this set of movement techniques into the Nine Palace positionings. Or rather, it could be said that she had incorporated the Nine Palace positionings into the Tiger Steps.

Yehuang Guwu put out her right hand.

Tiger Laceration!

Right now, Yehuang Guwu’s attacks seemed to be completely different. Even Qing Shui felt that the Tiger Form Yehuang Guwu was demonstrating had reached perfection.

Under the attacks of the White Tiger, all Peak Martial Emperors were practically killed instantly. Even though Yehuang Duxin and another old man had tried to stop it, the other people continued to fall.

These were all the clan’s elites and the future False G.o.ds would be born from these people. However, right now, they were all being killed, one after another.

“You are a member of Yehuang Clan, yet you’re killing the people from the Yehuang Clan. In the future, how are you going to answer to Yehuang Clan’s ancestors?” Yehuang Youfu bellowed out as he fought against Yehuang Guwu.

“I’m not a member of the Yehuang Clan. I’m here to seek revenge. You guys are the ones who won’t be able to face your ancestors, not me. I’m here to eradicate Yehuang Clan. I shall see how you guys will answer to your ancestors when the Yehuang Clan dies out in your hands.” With her powerful foot techniques and amazing moves, Yehuang Guwu managed to completely suppress Yehuang Youfu.

Yehuang Guwu’s attacks were powerful yet extremely gentle. They gave off an amazing feeling, which was like lifting something light as if it was very heavy. The attacks seemed to be soft and fluttering but yet were heavy as mountains.

In some way, this was also related to the Heavenly Dao.

“You… you…” Yehuang Youfu was angered to the point that he became speechless at Yehuang Guwu’s words.

Before he could say anything, Yehuang Guwu slapped down on Yehuang Youfu’s shoulder and the sound of bones cracking rang out.

Yehuang Guwu didn’t feel anything toward this and didn’t stop her attacks at all. Having lived for so many years, Yehuang Youfu was even more unfeeling. The words he had said earlier could be said to be extremely brutal. Even now, Qing Shui felt very good when he was looking at this scene.

The White Tiger had killed off over half the people. The materialized White Tiger was like a huge beast that knew not what fatigue was. The aura it exuded was already that of the False G.o.d level but it was a pity that there was no profound feeling to it. There was only a strange killing aura that was extremely powerful.

Yehuang Duxin had thought to a.s.sist Yehuang Youfu but was held back by the White Tiger. He had shown some carelessness and suffered from some slight injuries. What he wasn’t aware of was that the intention Yehuang Guwu had given the White Tiger wasn’t to kill Yehuang Duxin.

After one of Yehuang Youfu’s shoulders was crushed, his battle prowess was much weaker than before. It hadn’t been long before he was sent plunging down by Yehuang Guwu’s attacks and had his cultivation crippled. He was left with only half his life and even if he was healed, he wouldn’t have many days left to live.

Toward someone like him, it would be better to let him live like an ordinary person rather than killing him. To them, this would be even more terrifying than being killed.

At that moment, several powerful streams of aura fluctuated in the surroundings and appeared right where the White Tiger was at. In an instant, several powerful attacks pushed back the White Tiger and Yehuang Guwu called back the White Tiger to be next to her.

“Come back to Yehuang Clan and Yehuang Clan will be yours,” an aged voice rang out. It was one of the many old men who had come.


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