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Read Ancient Strengthening Technique (Portraits of Beauty) Chapter 145 – The Nameless Branch, And The 5000 Year Old Golden Turtle

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AST 0145 – The Nameless Branch, and the 5000 Year Old Golden Turtle

That night, in the Situ Clan’s mansion…

“Grandpa, Nantian is useless, causing the Situ Clan to suffer from humiliation multiple times!” The silver-haired Situ Nantian spoke with a tearful voice as he kowtowed in front of the white haired elderly man.

“Nantian! Get up, and speak clearly. Grandpa will settle all your problems!”

The white-haired elderly man held up Nantian, as he spoke firmly with an imposing stature!

Situ Nantian revealed the story of how Qing Shui had forced s.h.i.+ Clan to cancel the marriage proposal with the Situ Clan.

“What audacity! Cancelling the marriage proposal?” Situ Jianyi bellowed in anger, seemingly a totally different person from the warm personality moments ago!

Across the world of the nine continents, it was very embarra.s.sing for the male side to face a cancellation of the marriage proposal from the female side! Of course, it would be another thing if the female came from a clan who was more well to do, and had better status. However, it was still an embarra.s.sing situation, as people might gossip that the guy had fallen from his attempt to climb the up social ladder. It would be especially difficult to find a lady of similar status in the future!

Situ Jianyi was Situ Nantian’s grandfather, and that “Old Ancestor” of the Situ Clan. He had reached the pinnacle of the Houtian realm 50 years ago, and to find a way to break through, he left Hundred Miles City alone, and ventured about to many places before he finally settled down in the Cloud Mist Sect which was located in the Jianye Country, south of Cang Lang Country. As for how he had broken through, Situ Jianyi didn’t say a thing! Neither had Situ Nantian ever dared to ask!

“He is a Xiantian cultivator who has not even reached the age of 17, and is a disciple of the Skysword Clan?” The elderly’s benevolent gaze instantly turned icy cold and bloodthirsty.

“Yes, this rascal killed the son of the city lord of Heavenly River City previously, and the matter was resolved by the Skysword Immortal.”

“Nantian, come and please have a seat. Tell me everything you know about that rascal Qing Shui. How dare such a person enter the Skysword Sect, and even look for trouble with our Situ Clan! He’s courting death!” Situ Jianyi regained his gentle composure and said.

Situ Nantian knew that his grandpa used to be a person who l.u.s.ted for blood before he had attained Xiantian. Although he usually appeared to be a gentle and friendly elderly man, when he was angered, he would be out to kill.

“You said that he killed a Xiantian cultivator with only a single move? Tell me the details!” Situ Jianyi said as he frowned in disbelief.

When Situ Nantian was finished, Situ Jianyi smiled. “That Xiantian idiot died from his foolishness. He underestimated his opponent too much, and was killed before he could even use his Xiantian abilities. But, that fellow’s strength is definitely not small either, it’s just that he was smarter!”

“Genius, so what if it’s a genius blessed by heaven? There will always come the day when the genius takes a fall!”

“Grandpa, the Skysword Sect is the strongest in Cang Lang Country, and that chap Qing Shui is an inner disciple. If we were to touch him, would it cause trouble for Grandpa?” Situ Nantian asked, feeling hesitant.

“Hmph, the strongest. It may barely be called the strongest 30 years ago. But, ever since that old man suffered a heavy injury, there were already at least three powers who were comparable to that of the Skysword Sect, and they became slightly weaker than the Cloud Mist Sect. Do you think that the Skysword Sect would go against the Cloud Mist Sect?”

“Grandpa, Hundred Miles City is still in Cang Lang Country. If something happens, wouldn’t it still be more convenient for the Skysword Sect?”

“Nantian, you don’t know this. Hundred Miles City is located at the extreme southwest edge of the Cang Lang Country, while the Cloud Mist Sect is located at the Jian Ye Country which is south of Cang Lang Country. In terms of distance, the Cloud Mist Sect is about the same as the Skysword Sect!”

“Grandpa, then what shall we do now?” Situ Nantian was like a kid in front of Situ Jianyi, not having the power to make any decisions at all.

“Isn’t he being too arrogant? Didn’t he say he will beat us up? We’ll see who’s the first to die. Your grandpa has been a Xiantian cultivator for 30 years after all!”

Qing Shui spent the next two days in peace, playing with Little Yuchang when he was free. These past two nights, because of training, he did not embrace Mingyue Gelou. Qing Shui forced himself to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal each time, trying not to think of Mingyue Gelou’s beautiful figure, her poised and pure face, and that divine, charming look she had when she cried out in a sweet and seductive voice.

Beauties were the cause of a hero’s fall. Which beauty whose smile could lead to the ruin of cities and states did not bring about the ruin of countries and the ruin of the citizens? Even a firm and unyielding man would not be able to resist the sweet temptation!

Entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, with the recent tough training, Qing Shui’s Ancient Strengthening Technique could reach 62 cycles. He had attained small success in mastery of the Deer Cantering from the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique which increased his speed by 20%.

The supporting skills of the Deer Cantering which increased one’s speed, could be said to be a fully supportive technique whose sole purpose was to increase one’s speed. There were three stages of the mastery, the small success stage, large success stage, and the great perfection stage!

Small success stage increased speed by 20%, large success stage increased speed by 50%, and one who had reached the great perfection stage would be able to achieve a speed which was two times faster. But, just reaching small mastery had already made Qing Shui feel that it was taking too much time, and it would probably take a very long time to reach intermediate mastery. As for full mastery, it would depend on one’s luck and comprehension.

Ever since he had come across the Diamond Demonic Boar, Qing Shui had increased his expectations towards speed. That was the reason why Qing Shui chose to train the Deer Cantering from the start rather than the other techniques which could deal more damage. To be able to reach the small success stage, he had almost devoted half of his training time to the mastering of the Deer Cantering!

Ever since the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had ascended to the third level, the s.p.a.ce felt exceptionally vast, letting Qing Shui feel very happy. In his previous life, his family had owned 7 mu of land, and the biggest plot was only 3.5 mu. Even that had felt very big. To work in the fields, weeding, harvesting the plants which included cotton, corn, and malt, 3.5 mu felt too big. Now, he had a vast land of over 50 mu within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, a treasured land all for himself!

*(ED): Just a reminder, 3 mu is about half an acre, or 2,000 m²

Qing Shui took a walk around the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, and was surprised to discover that the black-colored tree branch had sprouted. It was the black-colored tree branch which he had bought together with the golden essence previously. This discovery made Qing Shui extremely happy, and the level of surprise was as if he had seen a steel tree bloom!

Qing Shui did an estimation of the time that had pa.s.sed. It was approximately 50 years if what the old man had said was true, then it would take about a hundred years for the branch to sprout…

What would take a hundred years to sprout? Then how much time would be required for it to flower, grow fruit and mature?

Qing Shui looked at that green sprout on the coal black branch. While the green sprout was only the size of a fingernail, it exuded a strong vitality!

“It’s good. There’s no worries since there’s plenty of time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Usually the longer it takes, the more precious the item would be. Even if it takes 100 years each to sprout, grow leaves, bear fruit and mature respectively, it would only take about 500 years. What would take 500 years or even more? Is it even more precious than the rewards given by the Realm?” Qing Shui’s imagination started to run wild.

Forget it, time will tell. Qing Shui put the nameless branch out of his mind. He had originally thought that it was a useless branch which would not sprout. But now that it has sprouted, Qing Shui started to think that it really was quite a good stuff. Afterall the 金精 was excellent stuff too…

Looking towards the pond, Qing Shui realized that the Golden Medicinal Turtle was “sunbathing” on the sandy ground besides the pond. It was one thing to be sunbathing, but why would a turtle deliberately lie on its back to sunbathe?

Qing Shui walked towards the Golden Medicinal Turtle which had its four limbs in the air. The bright golden color made the little turtle seem magnificent, and Qing Shui wanted to touch it for himself!

Maybe it had noticed Qing Shui, but it nimbly flipped itself over. While Qing Shui had guessed as much, he was still surprised by the movements of this little thing. Turtles generally would not raise its four feet in the air. When they were on their back, they would be unable to flip themselves over, but this Golden Medicinal Turtle could flip itself back and forth as it pleases.

When it saw Qing Shui, its golden pea eyes rolled, but it did not scamper off. Qing Shui casually picked it up and carefully looked at this little thing which had lived for 5000 years.

The symbol of longevity!

The little thing was very intelligent, as if it knew that Qing Shui would not harm it. Its golden little eyes continued to roll, and even started to climb about nimbly on Qing Shui’s shoulders.

Although it was only the size of an adult human head, Qing Shui was still shocked for a moment when he picked it up. This little thing weighed at least 500 jin, and he couldn’t help but exclaim to himself. “The essence is all concentrated here!”.

“Little thing, there will be plenty of chances to release your blood in the future!” Qing Shui flicked the turtle’s head, and it immediately shrunk inside its sh.e.l.l!

“Mmm, it’s a turtle after all. It is well-trained in this skill for self-protection!”


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