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Chapter 1241: Exhibition

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Many people chimed in after hearing Grina’s derisive comment. Even though the magic scroll had already displayed greater power, it still wasn’t a high-level Gravity Mageweath scroll in their opinion. Besides, Gravity Mageweaths had very few functions in the first place, and they weren’t very powerful, either. Hence, compared to the other items at the auction, they felt that it wouldn’t be wrong to call it junk.

However, Grand Duke Vidi turned a deaf ear to the voices, and continued to slowly unroll the scroll. As the magic scroll was unrolled, the dense power became increasingly stronger. However, due to the defensive Magic Array of the auction, the people below the stage didn’t feel much.

Still, Grand Duke Vidi felt a little anxious when he saw the situation because it concerned the reputation of the Gilded Kingdom and Grand Duke Vidi himself. If he hadn’t been afraid of causing casualties, he would have just switched off the defensive Magic Array and let them have a feel of the power of the magic scroll.

In a moment of panic and anxiety, Grand Duke Vidi couldn’t help but have his hand shake a little. If this was just any other magic scroll, a slight shake wouldn’t have any impact on it, but when Grand Duke Vidi’s hand trembled, he suddenly unrolled the scroll further until about a quarter of it was exposed. With that change, the power of the mageweath spread out too.

The people who were protected by the defensive Magic Array were still criticizing and condemning Grand Duke Vidi, as well as Lin Li, the owner of the magic scroll. However, they suddenly heard the sounds of a ma.s.sive explosion outside that resembled the sound of the earth crumbling. Their ears began buzzing, and immediately afterwards, they were horrified to find that the faint golden Magic Array above their heads was covered with numerous cobweb-like cracks. At the same time, it was also emitting crackling sounds, and the array seemed to be on the verge of shattering.

This time, the people below the stage were really dumbfounded. Even though it was really just a Gravity Mageweath, it was absolutely shocking that it could contain such ma.s.sive power. For the majority of them, it definitely wasn’t their first time coming to the Gilded Kingdom, and thus they had quite a good understanding of the famous art exhibition hall of the Gilded Kingdom. There was a Master-level Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier laid out in the hall. When enlarged, it could envelop the entire kingdom, and when it was shrunk, it could only protect a wine gla.s.s in the room. More importantly, it had a high defensive power, and those who were at the Legendary-level and below would not be able to shake the barrier at all. Even an ordinary Sanctuary powerhouse would have a hard time breaking it.

However, even the strong and powerful Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier began to crack under the power of the magic scroll that everyone treated as a Gravity Mageweath. Even though the force was blocked by the barrier, the people who were protected were still frightened to the point of turning as pale as a sheet. They didn’t dare to imagine how terrifying it would be if the power that could shatter the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier were to be imposed on their bodies. Perhaps even Legendary powerhouses would have a hard time surviving under that force.

King Bradlor, who originally thought of saving Lin Li from the embarra.s.sment by offering a decent price for the magic scroll, involuntarily let his jaw drop when he stared at the scene going on in the hall. No one knew better than him how powerful the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier was. It was a powerful defensive barrier that was set up jointly by eight Sanctuary powerhouses, and it contained the characteristics of a Domain World.

Each of the eight Sanctuary powerhouses contributed a powerful law that they were good at, and they jointly created a barrier that had a near-perfect structure of laws. In other words, the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier was equivalent to a solidified Sanctuary-level Domain World in essence. Although that didn’t mean that the power of the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier was equivalent to the sum of the power of the eight Sanctuary powerhouses, it was definitely more powerful than the individual Domain Worlds of each Sanctuary powerhouse.

During the rebellion that had once occurred in the Gilded Kingdom, the Ocean Dragon Family which was one of the ancient families tried to blast Hopra City, the capital of Gilded Kingdom, but they could not conquer it in the end. The most important reason behind their failure was the existence of the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier. During that rebellion, the Ocean Dragon Family had resorted to various methods, but they still couldn’t cause the slightest damage to the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier. Eventually, they were suppressed by the royal family of the Gilded Kingdom.

Even the corpse of the ancient evil dragon, which possessed terrifying power that was near the Divine-realm, could not do much damage during the great calamity that it had created for the Gilded Kingdom, because of the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier that kept the Gilded Kingdom safe. Although the corpse of the ancient dragon did not deliberately try to attack Hopra City, it did not let go of this place easily. The Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier had played a significant role in saving Hopra City from destruction during the disaster.

However, the Gravity Mageweath that everyone thought was just a piece of garbage actually emitted such a terrifying power that could cause the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier to crack. In that case, could that magic scroll still be considered a piece of garbage? At the very least, it was definitely considered an extremely powerful magical weapon even if it was still a Gravity Mageweath.

“D-did President Felic really draw that mageweath?!” Bradlor immediately asked Monterey in huge disbelief after finally recovering from the shock. Although he seemed to be asking Prince Monterey about it, he was actually asking himself that question. If he didn’t care about his ident.i.ty, he would give himself a tight slap to see if he was still dreaming.

At this moment, Prince Monterey was actually just as shocked as Bradlor. Even though he had interacted with Lin Li far less frequently than Bradlor did, the simple truth was that Lin Li was a magic prodigy who had reached the Sanctuary-realm in his early twenties. Hence, Bradlor felt that it was impossible for him to still have the time and energy to have such amazing attainments in the field of inscription!

Of course, Bradlor and Monterey did not know that Lin Li not only had such impressive attainments in the field of inscription, but also Master-level attainments in the field of alchemy, pharmaceutics, forging, and so on. If they were to find out about it, both of them would probably go mad. After all, it required a ton of time and lifelong effort to make such great attainments in those fields.

Besides, the vast majority of people might not be able to have such attainments even if they committed a lifetime’s worth of time and effort to studying. The minority who could have such remarkable achievements would be considered geniuses in their respective fields, just like Harquess, the prince of the Octopus Clan, Wilkinson, the genius pharmacist of the Pharmacist Guild, and so on. On the other hand, Lin Li was like the epitome of a genius in all fields. If others were to discover his attainments, he would probably be treated as the reincarnation of a deity.

“I reckon so. There’s no need for President Felic to lie to us about this.” That was the only way Monterey could answer Bradlor’s question. Of course, he wasn’t giving a baseless answer. After all, after interacting with Lin Li a few times, he could tell that Lin Li wasn’t after fame and fortune. Hence, the latter wouldn’t do such a despicable thing as to pa.s.s off other people’s works as his own.

At this moment, Grina, who was inciting the crowd to denounce Grand Duke Vidi, couldn’t help but look a little more solemn. Even though the power exhibited by that magic scroll was not enough to make him feel shocked, he could from the ma.s.sive power alone that it was clearly inappropriate to call it garbage.

There were numerous treasures and magical weapons that could exert such power in the Giant Shark Clan’s treasure vault, but the issue was that most of those things were obtained by the Giant Shark Clan during the fall of the Ocean Dynasty. It was impossible for them to produce such an item. Yet, Lin Li had created that magic scroll in front of them. Since he could create one, he could definitely create even more.

In other words, the things that they treated as treasures could be created in bulk by Lin Li as he pleased. That was undoubtedly making the value of the treasures in Grina’s collection depreciate, thus making Grina feel extremely bothered. If this magic scroll that he had just called a piece of junk was really one, what would the treasures in his collection be considered?

In fact, the Four Divine Generals that had come here together with Grina were already rather tempted by the magic scroll. If it weren’t for the way Grina behaved just now and the feud between them and the Tower of Dusk, they would have probably persuaded Grina to buy the mageweath.

Although the Giant Shark Clan’s Four Divine Generals were at the Sanctuary-realm, they couldn’t create their own Domain World. Hence, in their eyes, this magic scroll which could exert such ma.s.sive power was the best thing that could make up for their shortcomings.

Of course, even now, they still thought that the magic scroll was just a relatively ordinary Gravity Mageweath scroll, except that it was much more powerful than the majority of Gravity Mageweaths. However, it was precisely because they decided that it was a Gravity Mageweath scroll that they coveted it a little. If a Sanctuary-level warrior, who was already powerful enough, had the enhancement of such an incredible mageweath that could almost contend with the Gravity Domain, they would probably become the nightmare of any enemy.

Unfortunately, the magic scroll was created by President Felic of the Tower of Dusk, and given Grina’s personality, he definitely wouldn’t spend any money on it. The Four Divine Generals might be Sanctuary powerhouses, but Grina was ultimately the prince of the Giant Shark Clan, and they couldn’t disregard him.

Grand Duke Vidi, who was standing on the stage to showcase the magic scroll, was also stunned by the power of the mageweath at first, and even wanted to quickly roll up the scroll a little. However, he soon saw the expressions of the people below the stage, and immediately changed his mind. You people were mocking me just now, huh? I shall let you see the true power of this magic scroll!

Things have developed to the point that Grand Duke Vidi completely forgot that his previous att.i.tude towards the magic scroll was actually no different from that of the audience below. He merely brought the scroll to the stage, and introduced it to the audience because it was part of his duty as the host.

However, Grand Duke Vidi was a human with feelings too, and it was impossible for him not to have felt even a tinge of anger. If the magic scroll was really a piece of garbage, he could only admit that he was unlucky, but now that the magic scroll displayed extraordinary power, it gave him hope in regaining his pride, so he naturally refused to give up just like that.

Hence, Grand Duke Vidi, who was holding the scroll, took a deep breath and got a grip on his emotions, but he didn’t stop just like that. He grabbed the magic scroll tightly in his hands, and continued to slowly unroll the magic scroll to display its power to the audience below the stage.

As the magic scroll was unrolled further, the power that surged out became increasingly powerful, and it filled the entire hall with crackling sounds. Although it was blocked by the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier, everyone noticed that the ground beneath their feet seemed to be slowly sinking under that heavy pressure.

The light of the magic defense also began to flicker under the heavy pressure, while the flow of mana in the surrounding pillars of golden light that released the defensive power was clearly increasing rapidly. It seemed to be reaching the limit of its tolerance.

Although the power of the magic scroll did not land directly on the body of any individual, everyone present felt extremely oppressed as everything around them seemed to be suffocating. They felt as if the sky was about to collapse and as if their soul was about to be crushed by the great pressure. Even the bigwigs in the private rooms upstairs couldn’t help but look sullen.

The Four Divine Generals around Grina immediately intervened, and formed a defensive barrier that shrouded the entire private room using their Combat Energy. Although they didn’t think that the power of the magic scroll could breach the defense of the Eight-Ocean Dragon G.o.d Barrier, they still had to protect Grina, the prince of the Giant Shark Clan, well.

The scene in several private rooms was similar to that in the Giant Shark Clan’s private room. Be it Sanctuary powerhouses or Legendary powerhouses, they were all putting their defensive measures to use. It wasn’t that they were being timid and cowardly, but rather everyone there was powerful and n.o.ble. If something were to happen to them, it would be too late to regret it, so it was better to make preparations in advance.

However, Harquess wasn’t doing anything in the private room of the Octopus Clan at the moment, and was merely keeping his eyes fixed on the magic scroll that Grand Duke Vidi was holding. As Grand Duke Vidi further unrolled the magic scroll, the mageweath on it was revealed. Although there wasn’t a full view of it yet, the mystery of it could already be seen.


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