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Apocalypse Cockroach is a web novel produced by 偉岸蟑螂.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 174: Plan

Without Zhang Xiao Qiang’s order, the three machine guns sprayed endlessly at the D2, “Plop, Plop…” after two low booms came out, two large explosions appeared behind the D2. All sorts of body parts, broken reinforced steel bars, countless rocks and sand exploded and flew into the air. While these things were still falling from the sky, another two large flames burst from the ground once more, bringing everything into the sky. The D2 roared from within the flames as the bullets and shrapnels induced pain into its body. It tried to move forward, but the bullets and the shockwave from the explosion pushed it back endlessly, causing it to rage even further. It howled in anger, but that was when a projectile shot into its teeth, causing it to shut its mouth. It immediately sprawled down to the floor and started crawling ahead. The D2 crawled within the fiery barrage of bullets and mortar bombs with its large and bulky body with the occasional flames appearing and body parts dropping onto it, like a sailboat inside a rocky ocean swaying back and forth. But its direction and displacement never stopped, it continued to advance towards the direction of the bullets.

“Woahhhh..ahhh ahhhh ahhhh….ahhhhh” A machine gunner howled loudly, both of his arms were trembling intensely due to the machine gun, causing his entire body to tremble as well. The smoke blown by the wind formed blotches across his face as it mixed with the perspiration dripping down from his forehead, his black skin covered with a glossy layer. Following the movements of the machine gun, his heart thumped equally hard, he felt incredible, extremely incredible, he felt the most alive at that moment, “Ka..Ka…Ka…” The sound of the emptied machine gun came out. “Quick, more bullets….” He shouted out and opened the bandolier tray of the gun and waited for the bullets to be inserted. After waiting for a long time, he still did not see the lady’s delicate hands that were covered in grease and smoke putting the bandolier and bullets into the gun.

“d.a.m.n it, you inefficient woman….BULLETS…..” The machine gunner turned his head and shouted at the lady. After listening to the loud machine gun for so long, the lady had become angsty and impatient as well, she stood up and looked down at the black-faced machine gunner and scolded him: “f.u.c.k you….there isn’t any left, all of it was shot by your stupid d.i.c.k, even if I were to strip my pants down, I can’t f.u.c.king produce any more bullets…”

Listening to her explanation and abuse, the machine gunner calmed down. He looked at the two empty chests beside him, then at the empty at his ankle, wanting to cry but had no tears coming out. I aggravated the wrong person, this b.i.t.c.h’s cursing is really too fierce….He was the first to stop firing but was not the last. In less than a minute after, the other two machine guns stopped firing, followed by the arguments between the gunners and the ladies.

Without the suppression of the machine guns, the tired-looking D2 started to speed up, although there were still the occasional mortar bombs exploding before it, these bombs were no longer able to affect it much, it slowly drew closer to the survivors’ frontline, all of the machine gunners looked towards Zhang Xiao Qiang for the next order. Zhang Xiao Qiang gestured for them to retreat. Following the machine gunners retreat, the riflemen all started to run towards their camp.

Zhang Xiao climbed onto the roof of a front loader and stamped downwards, which spewed out a large amount of smoke towards the D2. Another front loader unloaded the same thing towards the D2, Yang Ke’er had used her mace and stood atop the roof as well. When she saw Zhang Xiao Qiang looking at her, she gave him a cheeky face, then looked at the D2 in a serious manner.

The two front loaders were operated and moved at two different angles towards the D2 with the end being the D2 that no longer had any proper piece of skin left on its body. As the front loader moved further, the number of zombie corpses crushed beneath got more and more, causing the vehicle to sway more intensely. Zhang Xiao Qiang and Yang Ke’er were no longer able to stand on the roof of the vehicle and had to grab their weapons and kneel on the roof, the two front loaders raised their sawtooth scoops and smashed onto the crawling D2.

“Bang bang….” Two loud sounds came out from the sides of D2, the two front loaders had grasped the D2 in the middle, the D2 that was on the ground got stuck between the two scoops. It felt that its mobility was being restricted and struggled to get out, with its immense strength, the front loaders started to sway. Zhang Xiao Qiang used his left hand to hold onto the dust-covered roof and waited for the vehicle to move backward, his body swaying along with the front loader. He held onto the Beast Horn Spear on the other hand and had no other weapons with him. If the Beast Horn Spear could not do anything to it, no other weapons would.

The two scoops moved, both lifting the D2 up into the sky. With the power of the front loaders, the D2 was trapped in the air, one of its arms was trapped together with its body while the other claw waved around. Its movements were futile, aside from leaving a few scratch marks on the scoops, it could not do anything else. Its entire body was suspended and trapped between the two scoops, and it no longer had the capability to use its ma.s.sive strength, it was like the Greek t.i.tan Heracles, without the power of earth, he became weak. The D2 howled, it was afraid…. Zhang Xiao Qiang used all of his strength and jumped onto the arm in front of the front loader, with dexterous agility, he quickly jumped onto the scoop. The smoke around the D2 had not dissipated while the corpses on the floor emitted weird green smoke. The air was polluted and aside from the smoky smell, there was a disgusting burning meat smell that would make anyone nauseous. He avoided the incoming D2’s claws and used his right leg to jump up and ‘Plop’, he landed on the D2’s left shoulder. He endured the smelly stench coming from the D2 and used the Beast Horn Spear to stab into the D2’s eyes ferociously.

The Beast Horn Spear stabbed right into the D2’s brains with Zhang Xiao Qiang’s strength. The D2 howled in anguish and struggled with even more power, but it was useless, the loader continued to spew the black smoke onto it as the two scoops clamped onto it tightly. It suddenly turned its head and bit at Zhang Xiao Qiang. Half of the Beast Horn Spear was already inside it, Zhang Xiao Qiang held onto the Spear with both hands and was preparing to add even more force to drive the entire spear in. Right at that moment, the D2 suddenly tilted its large head to the side, bringing the Beast Horn Spear to its back. Zhang Xiao Qiang had his hands on the spear in that instant and was flung by the power of the D2. Helpless, he could only hold onto the spear tightly, preventing him from truly flying away. Like that, both of his hands held onto the Beast Horn Spear that was on the glossy back of the D2. His face leaned against the D2’s coa.r.s.e skin, he endured the stench of the D2 pervading his nose and cursed the D2 in his heart for turning its head without any warning, he and the D2 were now in a deadlock.

“Ah…..ha….” Yang Ke’er screamed as she jumped forward onto the scoop. With all her strength, she used the heavy mace and smashed dead straight into the D2’s large head. “CLANK” She felt as though her mace had struck onto metal, the mace trembled from the impact and flew out, along with Yang Ke’er who was holding onto it tightly. She fell back onto the loader’s roof.


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