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Chapter 63: Form Does not Differ From the Void, And the Void Does Not Differ From Form.

Zhang Xiao Qiang slowly sat up, and pulled the handgun out, aiming at the silhouette. He then used his left hand to access the flashlight function from the Nokia. Without alerting the shadow, he just slowly waited. He didn’t know whether it was Yang Ke’er or someone else, or if the person had malicious intent or not. He just prepared silently, till the person reached the bed.

When the shadow reached the bed, it stopped, and Zhang Xiao Qiang heard a shuffling sound, as though someone was taking off clothes.

“Did I sleep in the wrong room?”

He did not dare move carelessly, as he wasn’t sure how he came to be in this room. His last impression was not being able to reach for ‘Little Xiao Qiang’ when he tried to pee, and when he looked down, he had then slumped to the floor with no memory afterward.

When he awoke, he was naked, lying on this soft bed. His handphone and gun had been placed under the pillow, his clothes and military blade were placed neatly by the side.

Seeing the gun and the military knife, he had then heaved a sigh of relief and proceeded to relax to await sleep. Brother Long was Yang Ke’er’s uncle and naturally would not mistreat Yang Ke’er. Furthermore, that stinky la.s.s was not vulnerable at all. If she could use more of her brains, Zhang Xiao Qiang wouldn’t be a match for her at all.

Of course, these were just words. Yang Ke’er’s daily att.i.tude to things was ‘It’s your business, nothing to do with me’. As long as there was food and things to play, she couldn’t care if you led her towards a ditch. Who knows, she might follow you in herself.

Alright, enough of empty words! After removing clothes, Zhang Xiao Qiang caught a scent of a woman, as a warm and soft hand felt its way up Zhang Xiao Qiang’s leg, before slowly reaching up to grab the slightly aroused ‘Little Xiao Qiang’. Then, the entire bed shook as she climbed up the bed and lowered her head under the blankets.

As the woman grabbed ‘Little Xiao Qiang’, Zhang Xiao Qiang felt like a sensation as though a thousand ants were climbing up his abdomen, as the gentle hand began to stroke up and down, almost igniting his long-time reserve ammo. He quickly took a deep breath, and imagined the woman to be some 1.5m short and fat woman of more than 108kg, forcefully bringing down his arousal and the excited ‘Little Xiao Qiang’. It was just like that saying: “It’s all in the mind!” Who knew if this was a trap!

As the woman lowered her head and licked his thighs, before waiting for her to continue, he placed the cold hard gun at her forehead. Her entire body froze in terror, as the movement of her hands stopped. He then shone the flashlight abruptly in her face, causing her to squint in the sudden light, not daring to move, waiting to see what Zhang Xiao Qiang did.

He held the .54 pistol against her head, while his other hand held up the Nokia with its flashlight function.

Sluggish. The expression on Zhang Xiao Qiang’s face was that: sluggish and shocked. Could this guy even display such a reaction?

The woman in front of him was stark naked, her eyes shut tightly for fear of being killed. Her thick lush long hair was draped around her shoulders, and under the light, it shone a slight blue. Her clean and pretty face was unblemished, and those willowy eyebrows of hers were without any scratch. Goodness, could such an angel exist? Was she born like that?!

Her cheeks were flushed slightly red, not from makeup, but from her skin, it was the healthy glow of a countryside girl!

The bridge of her nose was high and sharp, but not excessively so, as though it was a sculpture carefully carved by a Greek artisan. Her slightly thick lips gave her face an added appeal, and as she was halfway in between his legs, he could not see her front. Only her back was revealed outside of the blanket, yet her delicate and smooth skin, coupled with that shapely figure of hers was enough to cause one’s mouth to water!

“Who are you?” In such an environment, Zhang Xiao Qiang became even more guarded. He did not know who was behind this woman who had offered herself. She was extremely beautiful but having been a hermit for almost 7 years in his life, he had cultivated a powerful perseverance, adding on to his age, he was naturally not some young punk controlled by his hormones or used his ‘Little Xiao Qiang’ to think!

“I, I was sent by Brother Long to serve you! I’m Yuan Yi!” Her voice was clear and bell-like, and her clean and clear Chinese, unmarred by accents, was like a teenager reading a poem. It was extremely soothing to the ears.

As she got used to the light from the Nokia, she slowly opened her eyes. Her gla.s.s-like eyes were numb, with a gaze that did not hold much hope. She was not embarra.s.sed about being nude in front of Zhang Xiao Qiang, instead, staring at the cold gun quietly, waiting for Zhang Xiao Qiang to make his decision.

“Go back! I just want to sleep quietly. Tell Brother Long I thank him for his intentions!” Zhang Xiao Qiang ma.s.saged his temple as he said dully.

It was a lie if he said he wasn’t tempted. Yuan Yi had an aloof aura, which was unique, like the cold and proud gem amongst snow. Her features were like a fairy’s that did not belong to the mortal world, and what was even more enticing was that this fairy-like lady was currently prepared to do what a ‘callgirl’ would do. Such a huge contrast was enough to cause Zhang Xiao Qiang to give in!

However, he saw the conflict between Brother Long and Chen Yi, and although Brother Long was Yang Ke’er’s uncle, and was from the same hometown as he was, and even if he didn’t like Chen Yi, he didn’t want to get involved in their struggle. After the matter with Xie Yuan Shan, he knew how unfathomable the human heart was.

Brother Long and Chen Yi had both been convicts that made it out from the jails. Their subordinates were the same. If Brother Long got rid of Chen Yi, then as the saying goes ‘the fox would be sad at the death of the hare’*, and he would lose the support of his men. In this world, where there was danger everywhere, one would lose his or her life if not careful. If the remaining humans did not band together, and still engaged in inner conflicts, then they would be gobbled up by the zombies.

Likewise, for Chen Yi, he might not be supportive of Brother Long, but he would not kill Brother Long. If he did so, he would risk the subordinates not approving of him, and he could not just kill everyone who did not agree! There were many humans left anymore, with the death of each person, it was another huge loss to the human race.

Like this, Zhang Xiao Qiang became the important piece. First, he was an outsider and didn’t have any relations with the people within. He was also a strong person. If either of them made use of him to deal with the other, then the rest would not say anything. At least they would not suffer a loss of face, and they can make use of the opportunity to deal with him in the manner of ‘justice’.

There was a saying: “To keep the bow when the birds are gone”, as well as “when the cunning hare was killed, the dog is cooked.” Zhang Xiao Qiang was not like Yang Ke’er, and wasn’t stupid. He had seen plenty of dramas and power struggles to know that what the 2 heads were planning. He did not want to become the hound that was cooked!

Hence, by maintaining his distance as the 3rd party, it was the best move for him! He could deal with the zombies, and even if he met the D2, who said he could not deal with it? Furthermore, he had saved He Wen Bin and the rest, and they held him in awe. They wouldn’t dare to backstab him, after all, not everyone was like Xie Yuan Shan.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was truly helpless. Seeing the beauty in front of him, he was truly tempted, and ‘Little Xiao Qiang’ was getting active again. However, he maintained his calm and started chanting:

When the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara,

Was Coursing in the Deep Prajna Paramita,

He Perceived That All Five Skandhas Are Empty.

Thus He Overcame All Ills and Suffering.

Oh, Sariputra, Form Does not Differ From the Void,

Form is Void and Void is Form;

Perceptions, Volitions, and Consciousness

Sariputra, the Characteristics of the 

Are Non-Arising, Non-Ceasing, Non-Defiled,
Non-Pure, Non-Increasing, Non-Decreasing…

He put on an air of a gentleman while looking at the absolutely stunning and inviting figure of Yuan Yi in front of him.


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