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There was splendor in Cheng Xianguo and He Peiyuan eyes’ since they were both trained soldiers and they were familiar with the army’s tactics, but they were currently facing each other since they did not know whether they were friends or enemies; otherwise, they would be peacefully talking about their military life.

Unexpectedly, the bald man distracted both soldiers simultaneously. The explosive atmosphere loosened and the residents felt relieved. It was good that someone had distracted them and the upcoming battle came to a halt.

However in the next second-

“I have a question!” The bald He Shang said vaguely while eating, “Is the G55’s owner here or not?”

The two groups were shocked and instantly aimed at the unknown man; they were speechless with their simultaneous movement and looked at each other in a daze.

Next, the first floor became quiet and only the bald man’s eating sounds could be heard.

The atmosphere was extremely awkward!

The residents’ confusion was exceeding the newcomers’! They had all opened their eyes widely. Why were all those people searching for Chu Han!?

s.h.i.+ City’s Third Hospital was a general hospital fully equipped with large streams of people visiting it on a daily basis, so the number of zombies was large. Chu Han was in the lead carrying a fire axe and Shangguan Yuxin followed him closely.

They had rushed from the supermarket to the hospital. The female doctor faced no dangers and didn’t have to fight. Basically, she just followed Chu Han and understood how strong he was. They had reached the hospital only by relying on the fire axe; not a single bullet had been fired! The number of zombies he killed was countless. 

The road behind them was filled with dark blood and corpses.

Chu Han looked at the supermarket and killed a phase 1 zombie with the axe. Then he said to the female doctor, “Next, you will lead the way.”

In Chu Han’s previous life the hospitals had turned into cultural historical sites, so he didn’t know from where to get the medicine.

Shangguan Yuxin looked at Chu Han with a complicated gaze. There were deep fear and admiration in her eyes. A foolish man with strength wouldn’t be terrible, but a smart guy with unrivaled strength, unknown shrewdness and means to accomplish his goals, was terrifying.

“There is a pharmacy on the first floor.” Shangguan Yuxin said and took the lead.

Chu Han nodded and walked to the hospital; ignoring the zombies coming from all directions.

They reached the pharmacy really fast through a shortcut. A messy scene appeared in their eyes after opening the pharmacy’s door. It was quite understandable that other people had visited the hospital to find medicine; after the apocalypse medicines became rare commodities.

“Find what you need quickly.” Chu Han stood guard at the door to block incoming zombies.

“Yes.” Shangguan Yuxin found what she needed in the messy room. Luckily, people had left some medicines behind.

Shangguan Yuxin’s speed was very fast and she put all medicines that Luo Xiaoxiao would need into the bag; the bag was half-full. At that moment, she looked at Chu Han who was killing the zombies and her fear increased.

She searched some more but to her disappointment she didn’t find what she wanted. She then raised her head and said, “One of the medicines we need is not here and he have to go somewhere else to find it.” Shangguan Yuxin lied without her face turning red.

“Is it important?” Chu Han did not turn back.

“Yes, it is important.” Shuanguan Yuxin answered calmly, “It is the main medicine.”

“Where can we find it?” Chu Han asked.

There was a glint in her eyes and said calmly, “It’s in the Inpatient’s building.”

The Inpatient building was a hospital’s most crowded place. The beds were always full in a daily and yearly basis. After the apocalypse near 80% of humanity’s population had been infected so the building should be filled with danger.

Chu Han had only some basic information about the hospital’s layout but he didn’t know much about the inner structure and cla.s.sification, so he just kept leading the way while Shangguan Yuxin was giving directions. 

The zombies kept increasing as they were getting closer. Chu Han had no surplus emotions but what he hated most was zombies in this generation.

Cold light flashed in his eyes while he was looking at the place Shangguan Yuxin was guiding him to.

Psychiatry Department

Chu Han just entered without saying anything. Upon entering a thick smell of rotten flesh hit their nostrils and the number of zombies was really large; there should be no human being alive.

Peeking at Shangguan Yuxin who pretended to be calm, he found that her heartbeat was intense and heavy. It sounded like a knocking but the female doctor pretended to be calm. Chu Han was alerted and pondered over what kind of medicine she needed from that place.

The first floor’s zombies were countless. Most of them were dressed in blue and white and they exuded a dead body’s smell. Chu Han stepped forward and crashed the zombies coming their way. Soon, the hall had been filled with plenty of zombie corpses. The rotten meat and black blood dyed the floor.

They were quite lucky that there were no phase 2 zombies. He held the axe tightly and he signaled at Shangguan Yuxin to continue guiding.

He was thinking to get a new weapon. The first axe was stuck in the Land Rover after cutting Kuang Zhiran’s hand. Its handle had broken so it was necessary to get a new weapon.

Kuang Zhiran came to his mind when he thought about the axe. Then thick killing intent surged in his mind. He had to kill that guy!

“We must go upstairs.” Shangguan Yuxin guided and walked toward the stairs at the same time.

The elevator was beside the stairs but it was destroyed. The box was broken and the door destroyed.

Two people rushed to the stairs, with Shangguan Yuxin taking the lead. At that moment, a zombie jumped from the second floor. Its sharp claws and teeth were approaching Shangguan Yuxin’s head!


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