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Chapter 15 Fatal Blow (Part One)

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Zen hadn’t heard anyone call him ‘Cousin’ in a long time.

He remembered when Andrew was younger, he would chase Zen all around the Luo residence, calling him ‘Cousin Zen’.

If anyone bullied Andrew, he would seek Zen’s help.

When Zen heard the word ‘Cousin’, he couldn’t help but be transported back to a time in his childhood that was filled with sweet memories. What a beautiful time it had been!

He never dreamed that when he grew up, family fights would break out in the Luo Clan and his father and his uncles would be estranged. These past two years had been tragic indeed.

Zen nodded and changed his address as well. “Cousin Andrew, let’s start!”

“Well, it is said that you haven’t accepted your ident.i.ty as a slave. I found that hard to believe. But now that you’re addressing me as ‘Cousin’, it seems as though the rumors are true. I called you ‘Cousin Zen’ as a test. Did you really think you have the same privilege? Ha ha ha! I’m going to end this today! You will die by my hand.” With that said, Andrew sneered and suddenly gave off an aggressive appearance.

Upon hearing the insulting remarks by Andrew, a wave of anger swelled in Zen’s heart. His face became cold and indifferent. All traces of residual family affection in his heart vanished!

Andrew covered his whole body with purple lights. After taking a cursory step forward, he rushed to attack Zen.


The energy Andrew channeled hit Zen on his chest. The force was so strong that Zen felt unbalanced. He took a few steps to steady himself. It was obvious that Andrew had reached the bone refining level by virtue of the Magic Pill.

Over the past few days, Zen had been disappointed with the rate of refining. His body had strengthened so much that when the Luo children hit Zen, his body did not produce the warm currents he needed to continue refining his bones. However, Andrew had struck him so hard that Zen’s body produced the warm currents.

A small smile played on Zen’s lips as he welcomed the opportunity to remove more impurities from his body.

The feeling of warm currents flowing through his body, removing pollutants, and healing his core, was so cool!

While Zen was secretly pleased, Andrew drew on his rage to attack Zen with all his strength. He didn’t want to give Zen any reprieve.

He threw a short straight punch at Zen’s chest, followed by a powerful fist. Before Zen could react, Andrew directed a bursting strength at Zen’s body.

Andrew then bombarded Zen with a combination of an elbow attack, a side kick, and a front snap kick…

All sorts of fierce attacks were aimed at Zen.

Streams of warm currents flowed between Zen’s bones. Their intensity was such that it felt as though floodgates had opened. Zen could feel the impurities in his bones being squeezed out and washed away, little by little, by the warm currents.

“Well done! Just kill him, Master Andrew!” Grey Huang shouted and screamed from outside the arena. He looked excited, as though he were beating Zen himself.

Some children from the Luo Clan were also cheering for Andrew. However, many children were standing still and silently praying for Zen.

Most of the children came from other branches of the Luo Clan. Deep in their hearts, they missed the time when Zen’s father headed the Luo Clan as he had been fair and sympathetic. Everyone enjoyed the same opportunity to practice. Everyone’s achievements depended on their talent rather tha

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n birth. Everyone had a chance to make a difference, even if he came from an insignificant branch of the Luo Clan.

However, everything had changed once the second and the third branches grabbed the reins of the Luo Clan. People from these two branches were very privileged and usurped all resources, while children from the rest of the Luo Clan were left struggling.

Zen, the former young master, was the last person left from his branch. Since his uncles had spared him, all hope depended on Zen’s survival. The children knew that if he died, all chances of a fair and just leader ruling the Luo Clan would be gone forever.

Meanwhile, Zen continued to take Andrew’s a.s.sault.

Ken Luo, Andrew’s father, frowned as he watched the battle. He knew his son very well. After taking the Magical Pill, Andrew had reached the bone refining level. His strength had increased tremendously. The impact of his fist strength had weighed a thousand pounds. He was almost as powerful as Hercules!

He was confident that his son was the second most powerful person in the younger generation within the Luo Clan. Perrin was the only person who could defeat Andrew.

Ken watched as Andrew hurled dozens of punches at Zen. His attacks were fierce and strong, and full of power. While Zen was losing ground, he hadn’t been injured severely yet.

Why hadn’t Zen been defeated?

There was a saying in the realm of martial arts that attacking was the best form of defense.

The reason why this theory was widely accepted was that attacking was far easier than defending. Even the strongest person could not withstand continuous fierce attacks from his opponents.

Strong as Ken was, he shouldn’t be able to stand such violent attacks from Andrew. This was why methods of practicing a strong body such as King Kong Cover and Sun Holy Body were so valuable.

Zen had taken such furious blows, and yet he could still stand…

Did it mean that Zen had learned special methods of refining his body? Or had Zen’s father, his elder brother, discovered a way to refine the body, kept it secret from the rest of the family, but taught it to Zen before he died?

Considering the fact that Zen Luo had been beaten indiscriminately in the Martial Arts Hall for two years and he was still alive and kicking, it was obvious that Zen knew something that the others didn’t. Ken’s eyes shone when he thought he had discovered Zen’s secret!

At this time, seeing that his continuous blows were ineffective, Andrew became impatient. His punches were getting harder and harder, and he tried all kinds of vicious attacks on Zen’s body.

“Purple Fist Strength!”

“Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!” The six-fold force burst through Zen’s body.

He had thought that the destructive power of the Purple Fist Strength would beat Zen. However, to his surprise, Zen was still standing in front of him, firm and undefeated. His eyes were getting brighter and brighter. Andrew felt terribly uneasy.

This guy was so strange. How could his body withstand such fierce attacks?

Looking at Zen’s sly smile, Andrew became more fl.u.s.tered. He had reached the bone refining level and had great power. He was much stronger than Zen. He should have easily knocked Zen down with a single, well-placed blow. But why had he failed?

Why was Zen smiling? Was he sneering at Andrew’s incompetence?

Such a look replaced the panic Andrew was feeling with indignation. His eyes blazed with fury.

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