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Read Archean Eon Art Chapter 148 – Cheers

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Chapter 148: Cheers

Green Mountain Prefecture City was in chaos.

Although the various human cities had been drilled for such situations—where all citizens below the Marrow Cleansing realm were to escape into the deep tunnels when the demons invaded—it was currently the middle of the night. Most people were sleeping soundly! Despite the din in the city, 30 to 40 percent of the city remained asleep.

Some people didn’t care about others. They led their own families into the tunnels first! Some went around, shouting and waking people up.

“Quick, quick! Ergou, stop sleeping.” A middle-aged, one-armed man kicked open his neighbor’s door. He entered the yard and kicked open another door that was locked from the inside. The wooden door was shattered. Only then did Ergou and his family wake up. They heard the urgent bell-clanging and the commotion outside.

“The demons are here. Hurry up and enter the tunnel. Quick, quick!”

The commotion outside and the man’s frantic shouting jolted Ergou and his family out of their reveries.

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang!” One of the youths from Ergou’s family shouted immediately.

The one-armed man left immediately once he saw Ergou’s family awake. He rushed around the neighborhood, kicking open every door that was locked from the inside. As a Marrow Cleansing veteran, he could kick down wooden doors easily.

He woke up all the families that were still asleep. He wasn’t the only one. Others were waking up their neighbors as well.

Everyone knew that when ordinary people faced demons, they would be slaughtered. Only by reaching the Marrow Cleansing realm would they be able to put up a fight.

The six demon monarchs charged towards the two G.o.dfiends. Wherever they pa.s.sed, ruins were left in their wake.

Fortunately, most people had left their residences and rushed to the deep tunnels. The demon monarchs had slaughtered quite a lot of mortals during the early stages of the invasion. Although they began destroying buildings later, the casualties incurred were significantly lower than expected.

The demon monarchs didn’t care about the mortals. They were staring at the two G.o.dfiends that

had rushed over from afar.

Six demon monarchs? One of them is a third Firmament demon monarch? w.a.n.g Fucheng and Hu Xiao were alarmed when they saw the six demon monarchs charging towards them.

“Let’s go to Crescent Lake and fight there,” said w.a.n.g Fucheng with a voice transmission.

“Alright.” Hu Xiao immediately agreed.

They had two reasons for choosing Crescent Lake as their battlefield. Firstly, fighting above the lake would result in reduced casualties. Secondly, Palace Lord w.a.n.g Fucheng was stronger when fighting around water.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

The two dashed towards Crescent Lake.

“Do both of you think you can escape?” Jumo sneered when he saw them fleeing to another location.

“What a joke.”

“One of them is w.a.n.g Fucheng, an Archean Mountain disciple. The other is an ordinary G.o.dfiend. They are both Indestructible G.o.dfiends.” The other demon monarchs smiled hideously. They had intelligence on the various prefectures in the world. Of course, it would be difficult for them to gather information on G.o.dfiends that were living in seclusion. Unfortunately for the humans, G.o.dfiends needed to guard various locations in the world. There were few G.o.dfiends that were unknown to the demons.

The six demon monarchs quickly chased after them. Jumo was the fastest, far exceeding w.a.n.g Fucheng and Hu Xiao’s speed.

“I hope we can hold on for a little longer. It’ll be great if we can hold out until a Marquis G.o.dfiend arrives.”

“Perhaps, there are powerful G.o.dfiends around Green Mountain Prefecture.”

w.a.n.g Fucheng and Hu Xiao hoped for a miracle to happen. They understood if a miracle didn’t occur, a huge calamity would befall Green Mountain Prefecture City.

At Green Mountain Prefecture City’s northern city wall, soldiers from all over the city had rushed over—even if they had been off-duty. Over 10,000 soldiers were gathered at the northern wall, and more soldiers were still coming.

Most of the soldiers were ordinary in strength. Many of them had not reached the Marrow Cleansing realm and were still in the Internal Tempering realm. However, they weren’t serving in the military. They were just protecting their city. Such a job had low strength requirements. Most soldiers operated the alarms or defensive mechanisms.

“Brace yourselves.”

Defensive machinery was being transported from various buildings and being placed into specific positions on the city walls.

The soldiers stared at the incoming demon army. Although they were extremely nervous, n.o.body retreated.

Most demon invasions began outside a city. A prefecture was just too large! Usually, when a World Entrance appeared, it would appear outside a city. It was relatively unlikely for a World Entrance to appear within a city—like what had happened at Eastcalm Prefecture. If a World Entrance appeared inside a city, the city walls—that had been built with great effort—and all the other preparations the humans had made would be useless!

It was more common to see demons swarming a city from outside. The great obstacle in most demon invasions was the city walls!

Green Mountain Prefecture City’s walls were 150 feet tall. A very wide moat laid outside the walls. It made it even harder for the demons to enter the city with the moat in their way. With defensive mechanisms in place, the demons would have a hard time entering the city.

“Don’t be afraid. Just follow your orders. We need to hold on for as long as we can. As long as the G.o.dfiends win, these demons will retreat.” The officers encouraged the soldiers. After all, most soldiers had never fought demons before.

The demon commander, lieutenant commanders, and greater demons suddenly stopped a quarter-kilometer away from the city wall. Demons had intelligence, which is why they wouldn’t foolishly rush in.

“Quick, quick, quick.”

“Have the lesser demons enter a formation in preparation for our charge.”

The demon lieutenant commanders obeyed and relayed the orders.

Most of the 30,000-strong demon army was composed of lesser demons. The demon commander would plan the attack while the other demons would enter formations. Once they had entered a formation, they would breach the city walls in one fell swoop using their numerical advantage.

If they relied on 2000 to 3000 demons to breach the city walls, the losses would be catastrophic due to there being many traps and defensive mechanisms. It was better to let the lesser demons charge ahead, while the greater demons engaged in slaughter. The commanders and lieutenant commanders would destroy the humans’ defenses while this was all going on.

“Take up formation!”

The lesser demons ran with all their might. They were only half as fast as greater demons, but they could match humans in the Mortal Shedding realm. They arrived outside Green Mountain Prefecture City and formed formations according to the orders given. Although they had lacking teamwork compared to the humans, the demon army would be several times stronger as long as they entered a military formation.

Just as the demons were beginning to take up formation, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, heading straight for Green Mountain Prefecture City!

Meng Chuan had arrived!

The lesser demons ran 2.5 kilometers to get here! Meng Chuan had to travel over 150 kilometers to reach Green Mountain Prefecture City!

Oh? Lightning shot out from Meng Chuan’s body as he streaked across the sky. He could see the ma.s.sive demon army at a glance. A few lesser demons were straggling behind the main army. However, most lesser demons were taking up formation.

Thankfully, I came in time. Meng Chuan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this. If he had come any later, they would’ve attacked the city!

The G.o.dfiend responsible for reinforcing the city had arrived before the demon army could even attack the city! The reinforcement had come at astonis.h.i.+ng speeds.


The lightning split into several dozens of lightning bolts, striking the demon army ferociously.

Meng Chuan’s perception domain had a range of 200 feet; he had a clear grasp on any auras within one kilometer. After sensing the strongest auras in the demon army, he shot lightning towards them.

The 30 demon commanders and 23 lieutenant commanders only saw lightning heading towards them. They didn’t have time to dodge. All of them revealed looks of despair.

“Aren’t the G.o.dfiends dealing with the demon monarchs? Why is there a G.o.dfiend attacking us?”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions in several areas outside Green Mountain Prefecture City could be heard. Thunder rumbled as the demon commanders, and lieutenant commanders were reduced to ashes; their ashes scattered across the land.

This scene stunned the demon army. The explosions covered an area over half a kilometer, and it killed all the demon commanders and lieutenant commanders!

How powerful was this G.o.dfiend for him to achieve such a thing?


Meng Chuan landed on the city wall. Using his new-found footing, he leaped towards Crescent Lake.

The soldiers saw a bolt of lightning land on the city wall before leaping again. They saw the man bathed in lightning. No, a G.o.d of Lightning. All the soldiers cheered when they saw him.

“A G.o.dfiend is here!”

“A G.o.dfiend is here!”


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