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Read Archean Eon Art Chapter 344 – Finally Becoming a Regis Godfiend (Final Chapter of Volume)

Archean Eon Art is a web novel completed by Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi, I Eat Tomatoes, 我吃西红柿.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 344 Finally Becoming a Regis G.o.dfiend (Final Chapter of Volume)

27th December. Snow fluttered everywhere.

Meng Chuan and his wife, Liu Qiyue, were in the hall. They ate snacks and drank tea as they chatted. It was rare for them to have the entire day to relax. Meng Chuan didn’t carry out underground reconnaissance because he was adjusting his body and mind to an optimal state. As for killing demon monarchs? After becoming a Regis G.o.dfiend, he naturally could kill demon monarchs at a much faster speed.

Oh? Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue suddenly sensed something. Through the door, they saw a dark figure descending from the sky. It was Li Guan’s Essence Soul avatar.

“It’s Supremacy.” Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue immediately stood up and walked to the corridor outside the hall to welcome him.

Li Guan landed in the yard and stepped on the snow. Following that, he smiled. Two illusory figures appeared beside him. They were Qin Wu and Luo Tang.

“Greetings, Supremacies. Greetings, Master.” Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue bowed in surprise.

The couple could guess the reason for the Supremacies’ arrival. However, all three of them had arrived! It was rare for such a gathering to occur. Although Qin Wu and Luo Tang could form Essence Soul embodiments —which didn’t have any combat strengththey could only maintain nine Essence Soul embodiments at most. They needed to divert their attention for every Essence Soul embodiment so that it can function properly. Furthermore, an Essence Soul embodiment required a medium. Thus, it was very rare for the three Supremacies to come to Jiang State Capital.

“Punk, you actually managed to reach the Dharma Domain realm silently?” Qin Wu chuckled. “Your letter shocked the three of


“I broke through after cultivating every day,” said Meng Chuan.

Luo Tang’s eyes lit up as she carefully inspected Meng Chuan. She smiled and nodded. “It’s indeed impressive for you to reach the Dharma Domain realm so quickly even when you spend most of your time carrying out underground reconnaissance.”

Li Guan smiled at Meng Chuan. “When will you enter seclusion and break through?”

“I’ll enter seclusion in a while,” said Meng Chuan.

“I’ll be your guardian,” said Li Guan with a smile. “My Essence Soul avatar only has 30 to 40 percent of my true body’s strength, but it’s enough to protect you.”

As the unspoken strongest person in the world, Li Guan was confident that his Essence Soul avatar could suppress Demon Sage Nine Abyss, much less other demon monarchs.

“Thank you, Supremacy.” Meng Chuan bowed.

“If you can resolve the one million demon monarchs’ threat, we will be the ones thanking you,” said Li Guan. “Alright, you don’t have to accompany us. Just focus on your seclusion and make a breakthrough.”

“Yes.” Meng Chuan was already prepared.

“I’ll wait for you outside.” Liu Qiyue was in a hall outside the chamber.

Meng Chuan smiled and nodded before sealing the chamber. Inside the chamber, a candle calmly burned. Meng Chuan sat cross-legged on a mat and took out a cyan jade bottle. He removed the bottle stopper and drank the contents in one gulp. The Clear Divine Water entered his body, and his Essence Soul quickly absorbed it. His Essence Soul became more ethereal, and his control over it increased greatly.

I’ve had a fourth-level Essence Soul for so many years. My Undying body should also be able to withstand the pressure during the breakthrough perfectly. It should be very easy. Meng Chuan was confident, having gleaned generations of G.o.dfiends’ experiences.

Time to begin. The Power of Essence Soul fused with his dantian s.p.a.ce, as well as every wisp of Darkstar Quintessential Essence within. A dark-red sphere floated in the middle of the dark dantian s.p.a.ce. Dark-red gases swirled around it. Compared to when he had just reached the Darkstar realm, the dark-red sphere was more than ten-fold larger than before.

Due to his Undying Body, Meng Chuan’s dantian s.p.a.ce size was the theoretical limit for Marquis G.o.dfiends. Since ancient times, Marquis G.o.dfiends—who had fortuitous encounters-also had dantian s.p.a.ces as large as his. It was practically the maximum size the dantian s.p.a.ce could go at the Darkstar realm! Any larger and the Darkstar would begin its breakthrough. If one’s realm wasn’t high enough when this happened, they would die!

Condense Quintessential Essence. Meng Chuan sent commands with just a thought. He infused the Power of Origins from his Grotto-Heaven Magic Bead into his dantian s.p.a.ce and transformed it into Darkstar Quintessential Essence, causing the Darkstar to continue expanding. In such a large dantian s.p.a.ce, the Darkstar’s volume was already at its limit. As the new Darkstar Quintessential Essence constantly fused with it, it finally broke through its limits

Boom! Boom!

The dark-red sphere rapidly shrank and collapsed.

Meng Chuan’s Power of Essence Soul fused with every part of the dark-red sphere. When it began to collapse, he used his understanding of the lightning lineage-the Flash Form of Lightning that had reached the Dharma Domain realm—to guide it!

Light! Under Meng Chuan’s lead, the Darkstar’s collapse quickened even more.


The dark-red sphere instantly contracted by more than 10,000 times. Even his dantian couldn’t be seen.

The entire dantian s.p.a.ce was pitch-black. Apart from the lone Grotto-Heaven Magic Bead, there was nothing else. No, strictly speaking, it wasn’t that there wasn’t anything else, but that tiny point was too small. It was so small that it couldn’t be seen with typical microscopic inner vision. This was also the reason why it was called the Seamless realm.

However, thanks to the Power of Essence Soul, he could vaguely sense its existence. It was tiny. At that moment, it rapidly collapsed before gradually stabilizing under the guidance of the Flash Form of Lightning Dharma Domain. If one’s technique realm wasn’t high enough, this tiny point would explode.

It’s beginning to stabilize. Meng Chuan could sense it.

The Dharma Domain. Only when one had high enough of a cultivation realm could they form a Dharma Domain. The Dharma Domain was also the ‘cosmic law’ responsible for this tiny point’s existence.

It’s done. He could vaguely sense that the tiny point had completely stabilized. It began to absorb external powers and spit out wisps of Quintessential Essence.

Within his dark dantian s.p.a.ce, a source of white light suddenly appeared. Thousands of white beams of light illuminated the dantian s.p.a.ce from the core. The closer to the core, the denser the light became, forming a light source.

The closer to the core’s periphery, the duller the light became. Only a small amount of light would sweep past this area.

Seamless Quintessential Essence. Meng Chuan was filled with joy. He knew that this beam of light came from his Seamless Quintessential Essence. It looked mild and harmless, but it was actually terrifyingly powerful. Even if one was 50 kilometers away, thousands of third Firmament demon monarchs could be killed instantly.

Every Regis G.o.dfiend had different types of Quintessential Essence. At this stage, their Quintessential Essence was extremely pure. One’s control over their Quintessential Essence reached perfection. Although Regis G.o.dfiends couldn’t perfectly control their bodies, they could perfectly control their Quintessential Essence.

Quintessential Essence was affected by one’s dantian s.p.a.ce, Essence Soul, and technique realm. The larger one’s dantian s.p.a.ce was, the more Quintessential Essence one could acc.u.mulate, causing the Seamless realm point to contract even more! The Quintessential Essence would also become purer due to this process. The stronger one’s Essence Soul was, the greater the restrictions on the point. It also allowed for greater compression of the point. The higher one’s technique realm was, the more brilliant the laws of the point would be.

When Regis G.o.dfiends cultivated, they strived to make the Seamless realm point smaller. When the point’s size had reached the extreme, one could form a Grotto-Heaven! When one formed a Grotto-Heaven, they would be a Creation Supremacy.

However, with different understandings, each Regis G.o.dfiend would have different Dharma Domains. Thus, the laws governing the tiny point were different for each G.o.dfiend. The powers the tiny point produced were also different. For example, some Regis G.o.dfiends had dark, evil Quintessential Essence. Some Regis G.o.dfiends had cold, blue Quintessential Essence. King True Martial had created his own True martial lineage. His Seamless Quintessential Essence was known as the Power of True Martial. It was terrifyingly powerful. Although he was a Regis G.o.dfiend, his Quintessential Essence was in no way inferior to that of a Creation Supremacy.

Is this how strong a Regis G.o.dfiend is? Meng Chuan naturally released his Quintessential Essence. White light shot out from his body, illuminating the chamber. Furthermore, the tiny, invisible point in his dantian constantly emitted circular waves.

The waves spread out in all directions. The waves were like ripples. After flying out of a certain range, they would return to the tiny point. This cycle went on incessantly.

A Regis G.o.dfiend’s Seamless domain was a combination of a void domain and a wave domain.

I’ve just become a Regis G.o.dfiend, but my Seamless domain can already reach a kilometer? Meng Chuan was secretly surprised. King True Martial’s Seamless domain can only reach 2.5 kilometers.

When using his Seamless domain, he could unleash his greatest combat strength.

In the hall.

Li Guan, Qin Wu, and Luo Tang sat together. As for Liu Qiyue, she was waiting outside the chamber.

“Every Regis G.o.dfiend will walk their own path,” said Li Guan with a smile as he held a teacup. “I wonder what Meng Chuan will be like?”

“Qin Wu, do you wish for your disciple to be like Senior Guo Ke or Senior Ye Hong?” Luo Tang asked with a smile.

These two had extremely high accomplishments in the lightning lineage.

Qin Wu smiled and said, “At the same age, Senior Guo Ke and Senior Ye Hong had inferior achievements than that of my disciple. My disciple’s Essence Soul cultivation talent far exceeds the two seniors. It’s only been three years since he reached the peak of the Realm of Dao, yet he has now reached the Dharma Domain realm… I believe that this disciple of mine might be able to forge an unprecedented path. It’s not impossible for him to follow the lightning lineage’s strongest path.”

“The lightning lineage’s strongest path?” Luo Tang was astonished.

“After I found out that he had broken through, I carefully investigated his experiences over the years,” said Li Guan. “I noticed something. After he came out of the World Gap, he spent over 100 million credits to read all the lightning lineage techniques in Archean Mountain. After reading so many manuals, not only did he not confuse himself, but he ended up breaking through in just three years.” Luo Tang nodded and sighed in amazement. “He didn’t end up lost even after perusing numerous ultimate techniques. He absorbed what he needed and abandoned what he didn’t. He then became a Regis G.o.dfiend in three years. He is indeed outstanding.”

“Therefore, I believe that Meng Chuan should be free to choose any of the Archean Mountain treasures that Regis G.o.dfiends can use,” said Li Guan. “Let him choose whatever he wants.”

“Free to choose? Are we also including what Ancestral Master Archean Eon left behind?” Qin Wu and Luo Tang looked at Li Guan in shock.

“Yes.” Li Guan nodded. “It won’t take long for him to reach the Blood Droplet realm, so we don’t even need to mention his reconnaissance abilities. When he does reach the Blood Droplet realm, his reconnaissance abilities will strengthen greatly. He alone can deal with one million demon monarchs. For this, it’s worth letting him choose any treasure. Furthermore, he’s still so young. Perhaps he can become an invincible Creation Supremacy before we reach the critical moment. Even if a World Entrance that allows demon sages to enter appears, he can deal with a large group of demon sages alone. We’ll have a chance of fending them off. That way, there’ll be no need to end the world. After all, if we end the world, we have to wipe out all living beings outside of Archean Mountain. If I want to make all treasures available to meng Chuan, both of your permissions are needed. Do both of you agree?”

Qin Wu and Luo Tang looked at each other.

“Agreed,” Luo Tang said.

Qin Wu smiled. “Agreed.”

Li Guan nodded. “Alright.”

Meng Chuan became a Regis G.o.dfiend at the age of 55. He had a fourth-level Essence Soul as well, so the three Supremacies saw hope in him.

“Oh?” The three Supremacies sensed fluctuations spreading out.

“It’s the Seamless wave domain.” The three Supremacies looked towards the chamber. They knew that Meng Chuan had broken through

Final Chapter of Volume-King Eastcalm


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