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Read Archean Eon Art Chapter 463 – The Final Attack (1)

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Read WebNovel Archean Eon Art Chapter 463 – The Final Attack (1)

Chapter 463 The Final Attack (1)

It hid in a small grotto-heaven. Meng Chuan was somewhat anxious.

They had long guessed the possibility of this happening. However, they still didn’t want to see this scene.

Meng Chuan and company had prepared many plans. They mainly focused on two scenarios.

The first scenario: Since Demon Sage Deep Profundity had to draw a map of the connection points, he would stay in the outside world. Following the Regis G.o.dfiends’ plan, they reduced the distance between them and Demon Sage Deep Profundity until they were within 25 kilometers of him. Once they were close enough, they would kill their target with a Magic Awl. The second scenario: The demons were very cautious. Demon Sage Deep Profundity constantly hid in a small grotto-heaven. As they slowly dragged out the battle with the G.o.dfiends, the difficulty of killing him would immediately soar.

Things were now following the scenario that the humans were unwilling to see.

“Kill!” Holding back his rage, Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul avatar controlled the Magic Awl as killing intent surged within it.


The black Magic Awl instantly streaked across the sky. After the Magic Awl pierced a fifth Firmament demon monarch’s Essence Soul, the demon monarch’s eyes widened as he collapsed silently.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!

The black Magic Awl pa.s.sed through several demon monarchs’ bodies. Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul avatar was more than 35 kilometers away from Patriarch Poison Dragon. There were eight demon monarchs within 25 kilometers of his Essence Soul avatar. Although these eight demon monarchs panicked and tried to retreat, the Magic Awl caught up to them extremely quickly. In the blink of an eye, the Magic Awl pa.s.sed through all eight demon monarchs’ bodies.

Among the eight fifth Firmament demon monarchs, three had third-level Essence Souls, four had fourth-level Essence Souls, and one had a fifth-level Essence Soul.

Due to their weak Essence Souls, they couldn’t resist Meng Chuan’s Magic Awl at all. The Magic Awl easily penetrated their Essence Souls and destroyed them, causing them to collapse to the ground in horror and despair.

On the other side, King Thousand Wood-who was accompanied by Meng Chuan’s true body, King True Martial, and King Molten-also released his Magic Awl and attacked the seven fifth Firmament demon monarchs that were within his range.

The seven fifth Firmament demon monarchs also fell silently. None of them had the strength to resist his Magic Awl. In fact, even if a demon monarch had a sixth-level Essence Soul, they wouldn’t be able to withstand Meng Chuan and King Thousand Wood’s Magic Awls unless they had a special treasure that protected their Essence Souls.


After his Essence Soul avatar controlled the Magic Awl to kill the eight demon monarchs, it immediately retreated. The Magic Awl also rapidly flew back to his true body.

However, as his Essence Soul avatar and Magic Awl flew back to his true body, Meng Chuan felt the surrounding world freeze.

A terrifying force pressed down.

Meng Chuan’s retreating Essence Soul avatar could see black dragon phantoms rus.h.i.+ng towards it from all directions. The terrifying strength caused the Essence Soul avatar to collapse instantly.


The Magic Awl was extremely fast, instantly flying back into Meng Chuan’s body. Due to being an Essence Soul weapon, the Magic Awl ignored such obstructions.

My Essence Soul avatar was destroyed. Meng Chuan felt his Essence Soul ache. His Essence Soul had suffered some damage.

The destruction of his Essence Soul avatar didn’t affect him much compared to others. Take Li Guan for example. If Li Guan’s Essence Soul avatar was destroyed, it would take him several years to recover completely. Meng Chuan, however, had the Essence Soul Star legacy. With the Essence Soul Star, his Essence Soul could recover completely. He could completely recover from the destruction of his Essence Soul avatar within a month.

“Retreat.” Meng Chuan quickly retreated with King True Martial and company.

One black dragon phantom after another lunged over as the dense saber array formation attacked the G.o.dfiends.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The two sides clashed.

The humans quickly retreated from the dark array formation.

The demons’ array formations were rather powerful. However, apart from the golden spear array formation at the periphery, the other two array formations were mainly for defense.

The True Martial domain’s range shrank to 1,000 feet. The True Martial domain’s interior was protected by a defensive array formation formed by Meng Chuan’s 24 Bloodblades. Although the G.o.dfiends were suppressed by the black dragon phantoms and the dense saber array formation, Meng Chuan and company had an impregnable defense as they retreated from the dark array formation.

“What should we do?” King Molten asked anxiously. “Demon Sage Deep Profundity has already hidden itself. Furthermore, it should be hiding in Patriarch Poison Dragon’s small grotto-heaven. We have no solution.”

“It’s our worst fear.” King Thousand Wood frowned. “Demon Sage Deep Profundity is hiding in a small grotto-heaven. We can’t touch it at all.”

“King True Martial, King Eastcalm, your Archean Mountain is in charge this time. What should we do next?” asked King Molten.

They were unafraid of death.

In the original plan, they were going to rush at the demons until they were 35 kilometers away from the target. King True Martial would have used the Ten Absolutes of World Annihilation to attack the array formations’ core immediately after.

With the Fire Refinement Star Cauldron’s protection, King Molten and King Thousand Wood would then be thrown to the center of the array formations and take the final gamble. If Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul avatar didn’t die, he would’ve followed along.

Who would have thought that the demons would immediately store Demon Sage Deep Profundity into a small grotto-heaven after they saw the Lightning Explosive Beads detonating? Due to this, King Molten and the others naturally had no reason to risk their lives.

“Follow Junior Brother Meng’s instructions,” said King True Martial as he stared at Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan stared at King True Martial.

Their gazes met.

They knew Archean Mountain’s detailed plan and which treasures they were carrying on them.

This was also the core of their execution plan.

King True Martial looked at Meng Chuan. “Junior Brother Meng, we don’t have a choice.”

Meng Chuan’s eyes reddened as he nodded slightly. “Alright.”

Over a hundred fifth Firmament demon monarchs set up three large array formations. The two large defensive array formations worked together to protect Patriarch Poison Dragon, Monarch Peac.o.c.k, and company.

“The Golden Light Formation at the periphery has been destroyed. We lost 15 of the 36 demon monarchs that maintain the formation,” said Holy Lady Strings calmly. “Thankfully, the two defensive formations inside are fine.”

“What a close shave. When I saw that terrifying explosion, I knew something was amiss,” said Patriarch Poison Dragon. “At critical moments, humans might take out some powerful treasures. I didn’t dare take the risk.”

Monarch Peac.o.c.k nodded and said, “Protecting Demon Sage Deep Profundity is of utmost importance.”


“The humans have retreated?”

The demons discovered that the humans had retreated to a spot 75 kilometers away from them. After retreating beyond the two defensive array formations, they hid their auras and disappeared from the demons’ sight.


An invisible fluctuation spread out from the demons’ array formations as it probed the surrounding 250 kilometers.“The humans are roughly 80 kilometers away from us. They are carefully hiding and have been following us,” said a silver-armored demon monarch respectfully. “I can also sense that they’ve been following us through my domain.” Holy Lady Strings smiled coldly. “They already have no way out. They’re risking their lives to stop Demon Sage Deep Profundity from completely the map of connection points. They can’t really leave.”

“Be careful.” Patriarch Poison Dragon said, “They are secretly tailing us. With Demon Sage Deep Profundity hiding in a small grotto-heaven, they aren’t in a hurry to attack. However, once it’s released, they will discover an opportunity and might suddenly attack.”

“Demon Sage Deep Profundity is to stay inside the grotto-heaven?” Monarch Peac.o.c.k frowned slightly. “If it hides and doesn’t come out, how can it draw the map of connection points?”

“It’s very important to draw the map of connection points, but Demon Sage Deep Profundity’s life is also important. If it comes out and is killed, we might be implicated by the Imperial Lords’ rage,” said Patriarch Poison Dragon. “I think we should report this to the Imperial Lords first and let them decide on what we shall do next.”

Holy Lady Strings and Monarch Peac.o.c.k nodded.

This battle had too many implications on the war.

Completing the map of connection points would mean a bountiful harvest for the three Imperial Lords—who had put in a lot of effort and paid a huge price to achieve victory in the war.

To the humans, it was a nightmare.


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