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Read Archean Eon Art Chapter 90 – Meng Dajiang Returns Home

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Chapter 90: Meng Dajiang Returns Home

Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

After some careful discussion, King East River and the others decided on the final twenty. In fact, most of the spots were already set in stone. Only a small number of them needed discussion.

“It’s decided.” King East River smiled.

Every year, the recruitment of disciples at Archean Mountain was an extremely important matter. In order to be fair, the Regis G.o.dfiends and Marquis G.o.dfiends who presided over it would change. They also felt the heavy responsibility. After all, they had to rely on the yearly fresh blood to integrate into the sect and form the current Archean Mountain.

Meng Chuan and company chatted as they waited. Some of the geniuses were even more nervous. Finally, an hour pa.s.sed as King East River and company walked over from afar.

“They’re coming. They’re coming!”

“We’re going to announce the final name list.”

All the geniuses stared at the distant King East River. Their family and friends were equally nervous.

The moment of truth was about to happen!

Ji Yuantong stood by the side and watched silently. He was also afraid that he would be eliminated because of his poor performance during the final a.s.sessment.

“This year’s Archean Mountain entrance examination is over,” said King East River with a smile. “The list of twenty people has been decided. From first to twenty, it will be as follows: Meng Chuan, Zong Sha, Yan Feng, Yan Jin, Ning Yibo, Zuo Xiao, Chu Yong, Jin Huan, Dong Fang, Li Ying… Shangguang Feng, Ji Yuantong… Zhang Lie, Yu Chang. The aforementioned will be recruited by Archean Mountain.”

The geniuses and their family listened carefully for their names; some were overjoyed, others silent.

“My dear disciple, you entered. You entered. You’ve become a disciple of Archean Mountain.” The fat elder hugged his disciple, Zuo Xiao. Zuo Xiao was thrilled as well. “I got in! I got in!”

Zuo Xiao’s ranking was very high. He was ranked sixth, better than Chu Yong and company.

I got in.

I’ve become a disciple of Archean Mountain.

Many geniuses were extremely excited. Apart from the ten G.o.dfiends who had robust G.o.dfiend foundations, ten of them had mediocre foundations. There were seven geniuses who had never consumed any natural treasures.

The preliminaries’ third a.s.sessment—spiritual perception—and the final selection’s second trial—the Darkness Altar—tested one’s potential. The first a.s.sessment in the final selection mainly tested one’s strength and combat talent.

Therefore, many geniuses had the chance to be selected.

Ji Yuantong heard his name. He was ranked fifteenth in this selection.

As long as I enter the Archean Mountain, I will surpa.s.s Meng Chuan and the rest. Ji Yuantong vowed silently. I will also reach the top of this Darkness Altar!

Ever since he was young, he had never submitted to anyone. He believed that he was the strongest.

“Apart from the top twenty, Yan Chitong is only thirteen years old this year; he will be specially recruited as an Archean Mountain disciple,” said King East River. His voice resounded throughout the mountain. “Bid farewell to your family and friends as soon as possible. I will send all of them down the mountain in a while.”

Archean Mountain recruited a total of 21 disciples. Yan Chitong was specially recruited and did not take up any admission slots.

Archean Mountain clearly knew that the geniuses this year were more outstanding than in previous years. However, rules were rules. Other than special recruitment, only twenty people were accepted each year. Archean Mountain’s resources were limited. If too many disciples were recruited, the resources that every disciple enjoyed would decrease.

“Good, good, good.” Meng Dajiang looked at Meng Chuan happily. “My son has finally entered Archean Mountain. If your grandaunt learns of this, she would definitely be very happy.”

“Yes.” Meng Chuan’s heart churned. After cultivating for so many years, he had finally succeeded in entering the Archean Mountain.

“It’s time for me to leave,” said Meng Dajiang. “Many of Wu State’s geniuses and family will also return today. Uncle Liu and I will also return together. When you enter Archean Mountain and see Qiyue, tell her to send letters to Eastcalm Prefecture in the future.”

“Yes.” Meng Chuan nodded.

The distance between Archean City and Wu State was simply too far away. Marquis Southcloud escorted them here and would also escort them back! This was the fastest method. If they missed this opportunity, Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai would have to return to Eastcalm Prefecture slowly. That would take too long.

“Cultivate well in Archean Mountain.” Meng Dajiang stretched out his hand and stroked his son’s head. He smiled and said, “Dad won’t be able to accompany you any longer. The rest of your journey will depend on yourself.”

Meng Chuan’s heart tightened as he nodded.

His father had been by his side for so many years. He had enlightened him in the way of the saber and had been his sparring partner. He had prepared rare treasures for him. His father had saved him during the demon invasion. His father was like a huge tree that s.h.i.+elded him from the elements.

Now that he had grown up, he would cultivate in Archean Mountain. As for his father, he was in his hometown, thousands of kilometers away.

“Dad, I’ll make accomplishments in my cultivation as quickly as possible. I’ll head down the mountain to meet you when the time comes,” said Meng Chuan.

Meng Dajiang smiled and nodded.

Soon—other than the twenty-one newly recruited disciples—the other geniuses and their family and friends were personally sent down the mountain by King East River and brought to Archean City.

“All of you, follow me,” said the cyan-clothed woman. She levitated the twenty-one disciples before flying off with them.


After they flew past a mountain range, they finally arrived at a towering mountain peak.

“This is Archean Mountain’s main peak—Yellow Reverence Peak. It’s the highest mountain peak in the mountain range.” The cyan-clothed woman led Meng Chuan and company to land in a courtyard.

An elder was already waiting in the courtyard. He bowed and greeted, “Aunt-Master.”

The twenty-one rookies were somewhat confused. However, Meng Chuan could sense how powerful the elder’s aura was. He was much stronger than Jadesun Palace Lord—who he had seen before. However, he also felt a strange sense of weakness, as though his aura was just a facade.

“This is your Senior Brother w.a.n.g,” said the cyan-clothed woman. “Archean Mountain G.o.dfiends support each other. Those below the Darkstar realm are of the same generation. You can just address each other as senior and junior. Darkstar G.o.dfiends are Marquis G.o.dfiends.”

“Greetings, Senior Brother w.a.n.g.” Meng Chuan and the rest bowed.

The elder laughed. “Greetings, Junior Brothers and Sisters. It’s a happy occasion to see newcomers every year. Our Archean Mountain will produce more G.o.dfiends.”

The cyan-clothed woman nodded and said, “You will stay here today. A grand ceremony will be held tomorrow. After that, you will be considered true disciples of Archean Mountain.”

With that said, she walked away.

The twenty-one disciples took up temporary residence. They would be official disciples of Archean Mountain tomorrow.

When night fell—

“Let’s go. Back to Wu State.”

In the courtyard of the Wu State Guild Hall in Archean City, Marquis Southcloud sat cross-legged on the back of a giant fiery-red bird. Behind him were nine geniuses and their families, as well as Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai. Everyone had just eaten dinner and had enough to fill their stomachs.


The giant fiery-red bird soared into the sky, quickly pa.s.sed through the clouds and flew above the city. Its speed soared as it flew towards Wu State.

The geniuses and their families on the bird’s back thought of all sorts of things. Three geniuses from the Wu State had been selected—a very high number. They were Meng Chuan, Yan Jin, and Shangguan Feng. The remaining geniuses who weren’t 20 yet could try again next year. Some of them were already 20 years old. They had to serve in the military immediately since it was already the end of the year.

Everyone had their own fate.

They flew through the night. It took them nearly six hours to arrive at Wu State.

The giant fiery-red bird was roughly 100 feet above the ground when Marquis Southcloud said, “We’re at Yufang Prefecture. Those who need to get off can get off now.”

“Thank you, Lord Marquis.” An old woman jumped down with a genius.

As a Marquis G.o.dfiend, time was precious. It was only during Archean Mountain’s disciple recruitment that Marquis South Cloud escorted them back and forth, taking up a few days of his time.

He continued flying all over Wu State, sending the geniuses and their families and friends back to their prefecture, one after another.

“Eastcalm Prefecture is up ahead,” Marquis Southcloud said with a smile. The giant fiery-red bird descended to a lower height.

“Thank you, Lord Marquis.” Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai were grateful for the escort.

“Both Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue are not bad.” Marquis Southcloud gave rare praise.

Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai couldn’t hide their smiles. After bowing respectfully, they jumped down to the ground.


The giant fiery-red bird quickly rose into the air and flew towards another direction.

“Let’s go. Let’s go back quickly.” Meng Dajiang couldn’t help but use his movement technique to rush towards Eastcalm City.

“Look at how anxious you are.” Liu Yebai followed along.

Although the sky was dark, Eastcalm City’s gates had already opened. The hawkers who were selling goods and the travelers had already entered the city. Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai entered the city together.

Oh? Isn’t that Elder Meng?

He accompanied Young Master Meng to Archean Mountain for the examination. He’s back?

The guards at the door immediately recognized the famous Meng Dajiang from Eastcalm Prefecture.

“I won’t be going to the Meng family’s ancestral mansion with you.” Liu Yebai parted with Meng Dajiang midway. “I’ll return to Mirror Lake first.”

“Alright.” Meng Dajiang smiled and nodded. Then, he quickly used his movement technique and headed straight for the ancestral mansion.

Eh? Meng Dajiang is back? One of the shopkeepers in a street store recognized Meng Dajiang. He’s in a hurry, and he seems rather excited. Furthermore, he came back alone. Could it be that Meng Chuan has joined Archean Mountain? I have to report this to the clan immediately. The G.o.dfiend families had many businesses in Eastcalm Prefecture, and they had many spies. When they saw Meng Dajiang, they immediately rushed back to report.

Along the way, people discovered Meng Dajiang. Everyone guessed what happened.

If Meng Chuan failed in the a.s.sessment, both father and son would have returned together. Furthermore, he wouldn’t rush to the ancestral mansion so excitedly. Of course, these were just guesses. In the end, they had to wait for official news from the government.

Meng Dajiang was extremely fast as he rushed to the ancestral mansion.

The clansmen at the ancestral mansion were astonished.


“Elder has returned from Archean Mountain. Is there an outcome to Meng Chuan’s entrance examination?”

“Meng Chuan didn’t return; did he succeed?”

The clansmen were excited and had many guesses.

At the ancestral mansion’s ancestral hall, Fairy Meng knelt on a prayer mat as she prayed for Meng Chuan. She had been in the ancestral hall since 20th December.

She prayed for blessings, hoping that the ancestors would bless Meng Chuan so that he would enter Archean Mountain successfully.

“Oh?” Fairy Meng suddenly opened her eyes. “Dajiang is back?”

She immediately stood up. With a walking stick in hand, her figure blurred as she arrived several dozen feet away. In just a few steps, she arrived at the front yard of the ancestral mansion.

Many clansmen surrounded the front yard. Meng Dajiang—who had been rus.h.i.+ng towards this direction—stopped when he saw Fairy Meng.

“Dajiang, how was it?” Fairy Meng’s pale face was filled with antic.i.p.ation as her voice trembled slightly.

The other clansmen looked at Meng Dajiang expectantly.

“Chuan’er ranked first in the Archean Mountain entrance examination!” Meng Dajiang said excitedly. “He’s now an inner sect disciple of Archean Mountain!”


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