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Chapter 70 – Gunsmith (Part 1)

-Did you think amongst all the examinees, there wouldn’t be a gun specialist?

“A gun specialist?”

-Indeed. There is an examinee whose main skill is making guns in the Nordic exam group.


There is an examinee like this!

Of course there was.

Any modern man from this world must have thought of wanting to use a gun in a matter of life and death. Like I did.

-There is a time limit so the examinee doesn’t just give a gun to anyone, but I am not anyone. Come to Copenhagen in four days. I will meet you there then.


I finished the call and got a gist of a plan.

Tomorrow, I will go to Switzerland and set up an account and then going straight to Denmark would be good.

First, I sent a text to chairman Park Jin-seong and explained the plan and asked him for a translator.

But the reply I got was very unexpected.

-I have prepared everything for you. You just have to go.


-Yes, I’m sure you would do just fine buying a plane ticket and setting a hotel reservation and setting up a bank account. I know you. You little s.h.i.t.


-Also, because I said a Swiss account, you think it’s just any bank in Switzerland?

“Is it not?”

-Read some newspapers while you live. Swiss banks aren’t like they used to be. They entered a tax convention with our country so you can’t hide your back money anymore.

“You know this well. Like someone who has done it a lot.”

-Shut up. Anyway, the bank I was thinking of is specific. It’s a bank for all the examinees around the world.

“Huh? Something like that exists?”

-All the things a.s.sociated with the exams and Arena cannot be revealed to the public. Because of that, there is no way to explain the a.s.sets an examinee acquires from selling majeong.

That makes sense.

Which is why I want to deposit my money into a Swiss account as well.

-For an examinee who makes a lesser amount, it can be set up disguised as paychecks, and for examinees that make grand amounts like you, that becomes a bit of a problem.

“So it’s a bank for examinees like that?”

-Yes, the Swiss have made some benefits of their own with this kind of business. One who has tasted meat before eats it best.

In other words, no matter all the threats that America throws at them, this special bank has intense security that will never divulge private information.

-Anyway, I’ve made all the preparations and they’ll contact you sometime today.

“Okay, thank you.”

It’s something I came to realize after meeting chairman Park Jin-seong but he really is timely and efficient with work. It was probably why he’s so good in business.

Thanks to chairman Park Jin-seong, my travel plans become much simpler.

I make a call to let Min-jeong know about my plans.


“Yeah, its me.”

-Aren’t you in the middle of work right now? Hehe, you couldn’t wait to hear my voice, huh?

“Of course.”

We exchange a conversation that if someone else were listening would raise gooseb.u.mps, and I tell her.

“Hey Min-jeong, starting tomorrow, I’ll be overseas for about 2 nights and 3 days.


She definitely didn’t forget. That text.

“Yep, Switzerland and Denmark.”



-Oppa, I love you so~so~ much!

Min-jeong’s voice was suddenly filled with excessive aegyo.

I got what that meant right away.

“You want to come with?”

-Hehe, is it okay for me to go with?

“Yea, you can tour around while I’m taking care of business. But, do you have a”

-Yes, last year, Hyun-ji and Ji-hyun and I took a trip to Tokyo.

“Okay, then start getting ready right now. We might be leaving tomorrow so. And leave the ticket to me.”


Min-jeong’s voice is full of excitement.

Now when the person chairman park Jin-seong tasked calls me I have to tell him/her to reserve another plane ticket.

More than that, oh to spend 2 nights and 3 days in Europe with Min-jeong. Hur hur hur, this is going to turn out to be a very happy Europe trip.

Just thinking about it gave me a sweet feeling and I felt like I’m was flying in my Porsche cayenne.

But then what happened when I got home.


As soon as I walked in the door, Hyun-ji sticks to me like glue.

“What, fried chicken girl?”

Hyun-ji suddenly knelt down, face down and grabbed my bottom of my pants.

“Uh, what the h.e.l.l are you doing?”

First after grabbing me tight so I can’t run away did she show her true intent.

“I’m going to go too! I’m going to Europe too! Switzerland! Denmark!”

…Yoo Min-jeong!

Why does my girlfriend have such loose lips? Are her and Hyun-ji of one flesh?

“Hey, you noonchi-less* thing! We’re going on a trip as a couple, stay out of it!”

(TN: Having noonchi is kind of like saying you have situational awareness/you understand the situation. In this case, he’s saying his sister doesn’t have the awareness/understanding that she should let them go alone for certain reasons.)

“Huangg! (whining sound) I’m going too! Switzerland! Denmark!”

“You can’t! You have to study!”

“Psh! You’re pouring money on that b.i.t.c.h Min-jeong! What kind of oppa doesn’t take care of his dongsaeng?!”

“Have you already forgotten the money I gave you just a while ago? You have dementia?”

“Huangg, me too! Take me too! I have a too!”

“Yeah, it must be nice having a Now let go of me!”

“No, I won’t!”

Oh my G.o.d, I’m going to go crazy…

According to my memory, Hyun-ji is a hunting dog that never let’s go once she’s got a bite in you.

Especially if the hunted is me, she has never failed at the hunt.

Because of that, how much did I have to sacrifice to her since we were young!

“Then I will be blunt. Min-jeong and I are going to use one room, don’t bother us.”

“I won’t!”


Eventually as I give in, Hyun-ji jumped up and down in glee and started the phone calls. Bragging about how she’s going to Europe.


I let out a sign and went into my room.

Then I got a call.

-Mr. Kim Hyun-ho?

“Yes, who is this?

It is a familiar woman’s voice.

-I am contacting you under orders of the chairman. I am Lee Soo-hyun. Do you remember me?


-Haha, is there some sort of problem?

Her small laugh sounds joyful.

Why of all women!

“Uh, no there isn’t.”

-Thank goodness. I have, for now, booked the ticket but am calling in case you needed anything changed.

“Oh, I do have a change. Can you book two more tickets please?”

-Do you have a group?

“Yes, two people.”

-Understood. Please text me their English names and their date of birth. Thank you.


I ask Hyun-ji and Min-jeong and get their English names and birthdays and send it to Lee Soo-hyun.

The next day, according to the time Lee Soo-hyun said, we arrived at the airport.

The whole ride there I was peeved and Min-jeong is effortfully soothing me with her aegyo.

“Hyun-ji said let’s hang out and I said I can’t for three days and she kept hounding me why not and where I was going.”

“You could have said you are visitng family or something, there are lots of reasons.”

“Oppa, you would have been gone three days too, Hyun-ji is bound to have figured it out. What if she got peeved at me for lying to her, how would I have handled that aftermath?”

“True, true. How would you have handled me when you got back?”

Hyun-ji brazenly nodded her head up and down and said so.

I just grit down on my teeth.

I thought it would be an intimate time in Europe! Who would have known a TOEIC 400 pointer would get in the way like this!

“You should have stayed home and studied for your TOIEC…”

“Oppa, I’ll have you know, I caught up my grades. I’ll be at 700 points soon!”

“You’ve studied all that much and still not reaching 700…”

I ground my teeth sincerely at Hyun-ji’s unfortunate apt.i.tude.

Hyun-ji is upset but thanks to it, I’ve finally won an argument.

“I’ll take care of the plane and room and board but everything else, let’s let each to their own.”

“Oppa, what about Min-jeong? Is Min-jeong self-pay too?”

Min-jeong clung to my arm and brought out the aegyo. The sweet touch I felt on my arm made me laugh like an idiot.

“Of course I’ll take care of you. Don’t’ worry about money, let’s have a great time.”

“Oppa, you’re so cool!”


Trust in your rich pushover oppa.

But then Hyun-ji clung to me on the other side.

“Oppa! What about Hyun-ji?”

What, dis b.i.t.c.h.

(TN: No, it didn’t say that but its close enough.)

“Oh my, who is this? The fried chicken business’ bright newcomer.”

“Awww, Hyun-ji too! Older brother, take care of Hyun-ji too.”

“What are you saying? Get off me. Its gross.”

“Iiing!” (crying/whining sound)

After forcing Hyun-ji into submission we arrived at Incheon airport and Lee Soo-hyun was waiting for us. What will come to pa.s.s has come.

“h.e.l.lo. I am Lee Soo-hyun.”

At her greeting, Min-jeong’s eyes suddenly spewed out h.e.l.l fire.

From Min-jeong’s lycanthrope-like glare, I avoided my gaze.

“Oh my my, unni, you’re Lee Soo-hyun?”

All of a sudden, Hyun-ji pretended to know something.

“I am indeed. Is there something you have heard about me?”

“I heard you’re a great career-woman!”

At those words, Lee Soo-hyun gave me a meaningful smile.

‘How does Hyun-ji know something like that?’

I look at Min-jeong but this time, she’s the one avoiding my eyes.

…if you guys don’t exchange secrets with each other, do your tongues grow thorns?

During the whole boarding process, Hyun-ji asked Lee Soo-hyun all sorts of questions and at her answers, she was busy oohing and awing in admiration.

In that situation, at the Incheon airport store section she nagged me to buy her this and that.

I gave in and bought her makeup, Hyun-ji is so happy with it and Min-jeong looked at her with envious eyes.

Min-jeong, unlike Hyun-ji who is family, wasn’t in the position to nag me to buy things.

Eventually, I hade to buy Min-jeong something too. Min-jeong refused to the end. While she held a bottle of Chanel perfume in her hands.

Lee Soo-hyun looks at all of us with just a fun face.

The time to board came and people started standing in line at the gate but we didn’t need to, we just showed the ticket and checked bags and got on.

First cla.s.s boarding doesn’t need to wait in line.


Hyun-ji looked at the first-cla.s.s s.p.a.ce and was amazed.

Min-jeong was amazed too, but covered her mouth, and I am too but pretend not to be.

Others in the first-cla.s.s section looked at us and laughed. f.u.c.k, this is embarra.s.sing.

But I soon forgot the embarra.s.sment.

“Ah, I miss Min-jeong.”

“Oppa’s not next to me, I’m lonely…”

Each seat is s.p.a.ced individually in first cla.s.s and her and I put on an Altair and Vega show (star crossed lovers).

“Ugh, those two.”

At our love display, Hyun-ji became very aggravated.

Having Lee Soo-hyun with us definitely made it more comfortable.

Lee Soo-hyun planned the schedule, translation, guide and took care of calculations, everything, she settled.

It seemed our flights were taken care of by Jin-seong group. The chairman is indeed generous.

The first day, we arrive at Geneva, Switzerland, as soon as we arrive, we checked into the hotel and began touring.

We walked the streets of Geneva and enjoyed being tourists, then dropped off the tired Hyun-ji and Min-jeong at the hotel, and Lee Soo-hyun and I just the two of us, moved on.

In order to set up an account at the examinees’ private use bank.

When Lee Soo-hyun and I are about to leave with just the two of us, it bothered me a bit that Min-jeong’s face was aglow with jealousy.

We get into a taxi and moved towards somewhere, when suddenly Lee Soo-hyun said.

“Your date is very cute.”

“Oh, yeah.”

I flinched.

I mean, the one flirting was Lee Soo-hyun but I feel like I’m shrinking and that fact is sad. This is all because I’m lacking in power.

The place we arrive is in the suburb area on the 10th floor of some building.

There is no sign or company name for the building and that’s weird.

As soon as we walked in, two security guards said h.e.l.lo, and exchanged some sort of conversation with Lee Soo-hyun and gestured us to the right.

“They said the account setup is that way. Follow me.”

I chased after Lee Soo-hyun behind her, and glanced back at the security guards. Those people, probably nationals?

As we went further into the hallway, something that looked kind of like a bank appeared.

But there only appeared to be employees, not a single patron.

Lee Soo-hyun took out and showed a bunch of papers to a counter employee and has a conversation. The counter lady employee looked at me and said something and gestured.

Lee Soo-hyun provided a translation.

“She is asking for your identification.”

I handed over my

I put in a pa.s.sword, sign this and that paperwork…

After many processes, I get one single card.


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