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Gabriel couldn’t be happier just hearing her sing. But he was a selfish man when it comes to his wife. He was still stunned there even though she put away her guitar. “Her voice is only reserve to sing for her husband.” Ethan said it proudly. They watch as Sabrina walk toward her husband and she smile in front of him. Gabriel scoop her face and kisses her. He hugged her tightly. “Next time, sing only in front of me not for anyone else.” He said. “That was selfish of you.” Ethan and few people heard it so he said it through microphone. Gabriel possessively wrapped his arms around her and frown at her. “Okay, anyway! I don’t want to ruin the moment so let’s all settle down and enjoy the meal.” While the couple are both having their moment, Enzo went to Versace who is sniffling around. Then he suddenly run and start barking excitedly. He stop and saw Catriona wearing a black dress. With her is Tequila and Veronica as they talk at each other. “Enzo, let’s dance?” Eunice asked and it seemed like Enzo didn’t hear her. His heart was palpating and he walk briskly to Catriona’s direction. Versace is already circling Catriona and she bent down and patted the dog. Versace was clingy as ever and he start licking her face. Catriona cover Versace’s mouth and smile at him. Enzo stop in front of Catriona. Tequila and Veronica looked at each other and they leave the two. Catriona stood and told Versace to sit. She give the leash back to him. Her heart was still in pain seeing him so she avoid his eyes. “Here,” Enzo, grabbed her waist and scoop her face and he kiss her mouth pa.s.sionately. Catriona melted and the pain on her chest suddenly faded but when the face of the woman flashes on her memory, her heart tightens. Enzo, start kissing her face. “Cat,” he chuckle and lean his forehead to hers. Catriona only smile halfway. “You are back. You aren’t hurt right?” He check her. Catriona didn’t know how to react. Should she cry in pain or cry in happiness? Enzo still love her but he was already with someone else. Or maybe he just missed her on his bed. Her hand start shaking and she clenches her fist. “Let’s go inside.” He took her and totally ignore Versace who followed them. He drag her inside the house but was stopped by Veronica. “I have something to say to Catriona. It’s urgent.” Veronica said just to save her sister. “No.” He said and drag Catriona until they are alone in a room. Catriona wasn’t happy. Why would she? Her heart is in pain and she knows that he will never be hers. Enzo stand in front of her and make her lean on the door. He caress her hair and check every pores of her face. He smile as he kiss her nose. He miss those. Then he kiss her brows and both of her eyelids and then her chin and jaw and her lips. He miss all of those. “You look thinner.” “Enzo, let’s settle this relations.h.i.+p tonight.” She said. She wanted to end it now. Or her heart may not take it anymore.

“Shh.” He hush her and kiss her lips. But d.a.m.n that kiss, why does it make her melt. “I don’t want to share you with anyone right now.” “Enzo.” She call his name again. He kiss her lips but she pushes him. “Let’s settle this.” “NO!” He shouts and punch the door that she’s leaning. He calm himself and took her hand. “Cat, I don’t care if we can’t get married. Just be with me, that’s all I ask.” “Enzo, you have a life out there. I don’t want you to be trapped because of those l.u.s.tful memories.” “What we share isn’t l.u.s.t.” He was certain of what he is speaking. Then he caress her face. “We both know that we love each other. I haven’t tell it directly to you but I—””Stop.” She said and pushes him. “You don’t…” She shook her head still trying to compose herself and not to cry. “Let’s go back outside. I am sure that someone is there waiting for you.” She squeeze the door and was about to open it but he pushes the door close and corner her. “We haven’t seen each other for long…” He hugged her and shove his face on her neck. “I miss you.” After what seemed like forever. Catriona’s tears was falling while he is hugging her from behind. She wipe it and wipe it again and again. Enzo didn’t know that she was crying and just hug her like that. “Cat… Versace miss you. Let’s go home tonight.” “I need a bathroom.” She pushes him and walk toward the door inside the room. She lock herself there and she hold her mouth and she start sobbing silently. Why does it hurt so much? Enzo look moved by why does he has to cling on her? She has to escape him. She has to make him understand that there will be no them. ♥♥♥ Veronica was drinking a red wine waiting for Catriona and Enzo to go out. She understand how Catriona would feel. She don’t want to be in the party but since there’s an invitation from their boss, she has to show a face a little. “Darling.” She stop and look up at the stunning man. He’s smiling at her. “You look beautiful as always.” He pull the that she’s wearing. “I miss you. How’s your new job?” “Uhm,” She took the as her disguise. “It’s okay. I get along well.” “Hmm.” He lean on the wall that she’s leaning and he kiss her cheek. “How about a date tomorrow?” “I can’t promise anything.” “We haven’t seen each other. You are my girlfriend so it’s your responsibility to let me take you to dinner date.” She rolled her eyes with exhales. “Tony… Tony…” “Veronica… Veronica…” He mocked her. “Babe, you are my bed warmer.” He patted her head. “You know that I love you. Only you.” “Liar.” She said and finish her drink. Then she watch as Catriona and Enzo came out from the room where he locked it. Something hasn’t happen yet. She left Tony and follow the two. Then she wrapped her arm on Catriona’s arm and drag her away. Enzo wasn’t pleased and Veronica saved her from him. Then they face their boss. “So, your brother is a pain in the a.s.s.” Veronica said to her. “Which brother? My in law or—Enzo?” Sabrina asked. Gabriel is entertaining other guests and she’s ordering the maids and butlers. “Both.” Veronica said and a girl came. “Hi. Mrs. Lawson.” A pretty woman came. So girly and adorable. She smile genuinely. Sabrina only look at her. “Sorry, but Mrs. Lawson only speak to people she’s comfortable with.” Veronica explained. “You are?” “I’m Eunice, Enzo’s friend, I was with him.” She explain. “His name and your name sound perfect.” Veronica said sardonically but it sounded a little sincere but Veronica only meant that it was disgusting. Catriona was quiet until Enzo came and scowl at Veronica. “Will you stop s.n.a.t.c.hing my girlfriend?” Enzo look furious at Veronica and then he smile at his girlfriend. “Cat, let’s go home. It’s boring here.” “Well, we thought that you are with your friend here.” Veronica said and glance at Eunice. “Don’t worry, I’ll settle someone to drive you back to your house.” Enzo told her and patted her shoulder. Then he took Catriona’s arm but Sabrina old Enzo. “I’m still talking with them.” She said coldly. Enzo frown and then glance at Catriona who look like a robot. He kiss her lips. “Okay. I’ll be with you soon. I’ll just make sure that Versace is taken care of.” He pull out his phone. “I’ll just make calls to the butler.” He smile at her and kiss her forehead. He left. Catriona was torn into pieces and she look straight at the woman that Enzo was kissing in the parking lot of the mall. She is frowning and Catriona could see through her. She wanted Enzo and she knows that this woman was influential.


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