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Enzo keep on bugging Samantha on when he and Catriona could do it. Her stomach is seven months old and Enzo couldn’t wait any longer. Once Catriona gives birth—he still have to wait for two months. d.a.m.n it. “Okay! You can do it!” Samantha burst out. She was in the middle of something with Albert in her room. “I will send you safety positions so you wouldn’t hurt the babies. But be careful. Okay?” “I promise.” Enzo was grinning. Samantha hang up and then he receive the safety positions that he needed. It was time for Catriona’s bath so he didn’t prepare the tub. He joined her. “What are you doing?” Catriona frowns and use her hand to find the rail that Enzo put. “Hold still.” He murmur and goes down on her. “Enzo!” She scream at him. “Stop.” “Don’t you miss me.” “You are always hard. Why are you always hard?!” She asked annoyed. When she wakes up, she would feel him behind her. When she wakes up, she would accidentally brush her hand on his manhood. d.a.m.n that man. “Sam sent me good things.” Enzo stimulate her down there. He position behind her. Catriona lean on him and moan. “Good?” “Yes… keep going.” Enzo suck her neck and even her earlobe. “Ohh, you are so wet.” He mutter s.e.xily. “Shut up and just do it.” Enzo miss how demanding she was. Their love making was like the first time. Enzo feel heaven and after they are done, he bath her and they continue on the bed in spooning position. Catriona fall asleep after being tired from it. s.e.xual hormones was surely high when a woman is pregnant. He dress up and went downstairs to prepare food for Catriona. Marga was trying to call someone on the phone and she’s pacing back and forth. “Hey, what’s up?” Marga was startled and look at him. “You are hiding something? So you are trying to get out your mom from the prison? That wouldn’t happen.” He said. “It’s not like that I am against her. You should grow up. Be matured and learn what’s right and wrong.” Marga only rolled her eyes and left. He cook a big breakfast for Catriona and then their pets look adorable as they have their bowls between their teeth already lined up. “General! You surely are always in front.” Enzo noted. General growls. Versace throw his bowl in front of Enzo and started complaining. Okay. Their food should’ve been served an hour ago. Versace did complain a lot while Catriona’s dogs are well behave. Versace was spoiled and he does hate him. “Oh, come on! Why don’t you try to follow General’s lead? Look at him—he’s well behaved.” Versace started complaining like talking. He doesn’t even understand what’s he’s saying. But he have hints. “I have to make love with my woman, okay? So you have to darn wait! Now, sit!” Versace immediately sit and he started distributing foods. First to General and others. He gave food to Versace lastly. “Stop complaining okay?” He pats him as Versace started eating hungrily. The dogs have their own water fountain. They only have to put their paws there and the water will come out. As soon as he’s done, the maids clean up and help him with the trays as they put it on the balcony. He dismiss them and he cuddle on Catriona.

“Hey—”he kisses her lips and then the satin shows her bare breast. He suck each of it. And Catriona open her eyes. “I prepare our breakfast.” He kiss her lips and parted it invading her mouth. She moans and her hand crawl on his body trying to imagine how it looks like. “I have been working out so—you wouldn’t look on other man’s abdominal.” “Let’s fck.” She said s.e.xily. He always love how blunt she was. He caress her swollen stomach. “Okay…” He kiss her lips dotingly and made love to her. He feed her while sitting on his lap. Though she is heavy, for him She is like a feather. He just love cuddling her. Enzo was in Euphoria whenever she was with her but when he thought of Sabrina, he would feel down but Catriona would cheer him up. “I will visit Brina for a while and buy baby stuff. Are you going with me?” “Someone wants to kill me, Enzo.” “Veronica have settled it.” He kiss her. “Why don’t you go with me so we could choose baby stuffs?” “I have baby stuff in my villa. We also settled a nursing room there.” Enzo pouted. “But I already settled one here. Dad help me out with it.” “If I could only see it.” Enzo kisses both of her eyebrows. “I could give my eyes to you.” “No.” Her voice sounds deep and dangerous. “Never do that. If you don’t have your eyes—no one will take care of our babies.” “You can.” “Enzo. Shut up, okay? Never do that.” He scoop her chin. “Okay. I will find a way.” “Samantha is doing everything to find a way. They are making a cure.” Enzo nods to what she said. “Never do it Enzo. I can’t take it.” Enzo nods again. “Okay.” “I am fine being blind because I already know how it feels to be blind. And for you? You can’t give up everything for me. I don’t want you to do it.” “I won’t… okay?” “My mission isn’t done yet. Sabrina has to wake up.” Enzo knows how desperate they are to wake up Sabrina. But his stubborn sister just doesn’t want to wake up. “Can you proceed after you give birth?” “I will proceed after I have my sight and if my sight never come back… then I still have to proceed on it.” “Okay. Do you want us to move out? It’s okay with Dad if we are here. He want us here and he also want to help in taking care of our incoming babies.” “It’s fine with me. How’s Marga doing?” “Well, she’s fl.u.s.tered and anxious that she couldn’t contact a person.” Catriona smirk. “Oh, I know that smirk.” Enzo scoop her chin. “Woman, you are making me arouse right now.” “You said that you haven’t gotten laid while I was gone?” She sneer. “Is that true?” “Yes. I can’t think of anyone but you. I should’ve recorded our love making so I could jack off while you were gone.” Catriona smack him. “You pervert.” He laugh and hug her. “Don’t you have work? How are you going to feed us?” “Baby, I have work. I let my men work for me, okay? I earn more than 500K a day. I would earn millions soon.” Catriona lay her head on his chest. “I am sleepy again.” “Okay. Sleep.” He carries to the bed and coax her to sleep.


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